Mini-Update: Cold as Ice

The first year after having Mason and Maya passed by very quickly. Nathan tried to spend as much time with them as he could, often stopping by in the early morning hours on his way home from the latest club or party. I should have been happy that he was making an effort to stop by, but more often then not, he would be drunk and barely able to stand when he would drop by.

Night after night, I watched as he stumbled to keep his balance and I knew I had to do something. I tried to talk to him, and he always promised that the next time he wouldn’t be so drunk. I was terrified that he was going to accidentally drop one of the babies while trying to snuggle them. I didn’t want the twins to remember their father this way. I had given Nathan an ultimatum only three weeks ago.

I couldn’t force Nathan to stop drinking. He was a grown man, and that wasn’t my choice to make. However, I told him that the only way I would allow him to see his children would be if he came by sober. No more late night partying and then stopping by at 5 in the morning to see his kids. I made it clear that if he showed up to my house again drunk, I wouldn’t allow him through the front door.

You may have noticed that I have once again gone to the local stylist and gotten a make-over. It was a different stylist then the last time, and I really like my new look.

Odin has been working really hard on his sculpting and has even gotten enough confidence to let us see more of his work. He is such a talented young man, and is able to work with anything that you put in front of him: clay, wood, stone, and even ice. All of the local art enthusiasts have shown great interest in his pieces.



Recently, Odin has expanded his work by sculpting his first ever ice sim. He requested that his twin sister, Yasmina be the first sim that he sculpted and Yasmina gladly accepted his offer before rushing upstairs to change into her prettiest dress.

Despite how absent-minded Yasmina can be, she managed to stay still long enough for Odin to finish the sculpture. It was an exact replica to Yasmina down to the tiniest detail. When Odin showed Yasmina the finished product, she just stared up at her frozen self in awe. Being a slightly insane teenager, Yasmina spent the next few days talking to the sculpture before it finally melted away.

“What do you mean? Ice, I haven’t seen you since you got back from China. I was really looking forward to spending time with you after the party.”

Mason and Maya’s birthday was coming up and I had decided to throw a party for them. It was a great excuse to get all of my friends and children together, and an even better excuse for me to see Ice again. He had gone to China a few years ago with our daughters (Selena, Heidi, and Demi) in order to become one with himself or something like that. He has just gotten back to town and I really wanted to see him. That didn’t look to be happening tonight.

“Alright, I understand. I hope you get to feeling better…”

Disappointed that Ice wouldn’t be able to make it, I called the rest of the guests. Two of those guests agreed to come early and help me set up the party: Leah Sierra and Ashby Starr-Bright. I could always count on the other challenge mothers for help

Speaking of Ashby, she recently had a set of twins that she named Newbie and Quinn after Violet and I. This is a picture of little Quinn, adorable right? As honored as I was that Ashby named one of her children after me, I felt even more honored when she asked for me to be Quinn’s Godmother.

While I was getting the twins ready for their birthday party, Leah and Ashby spent some time together downstairs.

“Do you think Christy is alright? She’s not quite acting like herself.” Leah stated with concern.

“I’m sure she’s just stressed, but I’ll talk to her after the party to see if she needs us to do anything to help.” Ashby replied. As I made my way back downstairs with Mason in my arms, the two just smiled at me. I smiled back, completely unaware of what they had been talking about.

The rest of the party guests began to arrive and I was quick to gather everyone outside to get the party underway. As the group sung “Happy Birthday” to little Mason, I noticed Nathan out of the corner of my eye making his way outside. He had decided to come, and better yet, he had come to the party sober!

With Mason’s father now in attendance, I helped the little guy blow out the candles on his cake.

Mason grew up with his father’s light blond hair and mouth shape. He also had my blue eyes.

Next up was little Maya…

As I was helping Maya blow out her candles, Mason began to cry wanting attention. Ashby was quick to scoop him up and tickle him. I was so thankful for my friend being there.

Maya grew up looking a lot like her twin brother. She also got my blue eyes, her father’s hair color and mouth shape.

