Baby #80

After the triplets were born, I decided that I needed to change my look. What with all the pink now in the house, I worried that my neighbors might begin to get a bit suspicious and my cover of being a foster mom might be blown.

The time after the triplets were born went by quickly and soon they were becoming toddlers.




I know I didn’t really introduce them the last time, but those are my three beautiful new babies.

I’m not really sure what it is about triplets, but I always seem to have my hands full with them. Twins I never have a problem with and a single birth is a piece of cake, but triplets?

They always seem to have me doubting my ability to be a good mother.

Maybe it’s because I’ve only got two hands. Maybe it’s because I’ve had less triplets in my challenge. But I can never seem to quite get a good groove going with triplets. For example, Belle always seems to wake up first in the mornings.

I’ll change her, snuggle her, and give her a bottle. But as soon as I get her settled, Bradley will wake up.

The thing with Bradley is that he won’t take his breakfast from a bottle anymore. He demands that I make him something and let him eat in the high chair like a big boy.

He is very fussy until he actually sees his food mixing and as long as I keep talking to him while I’m making it.

“Just one more minute, sweetie. Mommy is almost done.”

Then he will be the happiest baby in the world.

Watching him eat is pretty cute too, but I can’t forget about Ben. By this time, the kids have started to get ready for school so I usually get one of them to watch Bradley while I run upstairs to check on my late morning riser, Ben.

With the kids off to school, I sit down and try to get to work on teaching the triplets their life skills.

But by mid-afternoon, I am so exhausted that I’m nearly falling asleep while teaching them. One day, Ben seemed to notice.

“Mommy sleepy?” he asked.

Even though I was tired, I was still really excited that he had said it. My efforts must be paying off if he was able to say it.

What about my four other children you ask? Well I haven’t gotten to play any games with them lately or help with their homework, but we still eat dinner together on most nights. Trance has been a very good helper as well. He seems to know I’m busy and makes time to go check on all the kids to make sure they are in bed. I even saw him climb into bed with Blake one night when he was having a bad dream.

Soon it was time for two of my children to become teenagers.



A quick family picture.

With the girls old enough to lend a hand if I needed it, I was able to enjoy life with the triplets a little more. It wasn’t so chaotic anymore. I could actually take a nap if I needed to in the evenings.

Or Ben’s preferred use of my time. I could take him outside to play on the kids playground in the backyard. He especially liked riding the horse.

Even teaching the triplets their life skills became easier once Felicia and Jennifer became teens. I was more well rested and able to focus on what I wanted the triplets to learn. Everything just seemed to click.

That’s why when I received an email from Ashley featuring a picture of the next guy who wanted to participate in my challenge, I was actually considering going ahead with it.

His name was Lucas Byrd and he was very cute. Not to mention, he had blond hair and yellowish-green eyes which would really help with my cover and giving some diversity to the kids in the house again. The last thing I needed was for someone to become suspicious of me. Still, I ended up waiting about two weeks before contacting her back and letting her know that I was ready to go ahead with the IVF.

Blake came home later that day and was telling me an acrobat that he had seen performing just outside of his school.

I told him I would think about it, but he quickly got distracted by pretending to race his pretend car on the couch. Boys and their attention spans.

Trance has gotten very proficient with his hunting. He’s bringing all kinds of bugs and small creatures to me to show off how good he has gotten. Which is why when Alice needed to catch a few for school, she took him to the park near the house so he could help her.

In a matter of a few hours, the two had caught every single insect on her list.

They even managed to catch this little guy before coming home, but after showing him to all the kids, we decided to let him go. We just didn’t have the time for another pet right now.

I’m guessing that the IVF treatment worked.

With it being summer again, I have started to treat the bees again by smoking their box so maybe I can get some honey.

They were not very happy about me disturbing their home. Luckily I managed to get to the house before they really started stinging.

Before long it was time for another set of birthdays.



A few months into my pregnancy, I received a phone call from Kenley. Her and Derek had just gotten back into town from visiting with her mom and they had something that wanted to tell me.

