The Road So Far: Part 2

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the last update, but we still have quite a few babies to get through and this update will no doubt be longer than the last because of just how much happened in the second half of Christy’s challenge so far.

We start this update with a very special father. Gordan Williams – originally a female sim I downloaded off the exchange and turned male – was chosen for a special post about breast cancer awareness.

The entire family dressed in pink to support the cause.

Christy ended up giving birth to twin girls. Ruby…


Before long it was time for a special Quinn family Halloween party. All of the kids got dressed for the occasion and even Christy herself got into the spirit.

Three very special guests decided to attend the party as well. Of course, the family assumed these men were in costumes. It wasn’t until after Christy agreed for them to participate in her challenge that she found out that it really was the Grim Reaper in her backyard and his two brothers: Chubby Reaper and Johnny Reaper.

Chubby Reaper was the first of the brothers to participate in her challenge.

With Chubby, she had a set of triplets. There was Freddy…


And Kristen…

Christy had her hands full with the very needy Reaper triplets, two toddlers, and two children. So when Johnny Reaper came knocking on her door ready to participate in her challenge right that second, Christy refused. She couldn’t handle anymore kids right now.

It wasn’t until Johnny threatened her children’s safety that Christy was forced to agree.

She ended up having another set of twins to add to the already busy household. Tiffany…


Remember when I said that Ice would be an important part of the story? The two had been dating since shortly after their triplets were born. Not the best idea for a challenge mom. Ice was really in love with Christy so he was willing to look past her being with other guys who participated in her challenge.

One day he showed up at her house and asked her to quit her challenge so the two of them could be together.

He even went a step farther to show Christy how serious he was about them being together by asking her to marry him. Ice knew that Christy could never marry him while her challenge was in progress and she was still so far away from achieving her goal. He couldn’t imagine waiting for sixty three more children to be born before they could get married.

Christy was speechless and completely taken by surprise by Ice’s proposal. Of course she wanted to say yes, but she knew that if she did, that would be the end of her challenge. Was she really ready for her challenge to be over? No more babies to care for. No more first steps or first words. As much as she loved Ice, she loved her children more than anything else.

She made the only request that she could. She asked that Ice wait for her and ask her again when she finished her challenge.

It was also at this point in her challenge that Christy got introduced to her first fellow challenge mom and one of her best friends, Violet Newbie. Elliot was dating Violet’s daughter Rosie, yet the two probably wouldn’t have met if Eleanor hadn’t kissed Violet’s other daughter, Robbin.

Both girls got very confused by the kiss which made Christy to go talk to Violet for the first time. She had never met another challenge mother before and she was surprised at how easily the two could talk to one another.

So you are probably wondering when Christy would be getting back to the actual challenge part of this story right? She really wanted to avoid her promise with the Grim Reaper for as long as she could after what happened with his brothers so when a very star-struck Dr. Zoidberg approached her saying he had come to town specifically to participate in her challenge, Christy agreed.

The two ended up having twin boys. John…

And Jason.

A few of Christy’s sons began to participate in various baby challenges at this point, giving her the opportunity to learn about more challenge moms who were out there. Andre participated in Leah Sierra’s baby challenge while Brian participated in Calista Smith’s.

You can only avoid someone for so long before they come knocking on your door. This was the case with the Grim Reaper. He had patiently waited for Christy to ask him to be the next father for years. His brothers’ children were almost fully grown and ready to leave the Quinn house. He believed now was the time.

He apologized to Christy for his brothers’ behavior and that he wasn’t here to harm her or her children. After Christy had gotten pregnant, Grim surprised her by giving her a hug and told her that this child would not be like the others. This comment disturbed Christy. Was he saying that this child would be evil?

Michael was soon born. Christy was determined not to let this child turn out to be evil like the Grim Reaper wanted him to. Of course this was before she realized what three of the five Reaper children were really up to when they would go out at night.

Freddy, Chucky, and Tiffany would go on to be quite the troublesome trio. Tattoos, piercings, and evil intentions. Freddy was the brains. Chucky was the muscle. And Tiffany could steal just about anything. They got into quite a bit of trouble during their time in the house.

