Baby #73 and 74

A few months after Derek and Donald were born, it was time for my first vampire babies to grow up and move out. Lauryn…



I was worried about how the town would accept them. Would they look out for each other? I knew the girls would, they had always been tight, but most of my worry was on Lucas who had always had problems making friends. I worried that he might get mad at someone and drain them before his conscience could talk him out of it. As much as I wanted them to stay a little while longer – and believe me, I did everything I could to convince them to stay with me – I knew I couldn’t protect them forever. I knew they had to live their own lives.

Meanwhile, Trance has spent the past couple of months settling in.

The kids really enjoyed watching him play. He would spend hours trying to catch that bird on the wall.

Autumn was officially here. Jade and Adam would often spend their afternoons after school raking up the leaves in the backyard into a large pile. When the pile was large enough, they would throw the leaves into the air or jump into the massive pile of leaves. Of course they would have to start the process all over again after jumping into it.

Adam is a very imaginative little boy. When he isn’t spending time with his friends or with Jade, he is always pretending. Lately it has been that he is a very famous race car driver. Next week it could be anything from a pirate to an astronaut for all I know.

Jade’s POV

Hi. My name is Jade and I’ve always been a bit of a hopeless romantic. When I was younger, I would dress up as a princess and imagine the day that my prince would come to my tower – or well I guess you would call it a tree house – and rescue me from the imaginary dragons that would guard me. Now that I’m older, I don’t do the pretend princess thing anymore, but I’m still just as much of a hopeless romantic as I ever was.

Now I spend most of my time wrapped up in a good romance novel or watching a cheesy movie on tv.

So when I got informed that I would be tutoring the hottest and most popular boy in our school, I swear I almost fainted. You see, even though my older sisters Lauryn and Leanna were always very popular, they were also vampires and for whatever reason, the kids at school were a little more cautious around me. Like I was a vampire in disguise or something. I’m not, of course, but because of this assumption, I am regarded with a mixed reaction in school. Not popular, but not hated either.

That’s why I never expected a guy like JB to be remotely interested in me, but at the same time, it reminded me so much of all those high school romance novels were the popular guy falls for the unpopular girl and they live happily ever after. I was living out my own romance novel. Isn’t it great? If I could I could insert one of those high-pitched girlish squeals here so you could literally share my excitement.

I was generally a good student and I wanted to impress JB so I tried not to let him see me struggle if I came across an answer I didn’t know. But it was a little hard to keep him focused on what we were suppose to be studying. He kept wanting to talk about sports.

Still, we spent weeks together every afternoon and were becoming pretty close friends. He was even asking me to sit with him and his friends at lunch. He especially liked when I would go to one of his games and tape it for him and then showed him on my phone.

Like I said, he cared a lot about sports so when we were done studying we would also make time to go upstairs and play a little Foosball. I was getting just as competitive as he was after a few weeks of our back and forth games.

One night after we had finished studying, I decided that I couldn’t keep waiting for him to make the first move so I did it.

He was really shocked at first and I immediately started regretting not waiting for him to make the first move.

Then he surprised me by pulling me close and kissing me back. It was amazing. Like watching fireworks for the first time amazing.

Everything was working out just like it did in the all of the romance novels and romantic movies that I had seen. The outcast/friend who had been crushing on the popular guy forever finally got the guy. They were madly in love or at least would be soon. Now was the time for the happily ever after right?


Christy’s POV

The closer it got to Spooky Day, the more skittish Trance seem to get. I’m not sure why he was so frightened, but I tried to give him as much attention as I could to reassure him that everything would be alright.

Still, I would find him hissing at everything with every hair on his back standing straight up. The younger kids were afraid to even go near him after they witnessed this a few times.

On Spooky Day morning, the weather was really cold. Colder than it had been in years. The weather channel was reporting a slight chance for snow later in the week. This definitely excited the kids.

I decided to give myself a bit of a makeover for Spooky Day. What do you think?

