Baby #48 and 49

Shortly after Evelyn and Rhys celebrated their first birthday, it was also time for my oldest two in the house to celebrate a birthday as well and move out so they could begin their own lives. It was as sad as always, but a necessary evil of this challenge.

I wasn’t worried about these two, however. Suri had been making a large amount of money on all her novels for the past several years. It was really no surprise that she had plans on becoming a professional author.

Heimdall had so many different talents and interests growing up that I wasn’t sure he’d be able to pick one specific career that fit. He had always been trustworthy and perceptive, I probably shouldn’t have been surprised when he told me that he had decided to become a Private Eye.

Of course, there was no time to dwell about yet another set of twins moving out of the house. After all, I still needed to teach Rhys and Evelyn their life skills. Boy did these two ever keep me busy during the day between teaching Rhys how to go potty like a big boy…

…to teaching Evelyn her first words.  Evelyn could be stubborn and refused to be taught how to talk at first. She wanted to remain a baby for awhile longer and every time I would say a word, she would look up at me with innocent eyes and start talking baby talk. After hearing her twin brother chatting up a storm, however, she wanted the same praise that I was showing him. It was a piece of cake after that.

Suri and Yasmina had grown very close since they aged into teenagers. Once Suri moved out, Yasmina threw herself into working out. She told me it was because she wanted to look nice for a boy at school, but I knew that wasn’t the whole truth. I knew it was because she missed her sister.

Odin’s interest in sculpting has continued. So far he has only worked with clay, but says that one day he hopes to make something out of stone or maybe even ice. Right now, he just doesn’t feel confident enough in his ability to work with such fragile (and expensive) materials.

Heimdall still visits the family quite often. After all, Abriella has had him wrapped around her finger since she was a small toddler. He often stops by just to help Abriella with her homework.

With everything going so smoothly, I decided that now was the perfect time to continue my challenge. The youngest set of twins only had to learn how to walk and they were already attempting it on their own. All of the children in the house would be celebrating a birthday in the upcoming months. Now was the perfect time.

There was only one problem, who would I pick to participate? I had recently received an email from three different men wanting to take part in my challenge. They all understood the rules, and they all had unique features that would make for beautiful babies. I weighed all of my options, however, I just couldn’t decided between the three. In the end so instead I decided to create a poll to allow other challenge moms, past fathers, my older children, as well as followers of my challenge cast their vote on who they believed would be the best fit.

As I eagerly awaited the results of the poll, I did anything I possibly could to keep my mind off of the outcome. I can’t tell you how many times I was tempted to check how the voting was going over those few weeks. I wanted the winner to be a complete surprise until the day before I was to go out to meet with him. Playing the guitar late at night seemed to help as well as brushing up on my martial arts.

Of course, I still needed to teach both Evelyn and Rhys how to walk so that kept me pretty busy during the day. As I said before, they were both very eager to learn to walk. I was surprised to see Evelyn so willing to learn opposed to how she acted when I tried to teach her how to talk.

Yasmina could often times be found outside on the new trampoline. Instead of doing her homework or interacting with her siblings, she was always out there. I just hoped that her grades weren’t slipping because of it. As worried as I was for her education, I just couldn’t bring myself to make her go inside when I saw how much fun she was having.

In contrast, the family almost never saw Odin unless it was during dinner. He was always down in the basement sculpting. He wouldn’t allow any of us down there because he was working with a new sculpting material: ice. I know he is nervous about how his first ice sculpture will turn out so we are all waiting patiently for him to finish it.

The day that I had been waiting for had finally arrived. After weeks of torturous waiting, the results of the voting would be finished and with one click of my mouse, I would find out who would be the lucky guy that would get to participate in my challenge.

Not only was I astonished by the amount of votes that my poll had received, but I was amazed at how close the voting was. It appeared that my challenge followers had been just as unsure of who to pick as I had been, but we did have a winner. With 51% of the votes, Nathan Tevinter would be the next father.

I decided to do a little something different this time. Before I was scheduled to meet Nathan at his home, I thought it would be a fun idea to go to the new Salon in town and have a stylist give me a professional make-over.

What I didn’t expect when I got there was that the tattoo artist would be so cute. Not only was he cute, but he was also a fellow computer whiz. I was tempted to get a tattoo just so I could spend some more time with him.

When the stylist was finally ready for me, I got a bit nervous. I had never had this done before and I had no clue what to expect. Immediately the stylist began sizing me up in the full length mirror.

It took a brief moment before he spoke, but I swear I wasn’t ready for what he said. “Honey, why on earth are you wearing such a bland outfit? It does not compliment your figure at all.”

My eyes widened as I looked into the mirror. A frown appeared on my face. I didn’t see what he saw at all. I thought that my modest black jacket over tank top combo looked great. As I examined myself in the mirror, he spoke up again. “No, no darling…you should be wearing something much more vibrant. Something more feisty to go with that radiant red hair. Something that just screams, ‘I’m a foxy hot momma and I know it!’ “

He got to work straight away on my new look and when he was finished, I couldn’t help laughing at myself in the mirror. I looked so different. I didn’t even look like myself. The stylist seemed pretty proud of himself as he examined the finished product. “Yes, that’s much better! I have done it again…another masterpiece.”

As ridiculous as I thought I looked – especially with those big goofy sunglasses in doors – I smiled and thanked him for his work. I really didn’t want to hurt his feelings and he had given me exactly what I had wanted: something new and different. I might have to do this again in the future, it was quite fun.

