Mini-Update: Adam

My name is Adam and I’m from a large family – like a ridiculously large family. Don’t believe me? I’m the 70th child that my mom has had. This doesn’t count my six siblings that she has had since me or all the kids that she has adopted and given a good home to on top of all us biological kids. Mom loves kids – a little too much if you ask me – and due to some crazy situation in her past, we aren’t even allowed to talk about most of my older siblings because Mom is supposed to be dead. The whole thing never really made sense to me, but I’m getting off topic. I was supposed to be telling you about me, not my mom and her past. That’s top-secret anyway.

Despite the large family, I have never really fit in with my peers and I feel my family simply tolerates me because they have to. I’m horrible with communicating with others. I never know what to say and constantly find my foot in my mouth. Socially Awkward is putting it mildly. On top of my problems knowing how to interact with people, I’ve been slightly obsessed with all things supernatural since I was a child – which seems to be a big no-no when it comes to the residents of this town. If you aren’t their cookie cutter perfect member of society, you seem to be an outcast.

Thankfully despite all my oddities, I still managed to make two really good friends. Danielle is a vampire so she was automatically cast into the outcast category by our classmates. Her cousin Alisha is a regular sim like me except without all the quirks. She probably could have had a whole group of friends, but she hated the way people treated her cousin so she stuck with us. We’ve been friends for as long as I can remember.

Mom says that we are such good friends because we were born so close together. All our moms were pregnant at the same time. Once we were born, we had hundreds of play dates together. I don’t know about all that, but for as long as I can remember, we have been friends. These girls have always had my back.

And they are one of the few kids from school that don’t mind it when I act a little quirky. They are the first ones that will tell me when I’m rambling and boring everyone which I tend to do a lot. They keep me from putting my foot in my mouth by making inappropriate jokes when I get nervous. They stand up for me when others put me down for being “weird”. It’s always been us against the world.

When we got to High School, we met a really cool guy named Jackson who had just moved to town.

He was a witch. I kid you not, he has a wand and a broom and magical powers. Awesome right? The majority of our school disagreed. He was different which automatically made him an outcast.

Jackson didn’t care. Most regular sims bored him and it took a lot of effort for him not to turn them all into toads.

Then one day, Mom informed me after school that one of her friend’s kids would be coming to stay with us tomorrow. She would be spending a few months with us and she wanted me to show her around. I wasn’t thrilled with being stuck baby sitting some girl, but agreed to pacify my mom.

Kenley Lemi appeared the next day.

She is a genie and tries to thank Mom for allowing her to stay in her home by cleaning the house for her. Magically of course.

I found that her being a genie was fascinating and no longer saw her hanging out with me and my friends as a burden. I was interested to learn even more about her abilities even if she was younger than the rest of us.

Then there was Ingrid…

I never realized that meeting her would change my life the way it did. It started out with the decision that my friends and I made to sneak out one night and go to the cemetery.

It started off as a dare. Who could stay there the longest without getting scared and running back home. There was nothing at this old cemetery that could scare me, but I knew my friends weren’t going to scare away easily either so I began to tell a ghost story, hoping it might scare them so I could win.

I was amazed when my friends actually started to get spooked. I knew a lot of spooky stories that I’d read growing up so if one story didn’t work, I had four more lined up behind that one. Kenley and Alisha were the first to get frightened, but I knew they would be.

“Lightning flashed. Thunder roared. The sky went dark in the torrential downpour. ‘We’d better stop’ she said only seconds before the car went skidding across the slick pavement. The car came to a halt at the bottom of the incline. They were safe…for now.”

“This was where a man had once taken an axe and hacked his wife to death in a jealous rage over an alleged affair. It is said that his axe-wielding spirit continues to haunt that section of road right over there…”

I reached my hand out and pointed to the road just outside of the graveyard. I was bluffing, but my friends couldn’t tell that.