After I fed the kids breakfast, I got a call from Logan telling me that Clover just had three baby foals. I didn’t know much about horses but I had never heard of one having so many at once. I headed over to see them right away.

Logan gave me a bottle to feed one of the young foals with as he and Hadley did the same with the other two.

“I don’t think we can afford to keep them.” Logan told me sadly. “We barely have room for Clover on our small lot. Unless we can find someone to take them, we are going to have to sell the babies.”

I knew how much he loved horses and I also knew that him having to get rid of one was like when I had to say goodbye to my kids when they became a young adult. Extremely tough, but for their own good.

I stopped by the grocery store on my way home and picked up a few pumpkins for the kids to carve. Adam wanted his to be a spooky jack-o-lantern.

Jade ended up carving a funny jack-o-lantern. The kids carried them outside and placed them on the front porch where anyone who drove by could see them.

When the sun started to set for the day, I picked up both twins – one of each hip – and we headed to the Spooky Day Festival. Once there, Adam talked me into entering a pie eating contest with him. This would definitely end up being messy.

“On your mark. Get set.” the announcer paused. “GO!!”

We both dug into our pies and tried our best to win the contest. Jade and the twins cheered their hearts out for the two of us.

“I won! I won!” Adam shouted. I looked up to see his pie covered face and laughed. Lord knows what my own face must have looked like. How could such a small boy eat so much and so fast?

After the pie eating contest – and after I cleaned myself and Adam up – Jade decided to get her face painted. My kids do not have the best track record with that machine. Just like Lauryn before her, Jade’s face paint came out nothing like she had expected.


Jade’s POV

After the stupid face painting machine messed up, I wasn’t really in the mood to hang out or go to a Spooky Day party that was being held by my older sister Hera. When Mom started getting the kids together and ready to go, I told her I would just head home for the night. Mom agreed but made sure that I had her cell phone number as well as Hera’s programmed into my phone in case I needed to get a hold of her.

When I got home, I washed my face and changed into something a little warmer. The weather was incredibly cold now. JB must have sensed that I was feeling down or maybe he had been at Hera’s party and noticed I wasn’t with my family. Either way, he showed up at the house and we spent several minutes just sitting outside watching the stars.

As I said before, the weather was unbelievable cold tonight and we weren’t able to stay out there for very long. When we were both close to freezing, I invited him inside to watch a spooky movie and for something warm to drink.

Empty house. Two teenagers alone. Yeah, it didn’t take long for things to begin heating up between us and soon we found ourselves upstairs in a bed wearing a whole lot less.

I walked JB to the door when it started to get even later. As perfect as I believed the night had been, I knew my mom would freak if she found out what we had done. Which meant that JB needed to leave before she got home.

He pulled me close and whispered into my ear, “I love you, Jade.” before giving me a goodnight kiss.

I spent the rest of the night thinking over what had happened tonight. How amazing it had all been. JB was sweet. He was such the perfect guy. My perfect guy. I seriously felt like I was in one of those romance novels that I love so much, and I couldn’t keep the butterflies from jumping around in my stomach.


Christy’s POV

Nothing really exciting happened for awhile after Spooky Day. I spent most of my time with the twins trying to get them prepared for starting school.

Adam – who normally doesn’t really care about school – has been doing really well ever since they started reading about vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. He was absolutely fascinated by the subject of the supernatural and I’ve never seen him more excited to go to school in the mornings.

Jade has been acting a bit weird for the past week. Right after Spooky Day, she was fine – excited even. I had never seen her more happy, but over the past few days, she has just been so sad. She even faked being sick to get out going to school. I try to ask her what’s wrong, but she just starts crying hysterically and runs out of the room, slamming her bedroom door behind her.

Mother’s intuition tells me that her and her boyfriend broke up. Maybe not broke up, but something in their relationship is going wrong. But she won’t talk to me no matter how hard I try. One day when I do convince her to go to school, I go into her room and find a picture of them hidden under her pillow. They look so happy, but I know he is the reason she is acting so moody.

