Voice Your Opinion: Vote for Next Father

It’s once again time for my wonderful readers to pick who should be the next father in Christy’s challenge. As usual, I have the next few updates already planned out, giving you time to cast your vote without me having to put the challenge on hold waiting for the results. This time the fathers come to us courtesy of the very talented and very generous Dawn Turner/haileygleisner.

She has made numerous fathers over the course of her challenge and has graciously offered them up to any of the challenge moms to use. I have selected a few of my favorites for you to vote on.

Cherry Tomato

Connor Vine

Eddie Rosado

Larry Crain

Ken Pump


5 thoughts on “Voice Your Opinion: Vote for Next Father

  1. Eddie rosado !! 🙂 just a quick question with the hairstyles you download, do they change shape when you zoom the camera out as opposed to what it looks like normally when zoomed in during gameplay? Your a wonderful writer 🙂

  2. YAY! My father sims! ^_^ This is so exciting that you’ll be using one of the sims I created. :3 I can’t wait to find out who will get to be the next father. 😀
    I voted but my vote shall remain a secret. :3 Lol!

    ~Dawn Turner

  3. Hello Christy! I recently started a blog for my sim to have her 100 baby challenge! I have one post so far and no babies yet. I would apprieciate it if you could check it out in a week or so? thanks! the site is danabrownthe100babychallenge.wordpress.com

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