Baby #55 and 56: Extras

I just wanted to make mention that this update was originally about 200 pictures. I managed to cut it down to around 75 pictures so it wasn’t excessively long. During the final edit as I was writing out the update, I managed to cut an additional 10 pictures. In this update, you will find some of the pictures that I wasn’t able to include.

An alternate angle of this picture was used in the update, but for some reason, I just love how this one turned out. Probably because I just really like the nursery.

During the big birthday bash part of the post, I mentioned how the kids were allowed to invite a few friends over. In truth, only two or three kids from school showed up – it’s an empty neighborhood so that may be all the kids there are at the moment. I used this opportunity to have Christy becomes friends with the challenge moms once again.

Of course, for story reasons, I couldn’t include their pictures in the update. These are some of those pictures:

Skye got bored about mid-way through the birthday party – around the time Julian was aging up – and decided to spend her time talking with the wall instead.

This party was also my way of getting Christy to meet and befriend Smokie Lava early so that when I was ready to have him come over and try for a baby with Christy, things would move quickly. However, Smokie was more of a hit at the party with the other guests than I anticipated.

…those aren’t her eyes Smokie.

Some pictures of the challenge moms dancing.

For whatever reason during the party, everyone started to randomly point and laugh at this poor little girl that the kids brought home from school. I never did find out what was so funny.

After the party, Ashby stayed over for a quick photoshoot, but she just couldn’t get the epic party off her mind.

The following people were featured in this post:

Ashby Lemi and her husband Asher
Calista Smith
Caitlin Murray
Dawn Turner
Skye Everard
Smokie Lava
Violet Lemi and her husband AJ


2 thoughts on “Baby #55 and 56: Extras

  1. Lol! I love Ashby in the last picture. That was hilarious. And if they’re all laughing and pointing at the little girl, I’m guessing there’s rumors going around about her like how us mothers get the had a child out of wedlock rumor. All in all I love how you decided to show your extra photos from your previous post. They were great. 😀

    ~Dawn Turner

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