Happy (late) Halloween

So I took these pictures very early last week before Halloween and then kind of got wrapped up with things so I couldn’t upload them. Still I didn’t want the pictures to go to waste so here they are.

Two other things while I have your attention.

1. As some of you may have noticed, Photobucket has once again removed my pictures because of my bandwidth. I’ve found a way around it and will no longer be uploading them to Photobucket. I will be working on reuploading pictures for a few of the older updates and replacing the Photobucket ones. So if you have read an update without any pictures and are interested in seeing them with pictures, I will be working on that.

2. My intention is to try playing this weekend at some point. How much I will actually get to play is the real question. I know you are all very eager to find out what happens to Jade and Jessie so I will try not to make you wait to long. In the meantime, the voting is really close and I want to encourage all my readers to make sure they voice their opinions.


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