Baby #71 and 72

Not long after Adam was born, the teenagers came home talking about going to prom. All five of my teens were excited and anxious to go to their prom. Since it was such a big day for so many of my kids, I saved a little money and hired a limousine for the special occasion. They were ecstatic when it pulled up into our driveway the night of prom.

“Everyone is going to be so jealous when they see us coming.” Lauryn stated.

“This is great. Thanks mom!” Lindsay added.

All of the teens got dressed up for the big night in the most stylish and expensive thing they could find. Logan in his cowboy inspired look. Lucas in a suit that would make all the girls want to dance with him. Lindsay, Lauryn, and Leanna in matching dresses but colored to fit their own unique personalities.

As far as I knew, Logan was the only one of the kids to be taking a date to prom with him. His date was the girl who he had a really big crush on, Hadley Moon. The two had been friends for awhile now, but they had never gone on an actual date. I knew how much my son liked this girl and I was so happy for him when he told me he had gathered up the courage to ask her to prom. I was even more excited when he told me she had said yes.

After taking a few more pictures of the girls, I went into the hallway to take a few of Logan and Hadley together. I walked in to see Logan kissing Hadley on her hand and telling her how beautiful she looked. It was really sweet and made me so proud that I had raised such a gentleman who knew how to treat women right.

I started to head back into the living room to give the two a bit of privacy, but Hadley saw me and waved.

“Hello, Ms. Andrews.” she said cheerfully. “It is so nice to finally get to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Hadley. Logan talks about you all the time. It’s nice to finally put a face to the name.”

“Mom…” Logan started and I laughed. Okay, okay, I got the hint. Logan didn’t want me to embarrass him in front of his date.

Soon after, all the kids loaded into the limousine and headed for the high school. I stood outside the house with Adam in my arms waving goodbye for as long as I could see them.

While the teenagers were gone, I spent the evening teaching Adam how to talk and talking with Jade about how she was liking school. It was strange having the house feel so empty and quite when usually it was hard to find any peace and quite.

When the teens got back later that night, Lauryn was so enthusiastic to tell me that she had been named Prom Queen that she just couldn’t sit still.

“It was great, Mom.” Lauryn stated. “All those people cheering for me. All that attention, and I got to dance with the most gorgeous guy in the entire world. It was the most wonderful night mom.”

Lucas rolled his eyes and snorted in the doorway, getting both of our attention. “Don’t forget to tell her how you hypnotized everyone there into voting for you.”

Lauryn’s mouth dropped wide open as Leanna jumped to her sister’s defense. “Just because you don’t know how to make friends that doesn’t mean we don’t. Lauryn is the most popular girl in school. It was obvious she was going to win tonight. And just because nobody asked you to dance that doesn’t give you a reason to try to bring her down…”

Lucas just rolled his eyes again and went up to his bed. I still don’t understand why my vampire triplets fight the way they do, but something has to give. The fighting has to stop. It’s a bad example to their younger siblings and don’t they realize that all they have in this world is family?

A festival was held the weekend after prom and the whole family decided to go this time. Lindsay especially loved the snow cone machine.

We all decided to get our faces painted as well.

Lauryn’s didn’t quite turn out the way she had envisioned it. She swore up and down that her brother was to blame. That he messed with the machine or something, but I knew for a fact that Lucas had been skating at the time Lauryn was in the machine getting her face painted.

Even with that little mess up, we still managed to have a good time and I got a beautiful family picture to take home with me.

It wasn’t long before the L twins would be aging up and moving out of the house. Jade was the most sad to see her older sister leaving. “Who am I going to pillow fight with now?” Jade asked gloomily.

“I’m sure Mom would love to pillow fight with you. Who do you think taught me after all?” Lindsay smiled at her little sister. “But how about one last time before I move out?”

After a couple of hours of pillow fighting, the twins were ready to age up and move out.



One last picture of the two before they moved out. They turned out beautiful don’t you think?

It’s probably no surprise that the first place Logan went after moving out was to meet up with Hadley. The two started dating steadily after prom and I can see a lot more happening between them in the future. I couldn’t be happier for my little boy.

