Still Alive…

I know that I kind of disappeared on you guys again and you absolutely deserve an explanation for that. You probably don’t remember, but this time last year, I made an announcement that I was having trouble with my computer and had to do a full system restore. I was able to restore my computer back to the factory default with no problem. The problem had been that my Sims games were packed away in storage. When I was able to finally get my games out of storage around September of last year, I was only able to find a handful of them. The base game and first two expansion packs were not among the ones I found. Mostly it had been more of the recently purchased expansion packs. In order to continue the story, I downloaded a digital copy from Origin because I had programmed my codes on the Sims 3 site and it literally took forever to just get the base game on my computer.

But it worked and I was able to play for a little bit. Back around January, I tried to load my game up and play a little bit more. That’s when I discovered another problem. My problem is that none of my saved sims – neither downloaded nor saved from my own game – are showing up in CAS in the sim bin. They are all showing up in the SavedSims folder, but not when I actually load the game and try to load them in CAS. Because my game has always hated the Sims3Packs and refuses to install them correctly, using .sim and .package files has been the only way I could get any downloaded content into my game.

Does anyone know if the .sim files are no longer working because I downloaded the earlier games off Origin while the newer games are all installed from a disc? I honestly don’t think that would be the case, but it’s the only thing that is different from before. I’ve tried taking all the custom content out just in case and they still didn’t show that way either.

So I can’t put the male sims that I need into the neighborhood with Christy until this problem gets fixed. I’ve been trying different things for months now trying to get them to show up with no luck so if you have a suggestion, I would greatly appreciate the help.

For the next month and a half, I will be pretty busy with planning my son’s birthday party, going on vacation, and moving. Moving means that I will be able to go through my storage building completely and maybe find all of my Sims 3 discs so I can uninstall and reinstall everything to hopefully fix the problem. *fingers crossed* But if you happen to have a solution to the problem or even if it’s just a suggestion, please mention it.



3 thoughts on “Still Alive…

  1. I do hope you get it figured out. I’m having game issues myself. 😦

    I also hope that when you have the time and can get it fixed that you continue with the challenge



    All I could really find were these links. I’ve never had that happen in my game, but I hope that these will help some. Do you have all the CC parts that you need for the Sims? They won’t show up sometimes if you don’t have it all. Um…. Another thing is Mods. If you have any, take them out. See if they’re doing it. And make sure that they’re up-to-date.

    I really hope you can get it sorted out soon!

    • I did take all of my custom content – including mods – out and tried that way. That is usually my first step. It didn’t seem to help though. Normally if I don’t have a certain piece of custom content, the sim just loads without it even if it’s something as important as a custom skin. They will appear black and I just have to change the skin to whichever one I want to replace it with. I’ve even tried downloading some of my own sims (past versions of Christy for example) and those wouldn’t show up either. What is confusing me the most is that not even the sims I try to save in CAS or the mirror want to show up. They all appear in the folder, but not the game itself. Very frustrating.

      Thank you for the links. I believe I’ve checked two of them before, but it can never hurt to read over them again and see if I missed anything.

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