Christy was oblivious however. Her love for them blinded her to the bad things that they were doing when they were out of her sight. Still Christy promised herself that she would do everything to keep Michael from going down the wrong path. She smothered him with attention and kept him home so his father couldn’t poison his mind.

Although Christy was focused on keeping Michael from turning evil, she still had a challenge to complete. First Christy gave herself another makeover. This is personally one of my favorite looks for her.

The next father was Jack Skellington.

With Jack, Christy managed to have another set of twins. Heimdall…

and Suri…

The Grinch appeared to Christy one late night. He needed her help in producing an heir. An heir just as grouchy and mean as the Grinch. It reminded Christy too much of what all the Reaper brothers had wanted from her. Christy would not fall for this trap again.

Or would she? The Grinch told Christy that she was free to raise their child however she saw fit. He knew it was most likely that their child would turn out good and kind-hearted like Christy – nothing like a Grinch should be. He had taken precautions by participating in other challenges. The more children he had, the more likely he was to have the perfect Grinch child.

Somehow this logic had gotten Christy to agree.

Christy gave birth to twins again. Yasmina…


Sunset Valley was known for its warm weather. The entire time Christy had lived there it had never once snowed or gotten cold enough to need a jacket. So when the Snow Miser appeared on her doorstep and told her that snow followed him everywhere he went, Christy got excited that maybe her kids would finally get to see snow. The Snow Miser told Christy of an ancient legend that if he was unable to get an area to snow than he needed to find a woman to have a child with and maybe that would work.

Although the legend proved to be false and the Quinn’s didn’t get to experience snow while they were in Sunset Valley, Christy gave birth to a little girl, Abriella.

After another quick peek into Christy’s past, she revealed that an old friend of her was getting married. It was this event that introduced Christy to her other best friend, Ashby Starr-Bright.

During a nice trip to the park, Christy met the next father for her challenge. Odin was convinced that this man was Santa Claus and had Christy go over to talk to him. The man was highly insulted when Christy asked him if he was jolly ol’ Saint Nic.

His real name was Lester Jester and although their first encounter hadn’t gone over very well, he eventually agreed to participate in Christy’s challenge.

Another set of twins were born. Evelyn…

and Rhys.

Christy received an email from three men wanting to participate in her challenge. They were all perfect candidates who would make beautiful babies and Christy just couldn’t decide. That’s when the very first poll to decide on which father would get to participate took place.

The occasion was a special one and Christy wanted to look nice for when she finally met the the next father for her challenge – since he was voted on by so many people. She decided a trip to the salon was just what she needed.

Nathan Tevinter was the winner of the poll.

They ended up having a set of twins together. Mason…

 photo 049 - Mason_zpsmpshdoue.png

and his twin sister, Maya.

The trip to the stylist had made Christy want to change her look again.

To bad the look didn’t last long. Remember Ice? Well he and Christy had seen each other a couple of times since he asked her to marry him, but he had traveled to China for a few years with their daughters so they really hadn’t seen each other much. When Christy tried to call him after he got back, she received this message:

“We’re sorry, the number you are trying to reach is no longer in service”

Christy received a letter from Ice the next day. She was absolutely heart-broken as she read his words. Although Christy would later understand where Ice was coming from as he broke up with her, she was still in this moment devastated.

At first Christy tried to hide her pain. She tried to remain strong in front of her children and pretend nothing was wrong, but her heart had been shattered into a million pieces. This was the man that she had fallen in love with. Despite all her commitment issues, she had been ready to walk down the aisle with him when her challenge was complete. As she sunk into a depression, she found herself shutting down completely.

Nothing changed until one day a baby basket was left on her doorstep. Inside was a note from a man who had just lost his wife to cancer only a few hours after she had given birth to their twins. He was entrusting the care of his children to Christy because he just couldn’t take care of them after losing his wife. He was in a similar depression to the one Christy was in, only Christy realized now that compared to this man’s pain, she was just being ridiculous.

That’s how Theodore

and Zeus came to be apart of the family.

Although in the story, the man was never revealed and it was made to seem as if Christy wasn’t the twins real mother, she actually was. Below you will find a picture of the father.