It wasn’t long after the twins moved out that it was time for Adam to grow up as well. I took the opportunity to throw a pool party. Summer was coming to an end and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sun for much longer so a pool party it was. I invited a lot of my older children to see how they were doing.

Of course, my friends were all invited as well. We played a game of horse shoes.

After a little while, Dawn and I were tied for the win and it was my turn.

“Go Christy, you can do it.” Ashby and Violet cheered. Dawn pretended to cough to try to throw me off my game, but it wasn’t going to work.

“Yes!” I exclaimed as the horse shoe landed right up against the stake. It wasn’t a ringer but it was as close as you could get to without actually getting a ringer. Simply put: it was going to be hard to beat this shot.

Dawn stepped up next. She was really focused and the confidence that there was no way she was going to beat me began to slip away as I studied her determined look. Dawn took her time, lined up her shot, and I held my breath.

In the end, we decided to call it a tie. Our horseshoes were just to close to be able to tell who had really won in the end and we were both okay with that. Violet and Ashby ended up fixing us delicious snow cones as our prize.

Meanwhile, Leanna was getting to know her older brothers Apollo and Julian. She was really learning a lot about music from the two rockstars.

Jade was enjoying the slip and slide while Calista was having fun in the pool.

As everyone gathered into the dining room while I went upstairs and got the birthday boy up from his nap, Leanna gave playing the guitar a break to spend some quality time with her older sister, Chantelle.

And here is the birthday boy, Adam after aging up.

It had been a long, fun day and I had a nice tan to prove just how much I had enjoyed my time outside.


Lucas’ POV

You probably remember that my childhood was anything but easy. What with my sisters always trying to cause trouble for me. Everyone in town wanting to drive a stake through my heart. And not having a single friend in the entire world. I hate to say it, but things have only gotten worse since I became a teen. My sisters still want to cause trouble for me at home, but now – somehow, someway – they have become the most popular girls in school so any potential friends I might have, they easily scare away. Making me feel even more alone.

Then there is the craving for blood. I don’t know how my sisters can control their lust for blood, but I am hungry all the time. Sometimes I think “Hey, these kids already don’t like me, would it really be so bad if I just had a taste?”

It doesn’t help that there has been paparazzi snooping around the house trying to get pictures of the town freak and making mom’s life hard. All us kids know about Mom. When we get to be teenagers, she sits us down and tells us all about Edward and what he tried to do to her. She makes sure that we all understand how important it is that he never finds her or knows she is alive. So the last thing she needs is the paparazzi spying on us.

Late one night long after my family had already gone to bed, I caught a female reporter snooping around our front yard looking for some kind of dirt on the family. It would have been really easy to sneak up behind her and finally fulfill my insatiable want for blood. I could have drained her and gotten rid of one more reporter trying to ruin my family, but a body might have created more problems for mom and for me. I didn’t want that.

Instead, I did something that my sisters and I promised Mom we would never do. I hypnotized her…

That was one less problem mom would have to deal with in the future and I hadn’t killed anyone. I deserved points for that right? Still I had to tell her the truth and the following morning I did just that.

“Lucas, sweetie, you can’t do that. What if she hadn’t been alone? What is someone saw what you did and tries to take you away from me? Or worse, they try to kill you. People in this town don’t understand or like what is different from them. You could have been seriously hurt.”

“I am a vampire Mom.” I pointed to my teeth for emphasis. “She was alone and she was trying to hurt our family. I did what I had to do to protect our family. I just scared her. I could have done so much worse. Do you have any idea how hard it is to be around people who hate me and not suck out their blood? To be starving all the time and yet still trying to be good even though you are the most hated individual in town.”

Mom wasn’t a vampire so she never really understood how difficult it was for me to be around other sims and not bite them. Being around family – or at least my human family, my vampire sisters were another story – was easy because I loved them and would never in a million years hurt them. I would never want to see my mom in pain because I killed one of my siblings accidentally while taking a drink. But being around people who despised you and not taking a bite out of them was a different story. Maybe their hatred was the reason why I saw them as nothing more than food. A blood bag with legs.

