This blog is dedicated to the story of a courageous young sim by the name of Christy Quinn and her journey of having 100 children.

What is the 100 Baby Challenge?
The Objective of a 100 baby challenge is pretty simple. Your sim is to have 100 children. Each pregnancy is to be by a different Father preferably. You need to raise each child until they are a young adult and can move out on their own.

Who Invented This Challenge?
I’m not sure who invented the original challenge, however PeaceLuverr (otherwise known as PL) was the one who introduced it on the Sims 3 Community. Although I have never read her story, I have read several others including my personal favorite written by HarmonySims.

What Are The Rules?
PeaceLuverr created a wordpress page awhile back because so many people were requesting the rules for this challenge. Her rules can be found here

I found that the rules she provided were more tips then actual rules so I have decided that I will be using a modified set of rules based on HarmonySims rules as well as my own. My rules can be found here

What Writing Style Will You Be Using?
I will be attempting to write this baby challenge in a diary format from Christy‘s point of view. I have never written in this particular style before so please leave lots of feedback. I noticed that most of the baby challenges were written in the “Superior Sim Creator versus Inferior, dumb Sim who will be tormented by having 100 children” style. No offense to those that decide to use that particular style, however I think it can be really repetitive and I rarely read legacies/challenges that use that style because they all seem to be very much the same.

I’m hoping that the Diary Format might give the Baby Challenge readers some variety in the writing styles, and hopefully it will set my baby challenge apart from the rest.


20 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    Take what you like in my Studio. I can even make exotic sims for you.
    Just tell me on my Email and I’ll do it.
    By the way nice competition.

    Yours Truly.


  2. Hi again,

    Please give me your Sims3 acc. on the site soe’s I can add you.
    If you’re already a friend I’m just an idiot.



  3. wow, i didnt think about writing from diary point of view!
    please tell me mine isnt writen like “Superior Sim Creator versus Inferior, dumb Sim who will be tormented by having 100 children”!!!
    have fun, i wonder which one of us will finish first! 😛

    • Oh no, yours isn’t written in that format. I find yours to be more of a picture slideshow or something like that. Not much of a story but tons of pictures to ooh and ahh over.

      As for which of us will probably finish first, most likely you because I have had terribly bad luck over the past few months and barely been able to touch my game until recently. Best of luck with the challenge

  4. where do you get ur mods from i know it is totally off topic, but i was thinking of starting a baby challenge, by the way love your style of writing but i was tinking the interactive school, home schooling, and the more than eight sims household would be very useful. Thanks1

  5. Here’s some baby names: Christopher dimitri December Kyle mason Isabel kiah Theresa Leanna Connor Thomas Lyra Maya Sophia abigale amber Parker Aliza Brooklyn and may. Hope you like them 🙂 o and hope, and faith lol 🙂

  6. Your welcome 🙂 i thought that Hope and Faith would be good twin names but they might be a little cheasy to you lol 🙂 anyway congrats on the challenge!!! almost half way there!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey!

    Love your website so keep the 100 baby challenge going!

    By the way, I’m going to accept the challenge too, any advices?

  8. hey ashley,
    I’m inspired to make my version of the challenge because of you. Thank you for inspiring me XD.

    I was wondering if its possible to use your characters name in my story as being the inspiration for my Sim to start the challenge. I can’t start posting unless you reply so please do.

    keep up the good work amd happy simming

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