Baby #81

The first year after Sebastian was born went by very quickly and before I knew it, he was already a toddler.

The weather has been really amazing lately and because it’s been so nice out, I took Sebastian outside to teach him his life skills. He really seemed to enjoy himself out there and although he was a bit distracted with everything he could get into…

He learned how to walk fairly quickly.

The other kids were enjoying the beautiful weather as well. Felicia and Blake liked to go out and toss the football back and forth.

The triplets spent their time on the playground I had built for my kids years ago.

Jennifer and Alice were the only two who remained indoors most afternoons. Jennifer was working on her latest book and concentrated better when everyone was outside. Alice enjoyed her painting. She has painted a lot of beautiful masterpieces.

Trance has been spending a lot of time with his friend Pumpkin lately as well. They seem to really like each other.

So much so that I think she might be pregnant.

She is at the house so much that I’m worried that her owners might be looking for her, but I’ve asked around and no one seems to know who she belongs to. In her current condition, I didn’t feel right leaving her outside at night so we adopted her into the family temporarily.

The first thing she needed was a bath because the poor thing was covered in fleas.

A few weeks went by and I received a phone call from Ashley. She was letting me know that she had received an email from a man who wanted to participate in my challenge.

His name was Stone and wow, something about him just left me speechless.

Despite the house being a little packed. Despite the fact that we had kittens on the way. Sebastian had been such an easy baby and Felicia and Jennifer would be aging up soon. I didn’t give it a second thought before agreeing that I wanted him to be the next dad.

Not long after I went in for the IVF treatment, it was time for the girls’ birthday.



“I’m going to create a potion that’s going to make me the coolest kid in class” Bradley bragged.

It didn’t work out quite the way he expected it too.

“Not a word…” he told his sister Alice who was painting nearby.

Alice had to keep herself from laughing. “Wasn’t going to say a word.”

Alice continued painting as her younger brother went to take a bath. She didn’t stop until she had finished this beautiful painting.

Without Felicia around to play catch with, Blake had to get his exercise up in the fitness room. He didn’t seem to enjoy it nearly as much, but he was very dedicated.

The day finally came when Pumpkin went into labor. I admit that I completely freaked out. I’d never dealt with an animal in labor before.

Pumpkin did a great job though and ended up having three kittens.

A little girl named Lynx…

Another little girl named Lyra…

And a little boy named Leo…

The kids were so excited about the kittens arrival that they all wanted the responsibility of feeding and taking care of them. I had to make a schedule for them because otherwise the cats had so much food it was all over the dining room floor.

Trance seemed confused about the new additions at first, but he quickly became attached to his son, Leo.

Trance also seemed very excited to teach his children to hunt. I found them all gathered around the downstairs bathroom one day.

I saw him outside later that same day trying to catch something as the kittens just watched on.

I don’t play the piano in the living room very often. Most of the time, it just takes up a lot of space, but this pregnancy, the mood struck and I played for a few hours. I was surprised I even remembered how.

Have I mentioned how much I love Alice’s paintings? Seriously, they are amazing. She told me that she wanted to paint a new picture for the nursery and the newest baby before she had to move out. The finished product was absolutely amazing and I know all of the future babies are going to enjoy it.

Not long after Alice finished the painting, it was time for her and her brother to grow up.



I discussed what they planned to do for their futures and Alice told me she was going to be a self-employed painter (no real surprise there) and Blake is going to be an adventurer.

The house felt so much smaller with all of the teens gone. But with so few kids in the house, we were able to get into a very easy going routine. The triplets would come home from school and do their homework.

Then they would go outside and play for a few hours. They would typically stay outside playing tag until it got to dark for them too see.

I thought Belle would be a little upset that all her older sisters had moved out and she was now the only girl, but she didn’t seem at all upset about it. In fact, she seemed to enjoy being the only girl.

“I always get to play the Princess now and the boys have to do what I say. I am the center of attention now.” she told me very logically.

All the attention has seemed to make her a bit of a dramatic little girl.

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but Lynx is my favorite of the kittens. She’s just so cute.

Another reason Lynx is my favorite is because she will follow me all around the house. Even if I’m only doing a load of laundry.

Then came the time for my youngest to age into a child.


The triplets birthday followed soon after. Belle…



Sebastian seemed to like school okay, but he needed help when it came to doing his homework.

I’m certain that I wasn’t much help.

With all of the children in school and the weather being so warm, I took the opportunity to lounge in the pool. The family rarely ever has time to use the pool, but I might need to change that because I felt very relaxed. The baby enjoyed it too because he/she spent a lot of the time moving around in my belly.

My garden – although smaller than it has been in years – is still thriving. I decided that I wanted to bake an apple pie for the kids one day while they were at school with some of the fresh picked apples.

Unfortunately, I never got to make the pie because after getting back inside the house that’s when I went into labor.

I ended up having another single birth and it was another little boy. Meet Dylan

Welcome to the family, Dylan.


Much thanks to sugarlumpies over on tumblr who created Stone Russett. I’m very excited to see how Dylan looks as a toddler (I didn’t have time to age him up before quitting). Speaking of, I’d like to also thank Natalie Marrujo who suggested the name.


One thought on “Baby #81

  1. Christy,
    I’m so glad you are posting again. I love your family and I can’t wait till the next post.

    Oh and that Jennifer….Love her..and she is so much like the real me 😉

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