With life returning to normal in the Quinn family, Christy decided to give herself another makeover.

Life really was returning to normal for Christy. She was going on her early morning jogs around town like she had in the past to clear her mind and get ready for the day. Today though, she ran into a man named Edward Rayner.

Edward was insistent that he participate in Christy’s challenge. Christy wasn’t really ready to pick up her challenge again so soon, but Edward asked that she at least allow him to take her on a date to try to convince her.

The date worked. Edward was charming, flirty, and charismatic. Christy agreed that Edward could be the next dad.

If only she had known how much that one decision would end up changing her life. Everything started to go down hill only moments after their woo-hoo when Edward’s pregnant fiancee walked in on them. She understandably flew off the handle at both of them.

Christy was furious. She had been lied to. Unknowingly, she had broken up a family because of Edward’s deceit. He didn’t deserve to see his child and Christy told him as much.

“You will regret those words, Christy Quinn. Mark my words, you will rue the day you ever messed with Edward Rayner.”

And she would regret it. She would regret meeting Edward every day of her pregnancy. One night late in her pregnancy, she received a note asking her to meet in the park. The note had been from Kathleen, Edward’s ex-fiancee, who was so terrified of her ex that she had left town with their son. Little did Christy realize that the letter was a fake. It hadn’t been sent by Kathleen, but instead by Edward himself to lure her there.

And he did something awful…

An article was released the following morning announcing the death of Christy Quinn.

Three days later, a funeral was held. Many residents of Sunset Valley walked to the front of the room and spoke of what an amazing woman, friend, and mother Christy Quinn was. Her friends and children had the most to say.

Then it was time to say goodbye to Christy forever.

But things aren’t always as they appear. If Christy had truly died, that would have been the end to this challenge and there would be no reason for this recap. Instead, Christy had survived the vicious attack. Her son, Adonis had saved her life as well as the life of the triplets that she was carrying.




Christy’s survival had been kept a secret in case Edward found out. It wasn’t until she had been transferred to another private hospital that she found out the truth about who Edward Rayner was.

He was one of the most wanted criminals in all of Sunset Valley. Theft, robbery, murder. He had done it all, and he had targeted Christy. Stalked her. Studied her. He planned on finding a challenge mother, stealing his child, and killing the mother. Christy had angered him to the point that he didn’t care if the child survived. He had acted on rage, not careful planning and that is the only reason Christy was still alive.


6 Years Later

So what exactly happened to Christy Quinn you ask? Nothing. Christy Quinn was dead to the world. She was no longer allowed to use that name. Instead Charity Andrews had been given a new name. She had been forced to move to a new town and into a new home.

She didn’t even look like herself anymore. Her beautiful red-hair and blue eyes were replaced with black. Dark black hair with blue streaks throughout. Her eyes were also a pitch black thanks to the contacts she had to put in each morning.

Although Charity was happy that her children were safe, she hated having to lie every single day. To the strangers she met. To her children. She even had to lie to herself. Her new identity was given the job of running a home for unwanted children. It would explain why the children she already had looked so different from one another. Charity would occasionally be sent a child to adopt and provide a loving home for which she had no problem doing. Even after everything that had happened and all the changes she was forced to make one thing remained the same, she still loved children.

During the first six years she had been in Monarch Bay, she had adopted two children.



As the house grew emptier, Charity began to get incredibly lonely. She missed her older children. She missed her friends. She missed her challenge and having toddlers around. Although she had promised everyone who had helped her get this safe life away from Edward, she couldn’t keep living this lonely lie of a life.

Christy – she refused to lie to herself and call herself Charity in the privacy of her own home any longer so I won’t refer to her by that name either – was stubborn. Although every bone in her body told her that she shouldn’t, she was going to continue her challenge somehow, someway. But she needed her friends’ help so she emailed her closest friend, Ashby.

It took some time for Christy to convince Ashby that she really was Christy and not just someone who hacked into her email account. When Ashby was convinced, she agreed to help Christy and sent Smokie Lava over to participate in her challenge.

