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My husband – being the wonderful man that he is – got me Ambitions about a week and a half ago as a “Feel Better” / Early Birthday present (my birthday isn’t until the end of June so I think he was just hoping it would make me feel better). I haven’t really gotten a chance to play it much since a few nights after he bought it for me, he had to rush me to the hospital at 3 in the morning because of some health issues that I’ve been dealing with.

However, since I finally finished the update (should be up later tonight) that I started playing back in early January and will finally be caught up to my game in updates, I am thinking about slowly incorporating some of the Ambitions features into my baby challenge. The main one I’m talking about is the “Self-Employed” Careers.

This is where I need all of my readers to give me your opinion on what you think I should do – because truthfully, I’m conflicted.

1) My rules clearly state that Christy isn’t allowed to work. That her life revolves around her children, but these rules were also created before Ambitions came out. The rules were mainly referring to the 9 to 5 day jobs where she would have to be leaving her children. With a self-employed career, she wouldn’t have to leave her children at all and would basically be making money the same way she was before – except she would be getting paid a little more. This is the part I’m conflicted on the most…if I get the self-employed job would it be considered breaking my rules as it is in fact a job? Or would it be alright since she never has to leave home?

I know many other challenge moms have used the self-employed career to make money for their families, and although the Quinn family isn’t really low on money (over 71,000 in available household funds) I do plan on moving them out around the 50th baby so the new house maybe more expensive.

2) If you guys don’t think that her getting a self-employed career would be cheating then that brings us to the next option. Which skill should she focus on? The choices she currently has listed are: Writer, Painter, Gardner, and Angler…

Gardner: Christy has over 35 plants already on the lot – many of very high quality. Her gardening skill is maxed out, and she usually finishes this early in the morning so she would have all day for her children.

Painter: Once again, Christy’s painting skill is maxed out so each painting sells for about 2000 – 3000, and most of the time they come out either Brillant or a Masterpiece.

Angler: Again, Christy’s fishing skill is maxed out however unless I add the pond to the backyard again and stock it with fish, she will probably have to leave the lot in order to do this. Meaning that she would either have to wait until late at night to go fishing when the kids are all asleep or take the toddlers with her. Since she mostly has twins, one of the toddlers would most likely be left behind.

Writer: Christy’s writing skill is actually the lowest of the skills mentioned and is only at level 6. This is mainly because writing takes a lot of time and tends to drain her fun so she isn’t able to do it as often so she probably wouldn’t be able to make a lot of money off of it.


11 thoughts on “Voice Your Opinion

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea and it will make Christy a unique challenge mom since no one else has really done this. I really don’t think it’s cheating for the same reason you stated above: She’s basically doing what she usually does just getting paid more. I can’t wait to read your upcoming posts!

  2. I personally don’t think it’s cheating at all. She’s still making her money the same way she always was. It’s just a little extra cash. No biggie.

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Hope you’re feeling better ❤

  3. I think you should focus on painting, but keep on gardening in the mornings. I doubt it would count as cheating to anyone!
    Hope you get better soon ❤

  4. I think you should work as a painter–but no, I won’t consider that as cheating. After all, the point of the rules is you mustn’t leave your children home alone, right? If someone ever consider that as cheating, so how do you make money and live happily? You’ll just get paid bigger, and that’s it.
    I’m looking forward for your next post 🙂

  5. Hey!
    It actually isn’t cheating; I think they changed the rules.
    I think gardening would be good, because it is a great way to earn money.
    I hope you get better, your blog is my favourite!

  6. I think you should do painting.I dont really consider it cheating. Also you really need the money i mean with all the kids and the boys always getting into jail. Also im considering taking on the challenge i want some of your opinions. Try and contact me asap with advice too. THANKS!!

    • But remember she has 40 somethin kids so far and i mean with that money should could get some pretty sweet things that she needs badly. Try thinking about that.

  7. If she does something that she doesnt need to go off the lot for, like fishing for instance, i dont think its cheating. cause its a SELF-EMPLOYED career.

  8. I don’t think being self-employed is cheating. I’ve had many self-employed Sims before, and they all had enough time to work and raise a family. Technically she is and isn’t working, so she can raise her 45 kids and earn money.

    I was linked to this blog from Facebook and this seems like a really cool idea for The Sims 3. So what happened to it?

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