After paying the stylist for my make-over, I looked down at my cell phone and realized that I still had two hours free before I was scheduled to meet with Nathan. What would I do with all this free time?

In the end, I decided that I would spend some more time with my children before adding another addition to the family. The kids weren’t scheduled to be out of school for another several hours, and I had to lie to the principal about why I needed to take them out. I’m not sure he believed the lie – after all, I was never very good at lying, but what was he going to do? Refuse to give my children to me?

We went to the local park and I grilled some salmon that I had picked up from the grocery store only moments earlier. The kids absolutely loved our time out together, and they couldn’t get over how different I looked after going to the stylist.

The two hours passed by so quickly. I sent the kids home and told them to get started on their homework right away. I didn’t want them falling behind their classmates just because I had taken them out of school for this one day.

I headed to the other side of town where Nathan lived. I stood outside of his front door for a few moments, nervously fidgeting with the sleeves of my shirt. I had never done this before. This was the first time a father had ever been chosen by a contest. How was I suppose to act? Would Nathan even recognize me?

I steadied my nerves and knocked on the door. Nathan answered a few moments later, and luckily, my “disguise” hadn’t fooled him. He was still able to tell exactly who I was and why I was on his doorstep.

Nathan quickly invited me inside and I started to get to know him a little better. I wanted to know why he wanted to participate in my challenge. I wanted to know how active he wanted to be in my pregnancy. Did he want me to call him and let him know how things were going as the baby grew inside of me? The most important question of all, however, was how active he wanted to be in the child’s life once he/she arrived.

Nathan told me that he was an all around party animal. He couldn’t imagine not attending late night party after late night party. The reason that he sought out my challenge was because he wanted children, but he knew he would never be able to commit to a single woman for the rest of his life and he knew his partying lifestyle was not the life that a child should grow up around. As much as Nathan loved to party, he was also a friendly guy and he wanted to be in his child’s life as often as possible.

Not long after Nathan and I finished, I received a phone call. It was from home and they needed me to come home right away. As my heart began to race with worry, I ran out of the house and got into the first taxi that I could flag down.

I rushed upstairs to find Evelyn crying her eyes out. Odin explained what had happened to me. He said that he had put Evelyn and Rhys in their crib an hour ago and they both went to sleep without any problems. When he was fixing Abriella something to eat a few minutes later, he heard Evelyn screaming at the top of her lungs, but he had no idea why. She wasn’t hungry, she didn’t need to be changed, Odin was completely lost on what to do.

Apparently, Evelyn had just had a nightmare and refused to go back to sleep until I had gotten home. Even after scooping her up and trying to rock her to sleep, it still took a good thirty minutes before she felt safe enough to go back to sleep.

Only a few short weeks after that night, I began feeling the very familiar signs of pregnancy. It was certain that Baby #48 had been conceived and was on his/her way.

Abriella was delighted about the news of the upcoming baby. She had been so young when I got pregnant with Evelyn and Rhys that she wasn’t really old enough to understand. This time she would be old enough to play with the new baby, and help me take care of it. Abriella even started on a wonderful painting that she wanted to give to her new brother or sister. Her goal is to finish it before she starts high school.

It wasn’t long before Evelyn and Rhys were old enough to start elementary school.



The baby seem to share his/her father’s love for music. The baby was always so calm. I could barely feel any movement at all, except when I was playing the guitar. Only then did the baby start moving around – almost like he/she was dancing.

One night after playing the guitar for hours, Evelyn approached me. It was such a surprise to see her outside. Evelyn hated the outdoors while her twin Rhys loved it. “Mommy, why have you gotten so fat lately?” Evelyn asked curiously. I couldn’t help laughing.

Remember the masterpiece that Abriella was determined to finish for the new baby? She finished it the night before her thirteenth birthday, and it was beautiful.


Six months into my pregnancy, I noticed that I was getting much larger then I typically did when I was pregnant with just a single baby. After a quick trip to the hospital, my son Adonis (Baby #11) was able to tell me that I would once again be giving birth to twins. Adonis asked if I wanted to know the gender for each baby, but I declined. I wanted it to be a surprise.

I returned home and started working on a painting. I had a feeling that this time I would be having two little girls. It had been so long since my last set of twin girls.

With three teenagers in the house, it wasn’t uncommon for one or more of them to bring a friend home from school. The most common visitors were their friends Hank and Ray. They would often do their homework together before going outside and jumping on the trampoline.

It was while fixing dinner for my children and their two friends that my water broke. I heard myself scream from the pain, but at the same time, I heard two other yells from behind me.

I couldn’t concentrate with all of the screaming. As much as I wanted to have my babies at home in a peaceful environment, there was no chance of that happening with two teenage boys freaking out. I called for a taxi, had Odin contact Nathan to let him know that I was in labor, and headed to the hospital.

I arrived at the hospital only a few minutes before Nathan. He must have flew here after Odin gave him my message. He looked so nervous, yet at the same time so excited that he was about to become a father.

Introducing Baby #48 Mason Quinn…

…and his twin sister, Baby #49 Maya Quinn

I had once again been blessed with two beautiful and healthy boy/girl twins.

I would like to thank everyone who voted on the “Voice Your Opinion: Vote for the Next Father” Poll. It was a very big success and the voting was incredibly close. Nathan Tevinter was created by Druscylla and can be downloaded here. I would also like to thank Cierra for suggesting the names Maya and Mason.


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  1. YAY! I was so excited when I found out about this new post! Rhys is my favorite of Christy’s kids. I like the idea of voting for the new father and I can’t wait for the next one!

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