Author’s Note: What are my plans?

I’m not sure exactly how many of my readers ever think to themselves, “Okay where is she going to go next?” when reading one of my updates, especially since Christy had to change identities recently and things might have gotten a bit confusing for some since then. For those of you who might be curious as to what my plans are, I’ve decided to put this little message together so you’ll have an idea of what’s coming in the next few weeks/months.

Originally my goal was to reach Baby #75 before the end of May. With each update between Baby #55 and #75, I had planned on releasing several mini-updates alongside the main challenge updates. These mini-updates were going to be both storyline related as well as updates on a few of the children who have moved out.

The reason that I made this personal goal is because I’m about 6 weeks away from my due date with my first child in real life. I already know that once my son gets here, I’m not going to have all that much free time to play the sims and write out the updates – especially not at first. My updates may come out weekly, bi-weekly, or I may not be able to get one update out in a month. You may or may not notice a change in the length of each update. Honestly, I’m not sure how it will work out.

The goal was to get as far as I could before my son was born and just get what updates out that I could once he got here.

As you might have noticed because of the lack of mini-updates, my plan has changed a bit since I originally planned everything out. I’m still attempting to reach my goal of having Baby #75 before my son gets here, but trying to get all of the main posts as well as the mini-updates out was really stressing me out. My main focus will be on getting the baby related posts out for right now. I still plan on doing the mini-updates –especially those relating to the storyline I have going right now – however they will be much more spaced out then I originally planned on them being. I really hope this delay on certain posts doesn’t confuse anyone, but I just can’t handle as many posts as I had originally planned out in the short amount of time I have left.

Now as for specifically what are my plans on the baby related posts. Christy/Charity will continue to rely on her friends for their help in getting fathers for her challenge. You may see a random father pop up here and there, but mostly the men who you will be seeing for a while have been “recommended” by her friends and are men Christy can trust.

I have the next four fathers already planned out and downloaded.

Sometime around Baby #70, I will be using whoever the winner of the current “Vote for the Next Father” (all sims created by Dawn Turner / haileygleisner) poll is. Right now, it’s a very close race between two of the choices so it will be interesting to see who the winner is by the time I get there.

At the time that I decide to close the poll with Dawn’s potential choices, I will immediately be posting another poll as requested by Robert Mahoney with a few of his sons as choices. The winner of that poll will be used around Baby #75, possibly around Baby #80 depending on the amount of votes and how close the voting is.

And that’s about all of the planning that I’ve done so far. Feel free to voice your opinions or offer any advice you might have for me about how I might possibly be able to complete my current goal. Bits of encouragement are more than welcome as well.


6 thoughts on “Author’s Note: What are my plans?

  1. Hey Ashley, do you want me to send the links of my BC posts that feature Ruby and her kids growing up? (Just the updates where they age up, and eventually move out) Reply on my blog or to this comment, and I’ll send you the links to the posts with Ruby, and her children, so other Christy Quinn readers could check out how a Quinn child does it in another challenge. 🙂

  2. Hey, if you want to get me more readers, you can link these BC posts with a new post on your blog:

    Meeting Ruby Quinn –

    Twin Girls From Ruby –

    Child B-Day –

    Teen B-Day –

    YA B-Day and they Move Out –

    These updates all feature your sim, plus the kids that came with them. They are featured in other updates in-between, but they are not as prominently featured as these.

    I hope you like the results of one of your own BC children, and happy simming!

  3. do you think you could use my name Dana for a girl? if its twins you could name the other dawn or daniel, since you have lots of twins 🙂

  4. I got an idea could you put the toddler version of all ur children on the echange 🙂 I wold download them all
    And I got some name suggestions : Harry , Louis , Liam , Niall and zayn

  5. Hey there,
    I’m totally new to the whole 100 Baby Challenges but I’ve actually been reading yours lately. && I must say I’m glad you’re almost there! I love your plan, it would be great seeing mini updates.
    And since I’m new, I actually had a few questions for you since you’re pretty experienced in this challenge. So I was wondering, when you usually write the plot, do you just go with the flow or plan things out? Cause right now, what I’m doing is just going with the flow and I’m scared it’s gonna turn out choppy or have loose ends :l

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