Baby #52, 53, and 54: Part 2

For the first time since starting my challenge, I found myself hoping and even praying that I hadn’t gotten pregnant with Edward’s baby. I know how horrible that must sound, but I just couldn’t imagine bringing a child into the world under these circumstances.

What if Edward decided to make good on his threats? What if he took me to court for custody of his child? I didn’t have any doubts that Edward would be able to charm a judge into believing he was the better parent. He had charmed me into believing he was a nice guy. Why wouldn’t it work on a judge? He was the rich, successful business man and I was just the cheap floozie who ruined his marriage. That’s how the courts would see it. They would look at this child as just another number towards completing my goal. They wouldn’t see just how much I love my children – each and every one of them. Only another mother would be able to truly understand that feeling.

While waiting to find out if I was pregnant or not, I was a nervous wreck. I tried to distract myself anyway I possibly could. I even picked up inventing again.

I admit, that wasn’t my best idea…

My children provided the best distraction from my worries, especially Theodore and Zeus. They were getting bigger and more adventurous that they were actually becoming quite the handful. The twins were always looking for something new to learn or to investigate.

It didn’t take long before the familiar signs of pregnancy began to show, and boy, were they stronger than I’ve ever had them before. The stress I was under only made the morning sickness that much worse.

Despite all of the stress and the worry about what Edward might or might not do, I couldn’t help smiling when I felt my baby’s first movements. Those movements brought back all of the feelings that I loved during pregnancy. I made a promise to myself right then and there. I was going to protect this child. I was going to do everything in my power to keep this child away from Edward and raise him/her to never cheat on their spouse as their father had done.

The worry even started to go away for a little while, until I received a letter in the mail.

The letter was from a Kathleen Woods. At first, I didn’t know who that was, but as I began to read the letter, I quickly realized it was Edward’s ex-wife. Kathleen wanted to let me know that she felt bad for the things that she had said to me that night. It hadn’t taken her long to figure out that Edward had played both of us and pitted us against one another.

She also told me that she had recently given birth to a very healthy baby boy named Landon. I smiled as I held his picture in my hand. He was adorable.

Kathleen went on in the letter to tell me that I should be careful. Although Edward hadn’t been interested in taking Landon from her, he had a particular interest in me and the child I was carrying. Almost like an obsession. I hadn’t heard or seen Edward since that night so I wasn’t sure if obsession would be the right word. Maybe Kathleen had it wrong.

But she seemed terrified of him. She had taken Landon and gotten out of town as soon as they were released from the hospital.

I don’t know why I didn’t just get out of town right then and there. Maybe it was because Sunset Valley had become my home. Maybe it was because all my children and their families were here. Maybe a part of me didn’t believe that Edward would really try anything. Whatever the reason, I was just glad that I had Evelyn and Rhys around to help me.


The next several months passed without anything major happening. I was already eight months into my pregnancy and ready for it to be over. The horrible back pain kept me from doing a lot of the stuff I would normally do, but I always made time for my kids no matter how bad I felt.

Still I was glad that Evelyn offered to help with the boys. She had a soft spot for Theodore and would constantly be snuggling him.

Rhys would more often than not fix the family dinner each night. He was the best cook in the house, and everyone enjoyed his meals – even if it was something as simple as grilled cheese.

As great of a chef as Rhys was, he could still be a slob, but I rarely ever had to ask him to clean up the messes he made while cooking.

Evelyn and Rhys had been teaching Maya and Mason how to cook on their own. It was a very important life skill that they would need to know in the future, and the older twins wanted their siblings to have an early start.

While Maya was an excellent cook, Mason preferred to be outside selling the things they baked. His goal was to get enough money saved up that he could throw a party when he became a teen.

Then it came time for my children to age up. I invited over a few friends because Mason insisted on a party. I brought Theodore up to the birthday cake first.

Then Zeus…

Mason was down in the basement with a few of the party guests, dancing like the party animal he is. I had to literally drag him away from the music in order to get him to age up.



With all of the kids at school the next day, I finally got time to tend my garden. It had been awhile so my plants were a bit neglected. It was while gardening that I received another letter from Kathleen. She needed to talk to me badly and wanted me to meet her at the park tonight around midnight.

Author’s Point of View

Christy went to the park that night as the note had instructed her, but she immediately felt as if something was wrong. Kathleen was nowhere in sight. Things didn’t make sense. Kathleen had been terrified of being anywhere near Sunset Valley, why would she return now?

That’s when she realized, it was all a trap.

Edward had used Christy’s concern for Kathleen’s well-being to lure her to the park. How he had known the two had been in contact since that night, Christy had no idea, but somehow he knew. He knew and he was angry. Edward had finally decided to make good on his previous threats. He had finally come to force Christy to give up their child when it was born in the upcoming weeks. He tried to intimidate Christy, even pushing her to show how serious he was, but Christy stood her ground.

This kind of defiance infuriated Edward, and he lost control.


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