“Hanging by his feet from the tree next to the car was the dead body of Ned. The wind swung his corpse back and forth so that it thumped against the tree. Bump. Bump. Bump.”

“Susan screamed and ran toward the voice and the light, praying that they would help her”

“The last thing she saw was the glint of the axe blade in the eerie, incandescent light.”

As I finished my tale, my friends screamed and began running away. I knew my delivery was good, but I hadn’t really expected them to run away like that. Get a little frightened? Sure but not run completely out of the graveyard like death was on their heels.

“Come on, guys. It was just a story.” I yelled after them.

This was so not like my friends. I didn’t understand why they had run away so terrified.

Not until I heard the loud, ear piercing cry coming from right behind me.

And there she was.

I’d have thought she was just some teen lurking in the graveyard trying to scare the rest of us. Except in the dim lighting from the flashlight, I was able to see her finger nails were abnormally long, her ears more pointed than they should have been, and her face was twisted into a ferocious snarl with sharp teeth bared.

She was bloodthirsty.  I had no doubt of that. I needed to run. I needed to get away like my friends had managed to do, but I couldn’t move. I was petrified.

And yes, I admit it. I screamed like a girl.

This was it. This was the end. I just knew it. I had wanted to prove to my friends how fearless I was and now I was going to pay the price. This werewolf was going to rip me to shreds.

Except for some reason, she didn’t. She just started sniffing at me and although everything in me said to run or that this was a trap, I couldn’t help laughing. It tickled.

Then just as suddenly as she appeared, she ran off into the darkness and I was left asking what the heck had happened on my way home.


I got home just as the sun was beginning to rise. Mom was standing on the front porch looking frantic as my friends stood at the bottom of the steps taking turns trying to explain to my mom what had happened. Each time one would get started, another would interrupt and I could tell that my mom wasn’t making much sense of what had happened. All she knew was that I wasn’t with them when they returned and none of them were sure what had happened to me after that werewolf had appeared.

Werewolf. That word alone probably had my mother in complete disbelief and complete terror all at once. I managed to walk up the driveway unnoticed. They were all so distracted by what was going on, I probably could have gone inside through the side door and waited upstairs pretending to be asleep the whole time to avoid getting into trouble. That would have been cruel so I walked straight towards them. “Hey” I said and they all turned to look towards me.

My friends were obviously relieved, but also curious. I heard them asking everything from if I was alright to what had happened or that they were sorry for running off and leaving me there. I didn’t get to answer any of their questions because in the next moment, my mom had rushed down the stairs and pulled me into this huge hug.

I had expected anger or being told how much trouble I was in, but that would come later. Right now, I could just feel how relieved my mom was that I was here in one piece.


My mom watched me like a hawk for the next two weeks. I was only allowed to go to and from school. No time with my friends unless they came over and it was only so we could do homework together before they were sent right back home. I could understand my mom’s concern, but I was glad when she got distracted with the youngest set of twins. I shouldn’t have, but I took that as an opportunity to sneak out and go back to the cemetery. I just couldn’t stop thinking about that night and I wanted to see if I could see that young werewolf again.

Crazy, I know, considering she could have killed me that night. But curiosity got the best of me.

“Adam Quinn!!” I had been there for a little over an hour when I heard my mom’s voice shouting at me. I knew I was going to be in trouble.

But my mom didn’t look angry when she came over to talk to me. She looked disappointed that I sneaked out of the house while she was caring for the twins. She looked hurt that I’d disobeyed her and ran away when she only cared about my safety. But most of all, she just looked confused that I would come back to the place where I had nearly been killed. I wish I had answers for her, but I just couldn’t explain why I was so obsessed about this.

Mom lifted my punishment that night realizing that she couldn’t keep neglecting the rest of her kids to watch me so closely – not when I was so determined. Nothing she said could change my mind about finding this legendary creature. I had to know if I had really seen what I thought or if it had only been my imagination. Because the more time that passed, I was beginning to convince myself that I had somehow made this all up in my head. Maybe it had only been a girl that scared off my friends that night and I was so desperate for it to be more that I imagined she was something more.

