Baby #64 and 65: Part 1

I know I haven’t really written anything in you lately, diary, but who has the time to write? With a set of triplets and twins all under the age of five, I’m lucky if I remember to eat and sleep. Teaching these guys everything they need to know for later in life is the most important thing right now. I can always sleep when my challenge is over.

Don’t get me wrong, diary, the kids aren’t bad. They are actually all rather good. I haven’t had any problems with them demanding my attention or being jealous of the attention I am giving to their siblings. Not like I have had in the past. I don’t have to spend every waking moment holding onto them because they are all perfectly content with spending time alone or with one of the other toddlers.

Despite the number of toddlers running around, I had a ton of help and so I wasn’t nearly as stressed out as I had been in the past. Nyx and Kratos continued to help out as much as they could with Kratos cooking about 90% of the meals and Nyx helping me teach the triplets their life skills.

Although Hera was better with animals, she loved her younger siblings and enjoyed spending time with them.

Of course, Hades tried to help out as well, but things just never seemed to go well when he was alone with the toddlers. Anytime I would leave him alone with one of the triplets, I would have to rush back into the room not five minutes later because the toddler would be screaming bloody murder. Hades would be standing there looking helpless. His usual response would be, “I don’t know what happened mom. Cole was fine a minute ago” or “They just don’t like me. I’m not good with kids.”

Feeling rejected by the new set of triplets, Hades started acting out again. I thought we had solved his pranking problem, but he has only gotten worse. No longer was he playing harmless jokes like placing woopie cushions in his sister’s chair. No, now he was altering the plumbing so it would spray his sister with water right before school. He was putting dye in his sister’s shampoo. He was messing with the computers to scare anyone who tried to use them.

I can’t count the number of times Hera has run crying to me because of her brother’s mean pranks.

I set my foot down after Hera had to go to school on picture day with bright yellow hair. I wasn’t going to allow Hades to get away with anymore of his pranks – no matter how rebellious he had become. As punishment, I forced him to fix all of the sinks, showers, and other appliances that he had altered. He was also responsible for making sure all five of the bathrooms were spotless.

I told him if I heard about one more prank, his father and I were going to ship him off to military school. Aside from the grumbling and comments about how horrible of a mother I was, he hasn’t pulled anymore pranks on his sister.

Hardy is still alive and kicking despite having his shell painted and being hidden in the kid’s toy oven by Hades. Hera works extra hard to make sure he is well taken care of, and to be honest, I think Hera is the only one in the house that Hardy actually likes.

Before long, I was throwing a small birthday party for Orion and Damon. It sure will be nice to only have three toddlers around the house. With all the trouble Hades had been causing, I wanted to keep the party small. Of course, the boys’ father Brogan Newbie was invited to the party as well as the boys’ grandmother, Violet..



The boys didn’t spend much time downstairs with the rest of us. Instead they rushed back upstairs and raced to see who could build the best castle out of blocks in the least amount of time.

About a month after the boys’ birthday, another birthday was upon us. This time I would be losing two wonderful helpers as they aged into young adults and moved out on their own.



I took one final picture of the twins before they left the house forever. The twins had big plans. Kratos told me he wanted to be a five-star chef and had already gotten a job at the local bistro. Nyx wanted to move to Bridgeport because that’s where all the celebrities live and she wants to be one.


Not long after the oldest set of twins moved out of the house, I got a phone call from Dawn. She – along with Violet and Ashby – wanted to have a girls’ night out. It had been sometime since I had gotten to see all of my friends and even longer since I had a kid-free night.

We all got dressed up and headed to the club.

The night started off a little slow so we kicked things off with a game of darts – elimination style. It started off with the four of us and each round the person with the worst score would be eliminated. The losers would pay for the winner to get a massage from the local spa. Violet and I were the first to be out of the game, leaving it Ashby and Dawn.

They were both determined to win…

As the night continued, we all hit the dance floor. So many more people had arrived since we first got there and we loved showing off our best moves.

“Go Violet! It’s your birthday! Woot woot!” I hollered. I couldn’t believe what a great time I was having without my kids. I might have to do this more often.

When dancing had gotten to be too much, Ashby and I stepped away from the others and sat down at the bar to rest our feet. My heels might have looked amazing, but they were certainly not made for dancing.

After a moment of us sitting at the bar, Ashby leaned over and whispered, “Christy, I think that guy over there is checking you out!”

I subtly glanced in the direction Ashby had motioned towards out of the corner of my eye before shaking my head. “No way, he’s definitely checking you out.”

We both giggled like school girls when the guy spotted us staring at him and he began to blush.

“Drinks are on me!” shouted a loud brunette from across the room to no one in particular. “I just got a promotion and I’m buying everyone a drink to celebrate.”

I had never been much of a drinker, but when in Rome…

I threw the shot glass back and swallowed the liquid in one big gulp. The liquid was strong. Stronger than anything I had ever tasted before. After that, the rest of the night became one big blur…



Author’s Note:

Part 2 should be posted soon. Elmer Drone Queen is a child of xoxJennxox’s Queen Bee challenge. I originally intended on using his dad, however I couldn’t get him off the exchange. That’s okay though because I like Elmer’s shy personality better for this update.


5 thoughts on “Baby #64 and 65: Part 1

  1. Loved it! I also loved the look on Dawn and Ashby’s faces while playing darts. This was such a fun post and I can’t wait to read more real soon. 😀

    (aka Dawn)

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