Still Mom was trying to understand me, and I give her points for that. She did her best by taking me out of school so the temptation to bite someone wasn’t so frequent. Instead of the synthetic blood we had been raised on our whole lives, she arranged it so that I could have real blood that had been donated about once a week. That alone was a huge help.

After mom decided to take me out of school and instead home school me, I sat around contemplating my life a lot more. Two problems had been solved. I no longer had the urge to bite everyone around me and with the weekly donated blood, I found that I wasn’t so hungry. But I still felt so incredibly lonely. I needed a friend. A real friend and not that stupid rock that I had as a friend when I was a kid.

I wasn’t ready to try to make friends with other teens in this town. I had tried to make friends with them all my life and none of them had ever been interested. Any that had been interested in being my friend were driven away by my sisters the moment they heard I might have a friend. Instead, I turned to the internet.

I wouldn’t have to tell my potential friends that I was a vampire right away and I wouldn’t be tempted to bite them. The problem was, everyone I met was very boring. They would talk endlessly about themselves and if we happened to stumble across a topic we both could relate to, they would often just keep typing until I wondered why I was even sitting there reading it to begin with.

It took awhile and I was just about ready to give up on friends all today when I met a girl. Her name was Lola and like me, she was a vampire. We both loved the outdoors but could only enjoy it in small doses. We both dreaded the day we became a young adult because then we wouldn’t get to see the sunlight anymore. We were both misunderstood – and in my case, hated – in the town we lived in. Lola and I got along great. I finally had a friend I could talk to.

Mom got a call from her friends during one of our lessons. Her friends – Ashby, Dawn, and Violet – wanted to take Mom on a special trip to a place called Hidden Springs. It was suppose to be some kind of resort-type town that rich sims go to when they want to relax. Knowing Mom hadn’t had a real vacation since she started her challenge, I helped her friends convince her into going.

My sisters took this as a sign that they should throw a house party in her absence. They didn’t even wait two hours after Mom left before calling all their friends. I was somehow roped into helping them set up.

“Will you just shut up Lucas?” Lauryn snapped at me. I had been trying to persuade her that we shouldn’t be doing this. Mom had trusted us with the house. “Just help me move this damn couch out of the way so we can have a place for everyone to dance when they get here.”

I just stood there staring at her. I wasn’t going to help her. I wasn’t going to break Mom’s trust in me. “Fine, have it your way then. But we are going to have this party with or without your help. You can be a good little boy, help us set up and we will even introduce you to a few of our friends from school. You always wanted friends right? Or you can be a killjoy, not help us, and when Mom comes home, we make your life a living hell. We might even say this little party was your idea. You hypnotized the guests into coming as a way for you to get live prey.”

She would do it too. I never understood why my sister hated me so much, but she would go out of her way to destroy me. To destroy the trust Mom had in me. She might even convince her send me away. “Fine,” I grumbled and started moving the couch, but not before muttering, “Bitch!”

Lauryn smiled, happy she got her way, and I knew she had heard my comment with her vampire hearing. We never missed anything. Soon Leanna started playing the guitar as the guests began to arrive.

Several of their friends from school came to the party. There was a lot of dancing, but I spent most of my night standing in a corner on the other side of the room from the crowd. If my sister’s were going to have this party, then I was going to find a way to entertain myself as well. They just didn’t know it yet.

Lauryn spent the whole party dancing with some guy named Chase. Watching her laughing, being friendly, and even appearing happy, you would almost forget what kind of person she really was to me when no one was around. I could almost forget all the pain she had caused me in my life. Almost…

I looked away from my sister and that’s when I saw her. She was beautiful.

The room fell deafeningly silent as several of the kids noticed Lola walking into the room. Because she was an unknown vampire, they immediately got scared. “She’s going to eat us,” one girl whispered.

“Will my parents even know what happened to me?” said another.

“We never should have come to this party.” said one of the boys.

