A few things…

Update #1: Recently, I ordered a new – and very expensive – laptop in hopes that a faster computer would allow me to play more and get updates out faster since my older one wasn’t really able to handle all the expansions I had on it. However, I’ve been having some problems with it.

Originally, it worked great as long as I only had the base game installed and didn’t patch it. Installing any of the other expansions or patching the game to the most recent version would cause the game to crash to desktop. I messed around with it and found that adjusting the DEP settings helped with this.

Sadly, I’m having another problem now that the previous one has been solved. For whatever reason, the game keeps causing my computer to completely restart itself. This seems to be a bit random as it’s sometimes after two sim-hours and sometimes I can play two or three sim days without any problems before it restarts my computer. The only idea I have for what this might be is that it’s the system overheating, but I’m not sure. I am contacting the company I bought the computer from, but it’s most likely going to take two or three weeks to fix. Possibly longer with all the holiday chaos so I’ll probably be trying to find someone local or wait until after the holidays to send the computer in to be fixed.

I encourage all of my readers to like Christy’s Facebook page to stay updated with my problem. I’m working on updates in between all of the crashing, but I’m not sure how long they will take. I will be posting update information as well as pictures that didn’t make it into the actual update on there. A sneak peak for the next update has already been added there. This is also the best place for you to suggest names for the current Greek Mythology naming theme and future naming themes.

Update #2: I’m very pleased to announce that two of Christy’s sons have recently been used in other baby challenges. I encourage everyone to check both updates out.

Meeting Christy’s Son  / Having Triplets  / Child Birthday / Teenage Birthday / Young Adult Birthday

Download them: Fluer, Faye, and Finnick

Thanks NyraKick!

Meet the Next Lemi

Thanks Xur28!


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