Baby #50 and 51: Part 1

Author’s Point of View

Christy spent the majority of the day crying after receiving Ice’s letter. How could he do this to her? How could he just up and leave without saying anything? As commitment-phobic as she was, she had given her heart to him completely. She loved him. She wanted to marry him when her challenge was complete. Did he know how hard that was for her? How much strength it took to fall for someone when every bone in your body is screaming for you not to? Within a matter of seconds, Ice had taken Christy’s heart and he had shattered it into a million tiny pieces.

As badly as Christy was hurting inside, she was still a mother. She forced herself to smile when her children got home that evening. Christy didn’t want them to know just how badly she was hurting. She didn’t want them to know that Ice had just broken her heart.

She carried on the rest of her night just like she would any other night. When the children brought their friend Ray home once again, Christy quickly got to work on fixing all of the children dinner.

That night, after Ray had gone home and her own children had gone to bed, Christy stayed up. She knew that there was no way she would be able to sleep with so much weighing on her mind. She tried to use the telescope to clear her mind of all the pain and emotions that were built up inside of her.

That’s when the delusions began…

At first, Christy thought she had seen Ice through her telescope. He had been just down the road from her house, but when she jogged down there, she found the spot deserted. She thought she had heard his voice, whispering to her at night, but as she turned around…nothing. Even her paintings were beginning to take a darker turn.

Christy tried to fight the pain. She tried to hide it from her family and friends. She didn’t want to be a burden to her friends, and she certainly didn’t want to worry her children. As time went on, however, Christy was able to hide her pain less and less. Before long, she stopped trying all together.

Christy had always taken such pride in her appearance, but now she found no reason to bother dressing up. Ice was no longer around, and she wasn’t even sure that she wanted to continue her challenge with him out of her life. She stopped doing her make-up in the morning. She stopped fixing her hair in that special way the stylist had shown her. She stopped even bothering to dress up.

Christy found herself shutting down completely as the days turned into weeks. She couldn’t sleep at night. His face was always there haunting her in her dreams.

She couldn’t bare to be awake. Memories of his touch would torture her.

No matter what Christy tried to do, Ice was always on her mind. She couldn’t get away from him no matter what she did. The more she thought about him, the deeper into a depression she sank. The more depressed she became, the less she came out of her room and the less she saw of her children.

Subconsciously she blamed them. He had left her because of them…because of this challenge. She knew in her heart that it wasn’t their fault. She was the one that decided to take on this challenge, but she was sleep-deprived and disheartened. She wasn’t in her right state of mind.

With Christy no longer leaving her room, her garden started dying of neglect. The garden was Christy’s main source of income for the family, but she didn’t seem to care about the dire state of her garden. Bills were beginning to pile up and so Odin pushed himself even harder into sculpting in order to keep his family from losing their home.

Yasmina took over the job of making sure that her younger siblings, Rhys and Evelyn got their homework done each night. Although Evelyn was often confused by Yasmina’s odd answers, she never once fell behind in her school work during the time her mother was “sick“.

That was the explanation that the older children decided to give the younger ones. Their mother was very sick and they all had to do what they could to support her until she got better. Of course, the youngest set of twins were to young to understand why their mommy no longer spent time with them.

Abriella became like a second mother to them. She woke them up in the morning for their bottles before school and after school when she got home. She helped them learn the basic life skills. She tucked them into bed each night, kissing them on their forehead just like Christy had always done.

Of course, Abriella wasn’t able to tend to Mason and Maya all the time. During the day while she was at school, the twins were left at home to amuse themselves. Some days, they would be fine playing with one of the many toys in the nursery. Christy had potty trained them before she received Ice’s letter so they knew how to use the potty on their own, but there were some days when being alone just wasn’t enough for them.

Christy would hear their lonely cries coming from the other room. She tried to block out their cries as best as she could, but the nurturing side of her couldn’t bare to hear her children so abandoned and scared. So she would spend the afternoon with them, but not even their innocence could bring a smile to her face. Their carefree nature only made her envy them. She wished she could be like them.

She wished she could get him off her mind and go back to the way things were before.

When the weeks turned into months and Christy still wasn’t acting like her old self, the older children began to worry even more. They didn’t know what to do. They had never seen their mother like this before. She had always been so loving and caring, and now that she was acting so strangely, they didn’t understand. They wanted her to be better.

One of the ideas to cheer Christy up was to call and invite her friends over. The teenagers thought that maybe the other challenge moms might be able to talk some sense into their own mother while they were at school and lift her spirits. Unfortunately, each time the challenge moms tried to come over, they were never able to get Christy to come to the door.

Yasmina and Odin stuck around the house for as long as they could – hoping that their mother would soon snap out of this state of mind – but time waits for no one. Soon it was time for them to enter young adulthood, and as much as the two wanted to stay, they knew they couldn’t.



It was hard for Abriella to accept that her older siblings would be leaving her. She wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to handle taking care of their sick mother, her younger four siblings, her school work, and the financial problems the family was currently dealing with without her older siblings help. Although Abriella would never complain about helping her mother, she was mentally drained. No child should have to deal with so much.

Luckily, everything was about to change…


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