Despite what was happening with Jade, the house was running smoothly. I set up my next IVF treatment. The donor was absolutely gorgeous with his purple eyes, blond hair with green tips, and pale skin. I knew he would make beautiful babies.

A month has gone by since my appointment and Jade has been so sick. At first, I admittedly thought that she was faking again to try to get out of going to school. The longer she complained, the more I realized she wasn’t faking. When I realized she was really sick, I thought maybe it was the flu or a stomach bug, but it has been over a week and she hasn’t been feeling better.

Late one night, long after everyone had gone to bed, Jade came into my room crying. She stood in the doorway at first and I could tell she was afraid to talk to me.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” I asked gently.

“Mom, I have something I need to tell you.” She paused and wiped the tears from her cheeks. I could tell she was trying to be strong about this. That she wanted me to hear clearly whatever she had to say. “I think I might be pregnant, Mom.”

My head began to spin. I thought I might pass out. I found myself speechless. When I couldn’t find the words to say, Jade began to cry again. She came over to the bed and crawled into my arms, explaining everything that had happened. How in love she had been with JB. What had happened on Halloween night. How he just disappeared after that night. How she had not heard from him since that weekend.

I took her to visit Ashley – the woman who helps me with my IVF treatments – the following morning. She confirmed that Jade was in fact nearly eight weeks pregnant.

I somehow managed to hold it together when I first heard the news, but when I was alone, there was no holding back the tears. Realizing that my barely sixteen year old teenage daughter was pregnant was something that I never wanted to have to think about. I wanted my children to have babies of their own, of course, but I wanted them to have the chance to live their lives and find themselves before they had any. I wanted my daughter to have the chance to finish high school and go to university if she wanted. To just enjoy her life as a teenager. Now I knew that she would never be able to do those things.

Abortion was never an option for either of us. I didn’t believe in it personally, and Jade was the same way. That left her with two choices, keeping the baby or putting it up for adoption. She wasn’t sure, but I told her we didn’t have to decide right away.  I knew that if she were to give the baby up for adoption, he/she would be raised right here the same as she was.

I made sure that Jade was aware of how much responsibility a baby was by making her help me with the twins. Not that she minded. She loved her brothers and they really weren’t that big of a handful as long as I took one and she took the other. Taking care of both boys at the same time could overwhelm her a little bit.

Even though I hadn’t been excited about the idea of my teenage daughter being pregnant, the mother in me and my love for babies made it impossible not to be excited for this one as well. We talked over baby names and I gave her advice on how to ease her back pain.

Jade insisted that we have a few pictures taken to remember the time when we were both pregnant and only a few weeks apart. I wasn’t sure about the idea, but I knew it would make her happy and that’s all I ever want: for my children to be happy.

As the months went by, birthdays took place. First it was the twins who had a birthday. Derek…


Not long after, Adam aged into a teenager.

The big day arrived. I was upstairs on my computer chatting with Ashby and Violet when I heard my daughter scream from downstairs. The boys were all in school so it was just the two of us at home.

“MOM!” she cried over and over. I went downstairs to see what was wrong.

“I think the baby is coming, Mom. What do we do?” Jade looked at me and I could tell she was hoping I had the answers. But to tell you the truth, I – mother of seventy-two babies – was panicking. I was not at all ready for this day, but I had to be. My daughter needed me.

After my instincts took over and I got Jade to Ashley’s clinic,  she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Jessie.

I could tell right away that Jade had fallen in love with her son. How could she not? He was absolutely adorable.

But at the same time, I knew that she was worried about what would happen in the future if she were the one to raise him. How would they survive? What kind of job could she possibly get to support them and still spend time with him? She still had a few years before she left the house so she didn’t have to worry about that now, but she would soon. She would have to decide whether or not she wanted to raise him or if she wanted me to raise him.

