The Road So Far: Part 1

Christy Quinn started her challenge back in April 2010.

She really didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. After reading about another challenge mother who was halfway through her challenge, Christy made the decision that she would take on the 100 baby challenge. She loved children and had always wanted a big family. It was the only logical choice.

As a show of her support, Christy’s mother purchased the first home that Christy started her challenge in. A home that she would spend over half of her challenge in.

Christy managed to find the first dad for her challenge fairly easy. The flirty military man, Jeff Morrison was a perfect candidate.

After a quick and easy pregnancy, Christy gave birth to her first son, Brian Quinn and her challenge was officially underway.

Searching for the next father, Christy turned to the internet and met Torgo Pendragon.

The meeting resulted in Christy’s second son being born, Stewie Quinn.

Proving that you can find a father anywhere, Christy requested that her repair man, Abdul Davidson, be the next father for her challenge.

This pregnancy ended up with twins and the first girls of the challenge. Bonnie Quinn

…and Meg Quinn.

The next father was the absent-minded Willie Nelson.

A set of triplets were born. Glen…


…and Jillian Quinn.

Christy sure does love a man in uniform and that’s how Richard Grayson became the next father in the challenge. He could easily be voted as most involved dad so far in the challenge. He came to check on Christy constantly.

A single birth this time and a little boy, Carter Quinn was welcomed into the family.

Kevin Grey was the next father.

This time, Christy gave birth to her first set of multi-gendered twins. Chris…

…and Connie Quinn.

The next father was Hubert Lovett.

If Richard Grayson could be voted the most involved father of the challenge, Hubert could definitely be considered the most challenging father. Christy never has trouble charming men, but she had a terrible time convincing Hubert to participate in her challenge. Even 60 babies later, I still haven’t had as much trouble with any of the fathers as I did with Hubert. All because I wanted a child with blond hair.

After quite a bit of effort, Christy managed to get pregnant and have another son, Adonis.

The next father was an interesting one. Ricky Storm was the first father to have blue skin. He wasn’t born that way, but instead was turned that way after a horrible accident in his lab. Ricky enlisted Christy’s help on an experiment to see if his children could inherit the blue skin their father now had.

The experiment proved negative much to Ricky’s relief. In return, Christy was blessed with two sons. Wolfgang…

…and Ismael.

During a morning run, Christy found the next father for her challenge. The very famous Sunset Valley resident, Thornton Wolff.

A little girl was born named Elinha.

Christy met the next father, Harry Pistachio-Steel, at the park and he ended up being Christy’s first public woo-hoo.

Another little girl was born. Esme…

For the next father, Christy was approached by a woman named Charlotte Montgomery. Charlotte was really desperate for grandchildren and her son wasn’t interested in settling down with anyone.

The two decided to trick her son into participating in Christy’s challenge. But first, Christy had to undergo a drastic makeover in order to even get the guys attention.

Sure enough, their plan worked perfectly and Brandon Montgomery was the next father in the challenge.

Christy didn’t feel right about being so dishonest and decided to tell Brandon the truth. Unlike his mother – who was beyond thrilled – Brandon was furious and left town immediately never to talk to Christy or his mother again.

Christy had two sons by Brandon. Alex…

And Andre…

Just like the previous father, Christy was approached once again by another parent seeking grandchildren. This time it was Iqbal Alvi who asked Christy to have his son participate in her challenge. Christy agreed on one condition: Iqbal must tell his son that he would be participating in her challenge. She wasn’t going to have the lies, deception, and loss that happened with the last father.

That is how the inappropriate and childish VJ Alvi came to participate in Christy’s challenge.

Another set of twins were born. This time, there was a boy Thomas…

And a girl, Ashlyn…

During a Quinn family party, Christy ordered some pizza. She thought that the pizza delivery guy was pretty cute and asked him to participate in her challenge next. Luigi Beck agreed.

Another set of twins were born. This time both girls. Rosa…

And Zola…

Christy decided to get a bit of a makeover at this point in her challenge.

It was also around this time that one of her children, Alex, began having trouble in school. He was getting into fights and after speaking with his teacher and her son, Christy found out it was all because of her and her challenge.

Christy immediately wanted to stop her challenge. She didn’t want anymore of her children getting into fights or having to defend her for being a challenge mom. After having a little heart to heart with her own mom, she was convinced to not give up on her goal and kept going. Her mom even offered to help her with the next few fathers.

The first guy her mom recommended was the very gorgeous Murphy.

She ended up having a set of twin boys. James, who was almost a replica of his father.

And Tyler who ended up being a mixture of both parents.

The second father Christy’s mom sent over was Emery Lovegood.

Another set of twins were born. Lydia…

and Callen…

The next father would become an important person in the challenge. Somehow Ice Azzuri managed to break through Christy’s commitment issues and made her fall in love with him.

But that’s later in the story. First the two had triplets together. Selena…



The last father that Christy’s mom had to offer was Seth Morris.

Although he had agreed to participate, Seth turned out to be a total jerk. He hated the thought of being involved with a baby challenge. Seth would then reveal that the only reason he would ever participate is because Christy’s mom had agreed to give him a bonus. Christy was horrified and furious that her mother would do such a thing.

Even though she didn’t agree with the deception behind how she had gotten pregnant, she was thrilled when she welcomed a set of twins. Eleanor…

And Elliot.

For those trying to keep count, that makes 30 kids. So the statistics currently look like this:

Number of Children: 30
Number Father’s Used: 17

16 Boys; 14 Girls
6 Single Births, 9 Sets of Twins, 2 Sets of Triplets

I hope you enjoyed this quick review of the Quinn family. We still have quite a few babies left to go, so stay tuned for Part 2 – which will be posted Monday.


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