When I stopped spending so much time with my friends in order to spend it waiting at the graveyard instead, my friends started getting worried about me. Danielle was the one to confront me about my behavior.

“Adam, you have to stop this. Your obsession is getting ridiculous. You are hurting your mom by being out here. You are pushing your friends away. I have always supported you, but I can’t stand by and watch you throw your life away like this. This isn’t living. You need to forget about that night.”

“Don’t you think that I’ve tried to forget?” I stated with a bit of annoyance. “It isn’t that easy or I would have already. Do you think I want to hurt my mom or you guys?I can’t explain why I am so focused on this. Why my mind has been obsessing over this. I can’t think about anything else except proving that it was real and the longer I go without seeing her, the crazier I think I am. Did it even happen at all? Did I make it all up in my head for attention? If you guys hadn’t seen someone there that night, I’d swear I was crazy. But you did and that means she has to be real. I just need to find her.”

“And what if you don’t?” she asked and she had a point. I couldn’t keep up with this madness forever. I promised Danielle and myself that I would only try for one more night. It had been two months since that night in the graveyard and she was right, I needed to move on. If she didn’t show up tonight then I needed to forget that she ever existed.

Danielle left me there after that. I did my homework like I always do under the street lights, waiting and listening for any signs of the werewolf but after the conversation earlier, my mind wasn’t really focused on keeping my eyes open like they should have been. Instead I kept thinking about how maybe I was as weird as our classmates claimed I was. What normal sim would obsess about a creature that nearly killed them? That would continue to go back to the place looking for trouble. I worried that maybe my determination to prove this was real had caused me to lose the small group of friends that I had.

Minutes turned into hours and I knew that I needed to head home. The police would start their patrols soon for kids outside after curfew and I didn’t want to be caught again. I was heading home when I heard it. The same howl as before somewhere close by.

Before I had the chance to try and find her, she jumped out from behind a shrub and attacked me.

Then it was lights out.


It’s been a full month since that night and I still don’t remember much about it. I don’t remember how I made it home. I’ve even had a hard time remembering what has happened in the past month since the attack. Besides some serious mood swings and rage that my siblings were not a fan of, the whole thing has been a blur. Then one night, I woke up from a nap that I don’t remember lying down for feeling really strange.

I walked out to the hallway and ran into Donald on his way to the kitchen for a snack. He completely freaked out when he saw me and before I could ask him what was wrong, he passed out.

I was so confused until I passed by a mirror and saw what I had become. I was a werewolf. The hair, the teeth, the sharp claws, the unexplainable anger I felt. That girl must have changed me when she attacked. I ran from the house afraid of what my mom would say when she found out.

I had barely made it to the driveway when all my new instincts told me to let out my frustrations with a long howl.

Surprisingly it actually helped. Then I couldn’t help laughing because I’d just howled. Howled like a real werewolf would have and not just a pretend one. I’d always wished that I was born something different. Wished that I had been born a vampire like Danielle, a witch like Jackson, a genie like Kenley. Never would I have imagined that becoming a werewolf was really possible for me, but be careful what you wish for I guess.

Maybe she heard my howl. Maybe she sensed that I’d made the change. Maybe she had just been hanging out nearby, but the young werewolf girl showed up in the driveway moments later.

“Am I really…” I began to question her, but she sensed the question and responded before I could finish.

“Yes, you really are a werewolf now and I’m very sorry about that. I didn’t mean for it to happen the way it did.” She went on to explain that she’d seen me at the cemetery nearly every night since our first encounter and although she’d tried to stay hidden from me, she was worried that I’d eventually find her. What she thought I’d do once I’d found her she didn’t say, but it didn’t seem to be good. “I only meant to scare you. It’s so hard to find a safe place to hide in this town and I couldn’t risk you finding me so I was only going to scare you off. But then something happened. The wolf part of me sensed something and instincts just took over from there.”