As the party died down and all the guests started to go home, Ashby offered to stay behind and help me clean up. I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to see her for awhile after tonight since she lived all the way in Twinbrook, so I agreed for her to stick around to help.

I found myself spilling my guts to her by the time we had finished cleaning. I told her all about Ice and how he had seemed so distant lately. “I know it’s my fault that he’s acting this way. I am always taking care of my children, and obsessing that they grow up right that I neglect him. What if he thought I told him I didn‘t want to go to China with him because I didn‘t love him anymore?”

“Nonsense,” Ashby stated. “Ice loves you and he said that he would wait for you to finish your challenge before settling down. I’m sure that Ice wants to spend time with you just as much as you want to spend time with him. Give him a few days to rest up from traveling and try calling him again.”

I gave Ashby a hug, thanking her for her advice. I was just letting myself get worked up for nothing. Ice loved me. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, and I had never felt like I could do that with anyone but him.

“Oh, Christy, I almost forgot, how are Odin and Yasmina doing? My boys wanted me to check on their half-siblings and see if they might want to come to Twinbrook in the near future to visit.” Ashby didn’t even have to say which of her boys she had been talking about. I knew she was talking about Kole, Kenyon, and Kemper – the Grinch’s other set of challenge kids.

I thought it was a lovely idea for the five to spend more time together because they were half-siblings. I told Ashby I would be sure to ask and see what Odin and Yasmina might want to do.

Author’s Point of View

The next several days passed by without anything eventful taking place. Christy did her best to follow Ashby’s advice and not think to much about Ice. She knew he needed time to rest after such a long trip back to Sunset Valley.

Then one night after putting the kids to bed, Christy picked up her cell phone and dialed Ice’s number. The smell of the freshly cooked spaghetti sitting on the counter top filled the kitchen. She prepared the speech in her head, preparing to ask Ice to her house for a romantic dinner for two, but instead she got…

“We’re sorry, the number you are trying to reach is no longer in service”

Christy laughed, thinking she had mistakenly dialed the wrong number. That had to have been it. She redialed the number making sure to hit each key slowly and correctly. Yet she got the same response as before.

The following morning, Christy received a letter in the mail. There was no sender listed, so Christy quickly opened it.

“My dearest Christy,

I know you shall hate me when you find out what I’ve done, but you deserve to know why. You have to know Christy that I have always loved you. Ever since I first caught a glimpse of those beautiful blue eyes at the bistro, I have loved you. I have wanted to spend my entire life with you, but as much as it pains me to say this, that life wasn’t meant for us.

All you had to do was give up that challenge of yours. You could have broken the rules for us like the newspaper says so many of your friends have for the ones they love. We could have been together if you had. As much as I never wanted to see you hurt, I can’t keep watching you sleep with man after man for the sake of your challenge. I don’t think you will ever understand the pain that I feel having to watch as each of those men put their hands on the woman I love. How difficult it is to walk through town and hear the things people say about you because of this challenge.

As much as it pains me to do this, my darling, I must leave town. I deserve to be able to live a life free of this challenge. We both deserve this chance. I deserve to find someone who I can spend the rest of my life with. Someone who isn’t doing this challenge. Someone who can love me completely without fear of commitment and you deserve someone who can live with this challenge. I thought that I could…

I’m sorry, my love…



9 thoughts on “Mini-Update: Cold as Ice

  1. OMG how heartbreaking. Poor Chrsity….. I was so honored to be part of your update. I’m just sorry I gave you such poor advice. *hugs* That ice… oooohhhh I want to slap him a good one.

    Much love my dear and stay strong.

    Luv Ashby

  2. How heartbreaking! 😦 But what a great twist to the story. Ice was lovely, but I’m sure if he’s not meant for Christy, there will be someone just as amazing who is.

    And the twins are adorable too. 🙂

  3. Wow, I’m loving these storylines! Even though they’re sad… D:
    I love how unique all of the babies are, too!
    The updates are a little long for my liking, though.
    But overall, nice work.

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