I noticed Kenley right away when I got to the park.

A genie is hard to miss, but there she was heavily pregnant. Maybe a few months farther along then I was. Even though my bump was small and I was trying to hide it under a baggy shirt, Kenley noticed right away.

“You too?” she asked with excitement in her voice.

We both just started laughing.

We spent the next half hour catching up. It hadn’t been that long ago that Kenley was living with me, but already so many things had been happening for them. They had gone to spend time with Ashby so she could get to know her future son-in-law. After a few months there, they needed to return so that Derek could start his job at a local restaurant. The wedding had been put on hold until Derek advanced a little further into his career. They currently were living with Donald, but with the baby on the way, they were also searching for a bigger place of their own.

The baby started to kick and move around a lot during our conversation so I got to feel my next grandchild. I like to pretend that he/she knew who I was and that’s why the baby had gotten so excited.

“You’ll call me when you have the baby right?” I asked.

“Of course. You and mom are on speed dial.” Kenley replied with a smile before saying goodbye.

This pregnancy I have felt very artistic.

More birthdays.




I figured once the triplets became children that their different personalities might cause them to spend more time apart. That they might take on different interests, but so far, they are just as close as they were when they were toddlers.

On Leisure Day, the girls all headed to the festival grounds where they got into a big water fight. From what they told me, it was Felicia and Jennifer…

against Belle and Alice.

The younger girls tried to get the upper hand on their sisters by taunting them.

From what they told me, it was all a lot of fun.

At this point, I was showing to much to go to the festival myself so the boys and I headed to the ocean away from everyone else.

We splashed and played for awhile before I started to feel bad. I told the boys I would see them at home and to be careful.

I had just gotten home when I went into labor.

The birth was an easy one and I only had one little boy this time.

Thinking about how I’d spent the day in the ocean, I decided to name him Sebastian. You know, after the little red crab in the Little Mermaid. Well it made sense to my hormone crazed brain at the time.


So Sebastian is the last of the Disney-themed names. I will be doing a Reader’s Choice naming theme for the next 10 babies. If you have any names you’d like me to use, make sure you suggest them in the comments. I’d also like to thank rayscho over on tumblr who created Lucas Byrd.


4 thoughts on “Baby #80

  1. Another wonderful update. I love seeing my girl in your story.

    All of your children are amazing cute but I have to admit that in this post my favorites are Belle and Jennifer 😀

    I am looking forward to your next post.

  2. Get your pick for the next post:

    Girls: Erika, Annelise, Sisia, Eva, Emma, Manri, Manon, Tessa, Teresa, Rachael, Elise, Jenna, Soap, Ebony, Annisette, Laura, Mia, Elsa, Ashlyn, Blair, Courtney, Delia, Edeline, Fallon, Genevieve, Hadley, Isla, Janessa, Kathleen, Lacey, Gloriana, Ingrid, Hazel, Regina, Christine, Valerie, Penny, Anna, Rosie, Elizabeta, Miyako, Kel, Allie, Raven, Willow, Tara, Mary, Seraphina, Twyla, Anastasia, Sanna, Savannah, Jamie, Gracy, Katie, Skylar, Tori, Tris, Ivy, Elisa, Elissa, Aleena, Sonia, Nyx, Giselle, Bliss, Noelle, Maxine, Nudge, Angel, Rosey, Annabelle, Kirsten, Whitney, Melinda, Thalia, Natalia and Natalie (after mine!)

    Boys: Toby, Ajay, Reid, Ryan, Christian, Elijah, Jamond, Forrest, Dean, Joey, Fang, Iggy, Gazzy, Dylan, Mickey, Albert, Tully, Tristian, Everest, Perseus, Grover, Austin, Kerry, Keegan, Thomas, Arthur, Feliciano, Ludwig, Kiku, Alfred, Francis, Yao, Ivan, Matthew, Govert, Abel, Mogens, Roderich, Justin, Gerard, Joel, Feliks, Gilbert, Basch and Jack

    Lots of names to choose from!

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