“So you bite me and a month later I wake up with these?” I showed her my teeth. I hadn’t even gotten a chance to examine them yet, but I could feel that they were different from before. “Do you have them too?”

I knew she did, but I wanted to see what mine looked like and figured that they would be similar to hers. We took turns showing off our extra sharp teeth. Perfect for hunting and killing things.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions, but we really need to get you something to eat first.” She must have noticed my mood changing from inquisitive to thinking about ripping something apart so I could eat it. How had I not noticed how hungry I was?

And off we went on my first very hunt.

It didn’t take long for us to locate the fish pond in the backyard of my home. I ended up catching a black goldfish and without cooking it or anything, I devoured it in a matter of seconds. But I had to admit, I immediately felt better. My new hunter instincts had been satisfied and I could think clearly again.

After I’d eaten and my moon had returned to normal, the werewolf girl finally introduced herself. Her name was Ingrid. She told me that she had been living on her own for a few years now after her father had been killed by a former pack member. She continued telling me anything and everything about what I could expect life to be like as a werewolf. She told me about what my new abilities would be. How my temperament might be changed especially on nights like this. She even told me about certain things that I needed to avoid now that I was a werewolf like getting to angry could force me to change into a werewolf.

The more we talked the more I felt something between us.

It didn’t make any sense because we didn’t know each other. How could I already feel something this strongly for someone that I had only met briefly twice before?

Ingrid went on to explain that she’d felt that connection as well the first time we’d met. That’s why she hadn’t hurt me for intruding on her space. She’d felt some kind of emotional pull towards me. Possibly the same one that I’d felt towards her. It was the reason why I had become so obsessed with finding her. Why no matter what I did, I couldn’t move on from that night. We didn’t completely understand it ourselves, but decided that we should see where a relationship between us might lead.

There was only one thing left to do after that night and that was to tell my mom. As much as I knew my mom loved me, I wasn’t sure how she was going to take this news. After all getting attacked had been one of her concerns from the beginning of all this but I’d ignored her concerns for my own curiosity. I didn’t think my mom was one for “I  told you so”, but I also knew I’d hurt her with all the times I’d left the house late at night.

“Mom, can we talk for a minute?”

“Sure sweetie. Is something wrong?” she asked with concern.

I looked around for my siblings to see if any of them were close enough to hear our conversation. I knew I was stalling because I was nervous of how my mom would react to the news. What if she kicked me out? I’d be homeless like Ingrid.

“I’m a werewolf…” I blurted out.

My mom laughed thinking that I was joking.

“A werewolf? That’s a good one, Adam.” She laughed again.

“No, I’m being serious.” I went on to explain about my promise to Danielle. I explained how just as I was leaving I had been attacked and how I couldn’t remember how I’d gotten home. I told her about all the mood swings I’d been having the past month. I told her how I’d woken up as a werewolf and so she was sure to believe me, I changed right in front of her to prove my point.

My mom seemed startled at first which I’d expected, but she must have sensed how worried I was about her reaction because she pulled me into a hug. I almost lost it right there. “I was worried you wouldn’t love me anymore.” I confessed.

“Oh, sweetheart, I will always love you no matter if you are a werewolf or not. You didn’t need to be worried about that. We will figure this out, I promise.”

She hugged me tighter and I realized just how lucky I was to have this woman for my mom. My worries lifted as we laughed together and I told her about my new abilities.


I hope this turned out alright. I am so out of practice in writing that I’m worried it might not be. Be sure to let me know in the comments whether you like it or not. Adam has had this wish saved since he was a child and I haven’t played with werewolves yet so I thought I should write his story. The story that Adam told at the graveyard is called “Axe Murder Hollow” which I did not write. Next update is just about ready to be posted as well – possibly in the next week.


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