• The Life Span that I will be using is Epic
  • Story Progression is Turned on
  • No Money Cheats will be used…the only exception to this rule is I “freerealestated” Christy Quinn into her first home. Other than that, I will not be using any Money Cheats. If they can’t afford it, they can’t have it.
  • Christy Does Not Work…Her life revolves around her children. She can generate an income by painting, writing, fishing, collecting, etc. Children may also help earn money for the family by doing the previously mentioned activities in their free time. Teenagers may not get part-time jobs however. Update: As voted on by my readers, Christy can become self-employed.
  • The Fertility lifetime reward can be used to increase chances of getting twins and triplets
  • Every father has to be different, preferably fathers of different genetics like unique skin and hair color. She can not marry any of the Fathers while the challenge is in progress.
  • Toddlers must be taught all three of their necessary skills (Walk, Talk, Potty Trained) before growing up. Toddlers may also use the toddler toys and books to keep them busy and improve their skills. Children and Teenagers are aged up only when they get an “A” average in school.
  • Extra Help such as baby sitters, maids, and repairmen may be hired ONLY if the family can afford it. Service Sims may also be used as Baby Daddies if desired.
  • Birthday Cakes will be used to age the kids up

Special thanks to HarmonySims for her set of Baby Challenge Rules that I used as a guide for my own.


10 thoughts on “Rules

  1. I use the husband as the father and they were married before I began this challenge. I don’t want to break up with him because it’s my boyfriend… ?? Am I disqualified?

    • The traditional rules prefer that you use different fathers and that the mother never gets involved with them other then for participation in the challenge. However, I have seen several challenges use the same father for multiple pregnancies because the challenge mother ends up getting married to them. I find it less interesting genetically (because all the kids will start looking identical after awhile), but it has been done.

      Personally, I don’t believe you are disqualified because the rules created by peaceluverr are kind of vague and even state “Try to have different fathers (unless it goes along with the story)” so if you don’t want to break up with the husband, I think that’s fine. You can always have her still use other father’s for the challenge or use him as the only father. It’s suppose to be fun so it’s really up to you how you wish to play the challenge

  2. How do you avoid the sim children getting upset at your sim cheating? Is there any way to get to woohoo without being almost to the end of the relationship meter?

    • Truthfully, I’ve never actually had a problem with the children getting upset. Christy never gets to more then a romantic interest with the fathers so that could be the reason the kids don’t seem to care. The way you could avoid it is maybe wait till the kids are at school before inviting the potential father over, but I’m not sure.

      I’m not sure if there is an easier way to woohoo without filling up the meter. For me, I usually just wait until their relationship is at the “irresistible” stage and ask regardless of their friendship meter – and Christy has only ever been rejected once with this method. I do encourage you to max out the charisma skill however as it will make it much easier to fill up that relationship bar.

    • I’m not sure, I’ve never had any of the children not learn one of their skills. If they don’t learn their skills then they just don’t age up until Christy can get all of them taught.

    • I don’t see why not. The 100 baby challenge allows you to make your own rules as long as you stick to the main objective. Many mothers have altered their rule sets to make the game fun, challenging, and in order to play the challenge as they wanted to. When I started my challenge, Ambitions and Generations hadn’t come out yet so their were no stay at home professions. I believe that as long as you are staying at home with your children and can do your job while at home taking care of them, then you can have any of those jobs.

      I’ve toyed with the idea of Christy starting her own daycare center as well, but be careful because your challenge mom may have her hands full once all the toddlers start coming in.

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