Christy actually smiled as the labor pains hit. After so many years, she was going to have another baby.

As usual, Christy gave birth to twins. Kratos…

and Nyx.

Around this time, Venus turned her imaginary friend real. Cosmo joined the family and was the very first imaginary friend to become real.

Once again, Ashby proved to be a life saver and recommended Tragic Covington as the next father.

More twins. This time a girl named Hera…

and a boy, Hades.

Hera and Hades never got along. It was really the first time that any of Christy’s children -especially of the twins – didn’t get along with one another. Hades was always pulling mean pranks on Hera.

For this reason, Christy allowed Hera to get the first pet that the family had ever had that wasn’t a fish. His name was Hardy.

After Ashby had been kind enough to recommend the last two men that had participated in Christy’s challenge, she felt bad to ask her for yet another one. It was time that she got in touch with another one of her best friends, Violet.


Violet had decided to keep the father she was sending over to Christy as a surprise. She was shocked when Violet’s son, Brogan Newbie showed up on her doorstep. Christy had met Brogan in the past so it was nice that she didn’t have to lie to him about who she was now like she had to with the other fathers.

They had a set of twin boys, Orion…

and Damon…

Two more imaginary friends joined the family, but in the story, I made them more of Christy’s adopted children. This is Sunny.

This is Astro.

The next father was recommended by Dawn Turner. His name was Moon Lite.

Together they had a set of triplets together. Cole…


and Chantelle.

Now that Christy’s friends were back in her life and she was able to continue her challenge, Christy felt happy again. The girls convinced Christy to have a girls night out with them.

This was how Christy met the next father of her challenge. Christy never drank and so it didn’t take much for her to get a bit tipsy. Elmer Drone Queen approached her. One thing led to another and Christy ended up pregnant with her next baby.

More twins. Lindsay…


Either from embarrassment over what happened with Elmer or the fact that she just needed a change from all the black, Christy decided to change her look drastically. No more contacts. She knew she couldn’t go back to her red hair without someone noticing who she was, so she went with a golden brown with red tips.

During a late night run, Christy ran into a vampire. The vampire grabbed her and drank from her arm until she was on the verge of passing out from the blood lose. He helped her to a nearby bench and disappeared into the night.

Every night Christy went out trying to find the mysterious vampire.  She should have been running the other way because of their first meeting, but for whatever reason she wanted to find him. Del Marine would become the next father for the challenge.

They had a set of triplets together. All of them were vampires. Lauryn…




…and Lucas.


Shortly after having the vampire triplets, Christy got a knock on the door.

“Christy Quinn…we need to talk.” the mysterious woman stated very clearly.

Immediately Christy’s blood drained from her body. Somehow she knew who Christy really was. Christy worried that she worked for Edward and was there to kill her, but was really there because of the people who gave Christy her new identity. It was this woman’s job to watch her and keep her safe. The birth of the vampire triplets had made the papers gaining unwanted attention from the media for Christy.

To keep Edward from finding out Christy was alive, there had to be a few ground rules if she was going to continue her challenge. No going out in public when pregnant. No more hospital births. No more seeking out strange men she didn’t know to participate in the challenge. No media attention at all. The safest route was for Christy to get IVF treatments that Ashley would help her with in her clinic.

Chase Veraine was the first father used with this method.

Christy ended up giving birth to a little girl, Jade.


The next father was the product of a 100 baby challenge himself. His mother Alina Taylor recommended him to Christy. His name was Zack Taylor.

Together they had a little boy named Adam.


That’s 70 babies and officially the end of the recap. Like I said, this one turned out to be about twice as long as the previous one and a few hours later than I planned on posting it. Still I hope you enjoyed. Comments make my day, but even if you are to shy to leave a comment, please use the rate bar at the bottom of this post (1 star for bad, 5 stars for amazing) to let me know how I did. If the updates are bad, I want to improve them so I need your opinions.

Number of Children: 70
Number Fathers Used: 37

37 Boys; 33 Girls
10 Single Births, 21 Sets of Twins, and 6 Sets of Triplets

Number of Adopted Kids: 2
Number of Imaginary Friends: 3


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