A Look Into the Past: Part 3

There is a very important part of my past that I would like to tell. I have mentioned it before, but as a small child, my father walked out on my mother and me. We moved several times in those next few years – mainly for my mother’s career, but secretly I believe she was trying to escape the pain of his leaving.

My mom had a lot of “suitors” after my father left. She was so desperate to fill the hole that my father had left in her heart that she was willing to do anything to find that love again. She would often get so wrapped up in her own love life that I was often left alone.

It really upset me at first that she would choose a man over her own daughter, but as time continued to pass, it didn’t seem so important to me anymore. I could go anywhere I wanted after school, including the park on the other side of town, and my mom would never notice.

I wasn’t the bravest young girl. At first, I stuck solely to the swings. My father had taken me on the swings before, but the slide? Truth be told, I was afraid of the slide. One day, however, I worked up the courage to climb up. Determination to overcome this fear filled my little body, but as I started to slide down, I got scared.

I wanted to reverse time and undo my decision to come down this dreaded slide.

It was too late, however, and before I knew it, I was at the bottom of the slide and went crashing down to the dirt below on my backside.

A young couple happened to be playing chess on this day only inches from where I fell. The man rushed over to make sure I was okay. I tried to hide my tears from him. He gave me a reassuring smile and told me that it happened to the best of us.

Somehow the man – who had introduced himself as Connery Bright – had convinced me to climb back up and give the slide another chance. I was leery of course, but when he gave me that same reassuring smile as before and said he’d be there to catch me if I fell, I felt relieved.

After closing my eyes tightly and a deep breath, I pushed myself off and waited for the worst, but the worst never came. I had made it to the bottom of the slide without falling and Connery was standing there smiling at me.

He introduced me to his young bride next. Her name was Susan Bright. I remember that she had such beautiful eyes. They were so caring and warm. I never would have guessed that she was as sick as she was back then.

Over the next couple of weeks, I would go back to that same park where I met Connery and Susan. Some days, Susan would be up to spending the day outside with us, but most of the time, it was just me and Connery.

By the time I had aged into a teenager, I had only grown closer to the Bright family. It had only been a few short months, but I considered them to be more family then friends.

Unfortunately, Susan’s condition had only gotten worse. Connery now felt like I was old enough to understand and told me that Susan had been sick for as long as he could remember. Doctors couldn’t do anything for her. They weren’t even sure what was wrong with her.

Connery needed someone to look after Susan while he was at work. He felt that I would be the best candidate because of how much I loved the Bright family and how much Susan trusted me.

I would come over after school and Connery would be preparing a meal for the three of us. The meals were always a bit rushed because Connery would have to leave to go to work.

I would spend the rest of the night reading to Susan from her favorite books. I was never sure how much she would actually hear before her medicine caused her to drift off to sleep.

Time continued to pass and Susan’s condition only became worse. She was no longer able to ask me about my day like she always had before. She no longer cared what book I read to her. Susan was eating less and less. The doctors gave her a week to live, but each week, her fragile condition surpassed their expectations.

Until one day, she could no longer fight. Connery called me the morning that he found her and told me that she had passed away in her sleep. I was devastated, and even skipped school in order to attend her funeral.


So why am I bringing up such a sad memory now?

It’s because after Susan’s death, Connery and I kept in contact. He was one of the only people to fully support my decision to move to Sunset Valley and start the 100 Baby Challenge.

I received a letter from him earlier today stating that he was getting married again. I knew how big this was for him. After all, it had been years since Susan had died and I was so happy that he had found someone who could make him happy. But there was a problem…

Abriella had just become a young toddler. A beautiful toddler with her father’s skin tone and nose and with my red hair and blue eyes.

I still had so much that I needed to teach her. As much as I wanted to see my old friend again, I wasn’t sure that I was ready to leave such a small toddler alone in order to travel to Twinbrook.

I was so conflicted about what I should do. On one hand, this could be my last chance to see Connery. I knew that he had been diagnosed with cancer not to long ago, and didn’t have long to live. On the other hand, something could go seriously wrong if I were to leave my family for a week. It took a lot of convincing, but my children were able to do it. I knew that Suri and Heimdall had always been responsible, and Abriella adored her brother.

After much consideration, I decided that I owed it to my old friend to go to his wedding. When my taxi arrived at his new home, there he stood. He looked so much older then he had the last time I had seen him. The years – or his sickness – had really taken a toll on him, but he gave me that same old reassuring smile and I felt just like that little girl who was afraid of going down the slide again. My fear, my sadness…every negative emotion I had been feeling washed away from my body.

I was introduced to Ashby Starr – soon to be Bright – next. She was such a nice person, and I could tell that she made Connery very happy. The couple surprised me by telling me I wasn’t just here to observe their wedding. Instead they wanted me to be one of Ashby’s bridesmaids. Of course I said yes!

Check out the rest of the wedding here, as well as their vacation together here.


I would like to thank Ashby/Jen for including me in her story. It’s always so nice to see Christy in your updates and see what she’s getting herself into in other games. I hope you enjoy my version of Christy and Connery’s relationship.

I encourage all my readers to check out Ashby’s challenge. You can read her challenge from the beginning by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “A Look Into the Past: Part 3

  1. Christy/Ashley you are so kind. Thank you so much and I LOVED Christy’s and Connery’s relationship. I acutally teared up reading about him.

    This update was beautifully written… thank you again.

    Off to the next one.


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