Baby #73 and 74

A few months after Derek and Donald were born, it was time for my first vampire babies to grow up and move out. Lauryn…

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Baby #71 and 72

Not long after Adam was born, the teenagers came home talking about going to prom. All five of my teens were excited and anxious to go to their prom. Since it was such a big day for so many of my kids, I saved a little money and hired a limousine for the special occasion. They were ecstatic when it pulled up into our driveway the night of prom.

“Everyone is going to be so jealous when they see us coming.” Lauryn stated.

“This is great. Thanks mom!” Lindsay added.

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Baby #70: Part 1

Lucas POV

This is so stupid. I can’t believe that mom is making me do this. Just because I punched one kid on the playground doesn’t mean that I’m crazy. It was one kid. It wasn’t even like he bled or anything. Just a black eye. He was being stupid anyway.

Since I’m being forced to do this, I might as well explain why. I’m a freak.

A monster.

A vampire.

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Baby 66, 67, and 68: Part 2

I was attending a party thrown by one of my children when I felt the first true sign that I was pregnant. The kick was so strong which made me smile. I could already tell this baby was going to be a fighter, and then there was another one. As I walked home that night, I began to feel kicks on multiple sides at the same time which led me to believe I was carrying another set of multiples.


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