Lola just flashed them a fanged smile intending to scare them even more before turning her glowing eyes back in my direction. I smiled back at her. Her entrance at this party had made my entire night. It was worth Lauryn blackmailing me into helping her throw this party just to see Lola.

We went outside and soon we could hear the party continuing without us. I knew my sisters had convinced their guests that they were safe and should not let anything ruin the party. We didn’t care if the party went on or not. Lola and I just sat on the front lawn watching the stars and talking.

Christy’s POV

When I got back into town, I was already showing.

You see, while I was away with my friends, Dawn introduced me to a friend of hers, Larry Crain. Larry was a firefighter and had once saved the lives of Dawn’s brother and nephew so many years ago. He had also participated in Dawn’s challenge shortly after that. Dawn told Larry a little bit about me – not my real identity of course, but about my challenge and that I would be in town for a little bit. Larry agreed to help me out and soon I was pregnant with Baby #71.

Also while I was out of town, I decided to stop by Calista’s house and pick up a kitten that I had agreed to adopt from her. It was going to be a big surprise to the kids because we had never had a pet before. The kitty’s name was Trance.

Also on the way home, we spotted this bird. Adam, Jade, and I watched it for a little while and it watched us in return. When I tried to approach it, it actually hoped onto my arm so we decided to take it home with us. Adam and Jade decided to name the bird Crayola because of its bright colors.

When I got Crayola home and set up in his own bird cage, I tried to become better friends with him. Maybe I could even teach him to talk.

Unfortunately he was not as nice to me now that I had brought him home as he was when we first met. To say I was upset would be a bit of an understatement. I was furious with the bird.

Jade was ecstatic when I told her that I was carrying another baby. She was convinced that it was going to be a boy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was right.

Shortly after getting back home, Logan called and told us that he had proposed to Hadley. She had turned him down. Nah, just kidding. Of course she had accepted. Those two are perfect for one another and haven’t spent a day apart since moving in together. They haven’t set a wedding date yet, but I’m sure it will be sometime soon.

Ever since we got back, Lucas has been in a much better mood than when I left. I don’t really know what happened while I was gone, but he seems happy. He seems like he has a reason to live and try to do better. Not even his sisters’ comments seem to faze him anymore.

“Okay, Crayola, let’s try this again…” I said as I got Crayola out of his cage. He had been living with us for a few months by now and I was hoping that he was more adjust to us than he had been when we first got home. I had fed him and talked to him, but I hadn’t tried to get him out of his cage anymore. Surprisingly he left me hold him for a little bit before wanting to get back into the safety of his cage.

I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep him in the family.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, Jade aged into a teenager.

Dawn calls to check up on me every so often to see how my pregnancy is going. On this particular call I am able to tell her some good news. “Yeah, that’s right. I’m having twins this time. Please tell Larry the good news and that I said thank you.”

It wasn’t long after that particular phone call that I felt the familiar feelings of labor.

Baby 71 Derek Quinn…

Baby 72 Donald Quinn…


So thank you to Dawn Turner/haileygleisner for allowing me to use Larry Crain. Larry Crain was part of one of the previous “Voice Your Opinion: Vote for the Next Father” polls for who you thought should be the next father in the challenge. Larry just barely won the poll with Eddie Rosado coming in a close second – only a three vote difference between the two. Because the voting was so tight between those two, I’m going to try to come up with something to do for Eddie but he will not be a future father. At least not anytime in the near future. I already have the next 6-8 fathers prepared – two of which will be winners of a Voice Your Opinion poll so I don’t really have room for him to be a father right now. Don’t worry, I’ll think of something for those of you that voted for him. Look for the winner of the Mahoney poll at around Baby 75.

I would also like to thank all of the challenge moms/dads who gave me some of their teens for this update.  Ashby Lemi for the beautiful daughter, Lolita and the vampire, Lola. Jackson Daniels for his gorgeous two sons, Chase and Darrian. Couldn’t have done this update without you two.

Please remember to take a minute and either comment or use the ratings bar just below here and let me know how I did with this update.


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