Mini-Update: Life Goes On…

Note from the Author: Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the last post. It had been quite a while since I had last written anything and I wasn’t sure how well you guys would enjoy it. So all the comments really made me smile and made me want to get this next post out quickly. Now, as with the last update, this update will still be written from the author’s point of view. It will be a short, transitional post.


Six Years Later 

It has been six long years since the funeral of Christy Quinn. Despite her absence, the world has continued to turn and the people who knew her have moved on with their lives. The children that remained in Sunset Valley have gotten married, had children of their own, or climbed the ladder of success. Christy’s friends have continued their own challenges – some even being able to complete the challenge in Christy’s absence. But what became of Christy Quinn?

Our story continues in a little town called Monarch Bay.


This is the place that Christy has called home for the past six years. While faking her death ensured her safety and the safety of her young children, it had also made life that much more difficult for Christy.

She had never picked this life. She would have never willingly chosen this lifestyle or subjected her children to having to live like this. Constantly having to hide who you are, being fearful of getting close to anyone because they might recognize you or be working for the criminal mastermind who is out to kill you. Christy wasn’t the same person that she had been back then. She had spent the last six years looking over her shoulder and praying that her true identity wasn’t discovered. Having to place lie on top of lie in order to keep your real identity a secret, and what was worse, she had to teach her children to do the exact same thing. This wasn’t what she wanted to teach her children.

This was the hand she was dealt, however.


Eleanor and Thomas had managed to get Christy placed into a Witness Protection like program shortly after leaving Sunset Valley. She was given a new identity and a new look. Christy – or Charity Andrews as she was now known – would often stare astonishingly into any mirror she came across. She didn’t even look like herself anymore. The vibrant red hair that she was known for was now a cold, dark black with blue streaks. Her energetic light blue eyes were now void of any color thanks to the contacts she had to put in every morning.

It was official: Christy Quinn was gone and now in her place, Charity Andrews lived.


Along with her new name and her new look, Christy was given a house to replace the one that she had lost. The house was secluded from the rest of the small town.  She didn’t have any neighbors for miles. Christy wasn’t sure if this was done purposely by the government to keep her from socializing with the rest of the town and prevent her from exposing her true identity, or if it was the only house available at the time.

With a few minor adjustments, it was suitable for a family the size of Christy’s.

Specifically, her favorite room in the entire house was the nursery. It was so beautifully decorated. As much as Christy loved it, she was also saddened each time she walked into the room. She knew she would never really be able to use it as much as she wanted to.

After all, the triplets were already starting school.




Theodore and Zeus had started high school the year before.



Mason and Maya had moved out a few years after the family left Sunset Valley. They were the first of Christy’s kids to make the town of Monarch Bay their new home.

Along with all the other changes that Christy was forced to make, she had to quit her job as a Gardner. Her new undercover identity was that she ran a foster home for unwanted children. This job brought in no money for the family, but it was the government’s explanation for why she had so many children and why none of them looked like their other siblings. It could also be the explanation for why the government had given her the name Charity.


Despite all the lies, some good did come from Christy’s new “job”. She was able to provide a loving home to two children who had led a very difficult life so far. The first was a cowardly, yet artistic little girl named Venus whose mother had died in a car accident.


The second child to come into Christy’s custody was a little bit older. His name was Julian. Christy didn’t know anything about his parents, but she was told that the agency had problems finding a family willing to take him. He was a grumpy child who liked to play his music just a little bit too loud.



5 thoughts on “Mini-Update: Life Goes On…

  1. This is so good! I cant wait to see whats next. If Christy (Charity) dies, will one of her older children do the challenge?

  2. I haven’t been posting comments until now….AHH! I almost cried when I thought Christy was dead! Will she continue the challenge?

  3. Awe I hope Christy is able to continue her challenge, she made it so far and it’ll be sad to see her stop now. :/ I love the update and Venus is just the cutest little thing. 🙂

    ~Dawn Turner

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