Mini-Update: Adam

My name is Adam and I’m from a large family – like a ridiculously large family. Don’t believe me? I’m the 70th child that my mom has had. This doesn’t count my six siblings that she has had since me or all the kids that she has adopted and given a good home to on top of all us biological kids. Mom loves kids – a little too much if you ask me – and due to some crazy situation in her past, we aren’t even allowed to talk about most of my older siblings because Mom is supposed to be dead. The whole thing never really made sense to me, but I’m getting off topic. I was supposed to be telling you about me, not my mom and her past. That’s top-secret anyway. Continue reading


Mini-Update: Life Goes On…

Note from the Author: Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the last post. It had been quite a while since I had last written anything and I wasn’t sure how well you guys would enjoy it. So all the comments really made me smile and made me want to get this next post out quickly. Now, as with the last update, this update will still be written from the author’s point of view. It will be a short, transitional post.


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Baby #50 and 51: Behind the Scenes

This update will be a behind the scenes look at baby #50 and 51. The update will be written from my point of view and not from Christy’s for those that are wondering. The reason for this update is because I had so many extra pictures for this update that I wanted to include in the story, but at the same time, they didn’t really go with the story. Continue reading

Mini-Update: Cold as Ice

The first year after having Mason and Maya passed by very quickly. Nathan tried to spend as much time with them as he could, often stopping by in the early morning hours on his way home from the latest club or party. I should have been happy that he was making an effort to stop by, but more often then not, he would be drunk and barely able to stand when he would drop by. Continue reading

A Look Into the Past: Part 3

There is a very important part of my past that I would like to tell. I have mentioned it before, but as a small child, my father walked out on my mother and me. We moved several times in those next few years – mainly for my mother’s career, but secretly I believe she was trying to escape the pain of his leaving. Continue reading

Mini-Update: A Lover’s Confession

Note from Ashley: Hey guys, sorry about the delay. I had some issues with the latest patch update. Originally things seemed fine, but after playing for a couple of sim hours time would just suddenly freeze for long periods. The overall save just became really glitchy and unbearable to play. Luckily I always save a copy of the family onto my desktop before doing any updates so the family was safe, but the house was not. I only saved the “household” version and not the “household with house” version by mistake so I had to redo the house – which you will notice in this update that a lot of the rooms look different in some pictures and the same in others. This is because I took a portion of the pictures prior to installing the update and then I took others after.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the update. There are a couple of guest appearances in this one from other challenges – see if you can pick them out.

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Mini-Update: Letter from China

Note from the Author: Hey guys, I know this update isn’t much, but I originally wasn’t going to include it at all because it didn’t really go with the next real update. I then decided at the last minute to go with this idea and work on the next update after posting this one. I’m hoping to have it up by tonight. I’ve about four updates behind on what I planned on posting for October. All four of those updates will be posted, they will just be posted later then originally planned. Okay, enough from me…enjoy the update!!

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