Not long after Jessie was born, it finally snowed at the house and it was enough that school was canceled for days. Adam got started right away on building an igloo for him and his friends to play in.

Derek and Donald began building a snowman together to guard the house.

I know I shouldn’t have, but I plopped my pregnant butt in the snow and started to make snow angels. It had just been so long since I had seen snow, I wanted to enjoy it – pregnant or not.

I wasn’t able to stay outside as long as the kids were since I was pregnant. As I was heading into the house, I heard Adam cheering that he had finished his snowman that would guard his completed igloo.

Later that night, I went searching the house for Trance – who was not a big fan of the snow and had been hiding all day.

“Trance, come out come out where ever you are.” I called out.

I never got to find him because at that exact moment, I felt the baby coming.

I ended up giving having two beautiful baby girls. Baby #73, Felicia…

and Baby #74, Jennifer.


I would like to start off by thanking Addy McKnight for volunteering her character’s brother, Bryn Windfield to any of the challenge moms to use. I just had to use him and the girls turned out beautifully. So thank you very much.

Also I would like to thank my friend Jen for being the most loyal follower of the Quinn family. She is always reading and commenting and that makes my day. When the opportunity came up to name one of the girls after her during the Disney naming theme, I took it because she is awesome.

Currently I am at a stand still with my game – although I recently got both Showtime and the Movie stuff pack and really want to check them out – because I need you guys to vote on what should happen with Jessie. Should Jade take him when she moves out in the next post? Or should Christy keep him and raise him in the house to give her daughter a chance to live her own life? You decide. Vote below.


9 thoughts on “Baby #73 and 74

  1. I’m going to vote that Jade keeps Jessie, and that she should try to be a singer, in an attempt to make a good life for him. Bonus for you – you can experiment with Showtime!
    Quick question- do you have Supernatural? (Just wondering.)

  2. I really liked this chapter. I’m kinda curious as to whether you’re gonna have a reason for JB’s disappearance. And I *so* wanna see Jessie as he grows up. He’s so cute. ❤

  3. >sigh<… I can only hope that I would like to see Jessie grow up whether he be raised by his teen mom (his birth mom) Jade or his grandma, which is Christy, the mom of seventy-two kids plus Felicia and Jennifer. What are the credibilities that Derek, Donald and the youngest two I mentioned earlier come from? Thanks for the latest post you posted recently. It was a sweet success that you only got 26 more kids left until you reach the top. But on kids 81-90, you can name one from my list if you like.
    I love being with you throughout the ever ongoing story, but I wish that Jade might have to open up to a new chapter of her life and that in her next 5-6 years after she probably graduate from the school, she may like to have the life skills she can learn from. Her mom may keep Jessie as long as not knowing who his real parents were like until he reaches young adulthood to reveal his origin and background story. Thanks and have a great day. Do the Mahoney post pretty please. XD

  4. Christy my friend this was a great post. So many things to comment on. You already know how much I LOVE your hair pink. I hope it stays that way for a while. Oh my gosh the new girls are so freaking cute and…..Jennifer….eeep!!!! I have to say that JB looks familiar is he a child of characters we have seen in your story before? He is a cutie and I do hope we learn what happened to him. Jade is so cute. I was torn on how to vote, but I finally made a decision. So Jessie’s black hair….???? LOL He is a cutie too.
    Really looking forward to your next post.

    Jen AKA Ashby

    • I plan to have Christy’s hair stay this color for awhile because I love it too. Thank you so much for coming up with the idea for it.

      JB was actually Jade’s imaginary friend with a few minor edits to his facial features. His name was really Jelly Bean before I changed it which is where the JB came from. As for Jessie’s black hair, your guess is as good as mine as to where that came from. I was completely surprised when I aged him up and he had it. I was tempted to change it to his mother’s color or even his father’s, but he was just to cute the way he was that I didn’t want to change anything about him.

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