Baby #50 and 51: Behind the Scenes

This update will be a behind the scenes look at baby #50 and 51. The update will be written from my point of view and not from Christy’s for those that are wondering. The reason for this update is because I had so many extra pictures for this update that I wanted to include in the story, but at the same time, they didn’t really go with the story.

I normally take about three hundred pictures (usually more) per update. A bit excessive I know, but my thought is that it’s always better to have too many pictures instead of not enough pictures. For this particular update, I had A LOT of extra pictures. Most of them I knew that I wouldn’t be able to include in the actual update such as shots of Christy’s pregnancy.

Before I get into that, I would like to thank several amazing women who played a special part in both parts 1 and 2.

For this update, I knew that Christy was going to need some of her friends to give her advice and to check up on her while she was unhappy. She would need a support system. You probably recognize Ashby, Leah, and Violet from previous updates. For this update, I added two new challenge mothers to the group that have previously been mentioned in my blog: Calista Smith and Dawn Turner.

Calista made her first appearance in the blog back in January (Baby #40) when I included pictures of her and Brian Quinn. Dawn had only been mentioned by name until recently. I would like to thank all of the challenge moms for allowing me to download and use them in my game. It’s so nice for Christy to have friends that have never been romantic interests.

I encourage everyone to check out their blogs which can be found here:

Ashby Lemi / Calista Smith / Dawn Turner / Leah Sierra / Violet Lemi

After I finished getting the challenge moms’ to pose for the pictures that I needed, they decided to make use of the gym in the basement instead of going home. I didn’t mind as it gave me more opportunities to take pictures of them.

Like with a lot of my updates, I spend a great deal of time planning out what I want to write about. In this case, I’ve had this idea planned since the beginning of my challenge. In the beginning I planned out special events that I wanted to happen at the big points in my challenge. For example, at Baby #25, I had planned on Christy’s mom making a return in her life although I had to edit my plans and she actually returned around Baby #22 instead.

That was also the case for Baby #50 and 51, and that’s when I created this guy…

I absolutely fell in love with him. Unfortunately, I was never able to come up with the perfect name for him so he was simply called “Abandoned Dad” after the storyline idea.

At this point in the challenge, it’s incredibly easy for Christy to seduce men to participate in her challenge, and this dad was no different. With a few quick interactions, Christy was back home spending time with her children.

Shortly after leaving the challenge dad’s house, Christy started experiencing her first signs of pregnancy.

As sad as I have portrayed Christy out to be in the past couple of updates, she really hasn’t been all that sad about Ice leaving. She is constantly rolling wants to get to know this guy a little more. For those of you that don’t remember, this is the tattoo artist that Christy met when she went to get her first stylist makeover. I don’t remember his name, but she is constantly wanting to call him, hang out with him, and become better friends with him.

A few random shots of Christy early in this pregnancy that I really liked. One is of Rhys showing his mother how happy he is for the new addition on free will while the other is a picture of Christy using one of her recent inventions, the harvester.

One of the mods that I have installed on my computer is called the Master Controller by NRAAS. It’s a very neat little creation that opens up a lot of different options, and I can‘t imagine not having it in my game. Below is one of the features that I used for this update.

As you can see, it shows you everything from the gender of the baby to how much the pregnancy has progressed. Typically I avoid looking at this personally because I enjoy being surprised by what the gender is and how many Christy is going to have each time. However for this particular update, I really wanted Christy to have only one child.

As you can see here, it states there is a 50% chance of having twins. This may seem like a lot, however it is very unlikely that you will have twins with only 50%, so I was sure that my plan was coming along nicely.

A few more random shots of Christy being pregnant

I checked back at the progress of Christy’s pregnancy about twenty sim hours later, knowing that she was about to go into labor soon. In that short amount of time, the chances of Christy having twins has gone from 50% to over 400%. You probably understand now why I said it was so unlikely for you to get twins at 50%.

I can only guess that she (or one of her kids) turned on the stereo when I wasn’t watching, but now I was having to rethink my plan and get another name ready.

During the last few hours of Christy’s pregnancy, Abriella spent some time bonding with her mother knowing that she would soon be moving out of the house.

As anticipated, Christy went into labor only a few short hours later. Was Abriella worried for her mother?

Not at all…

As you know from the previous two updates, Christy ended up giving birth to twin boys. Theodore was a name suggested by Nova Strike and is the final Reader’s Choice name for now. Zeus started the next naming theme which is going to be Greek Mythology. Zeus was the King of the Gods in Greek Mythology, hopefully this little guy won‘t get an ego from having this name.

Side Note/Interesting Fact: Of all of Christy’s twin births, she has had 9 sets of boy/girl twins, 5 sets of boy twins, and only 3 sets of girl twins.

With the birth of the twins, I was glad that one of them got their father’s skin tone. I was hoping that each baby would have a little bit of their father in them and not look completely like Christy because that wouldn’t really go with the story I had planned. I was a bit disappointed when Theo ended up having both Christy’s eye color and hair color with only his father’s mouth. I was tempted to change his hair color to match his father’s, but decided against it.

Here is what Theo could have looked like:

Last picture I took was to show that Abriella completed her lifetime wish before leaving the Quinn household. Although many have come close, she is the first of Christy’s children to accomplish this.

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at Babies #50 and 51. If you did – or even if you didn’t – please leave a comment with your thoughts. I love comments. They encourage me to continue going and tell me that I’m doing a good job or what I need to work on.


3 thoughts on “Baby #50 and 51: Behind the Scenes

  1. I loved this behind the scenes idea. It was so interesting to read! I like seeing how you wrote your posts. It’s kind of like watching a movie with the commentary on which I enjoy listening to. I think it would be awesome if you would do this in the future.

    Glad Calista could be one of Christy’s friends in her time of need. 🙂

    Continue your amazing writing Christy!

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