Voice Your Opinion: Vote for Next Father

I have the next couple of updates planned out. However, Christy once again needs your help. My friend Jen (Ashby Lemi) volunteered several males from her studio and I need my readers to pick which of these handsome, unique sims would be the best father.

Booth Covington

Cappy Gown

Doc Marshall

Godrick Kane

Smokie Lava

Tragic Covington


5 thoughts on “Voice Your Opinion: Vote for Next Father

  1. I was just wondering- how do you always get B/G twins? Do you just eat apples/watermelons or do you have a cheat? Love your Blog!

    • I have twallan’s story progression mod installed in order for the other kids to continue their lives outside of the house. One of it’s many other features is the option to turn “random gender for twins and triplets” on. It pretty much eliminates the whole apples/watermelons method and the gender of the baby/babies is always a surprise. I’ve actually been wanting twin girls for awhile now, but keep getting boy/girl twins

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