Baby #45

A few days after Michael had left to move in with his father, I received a copy of his book in the mail. Inside the front cover was a letter from Michael. I decided to include it in my journal prior to this entry. It was hard to hear all the fears that I had over the years while Michael was growing up confirmed by his letter. The only comfort I could take was that Michael still loved me despite keeping his from his father, despite depriving him during his childhood, despite it all. He understood that I was only trying to protect him.

As I turned to go back inside the house, I heard Heimdall talking behind me. His baked goods were finally starting to sell more, and his older siblings were his best customers. I was even more surprised that Tiffany had stopped by to buy one. Tiffany had gone to jail just as her brothers had for their mischief, but unlike Chucky and Freddy, Tiffany had learned her lesson. She was seeking help for her kleptomania and was even enrolled in a support group called “Kleptos Anonymous”.

I have found myself working a lot more in the basement lately. You see, I bought a new invention table a few months ago and I have a vision of something that I really want to invent, but I’m not even sure that it’s scientifically possible. Regardless, I’m going to keep trying. Who knows, I might accidentally invent something useful along the way.

The next few months seemed to just fly by, and before I realized it, it was time for more birthdays.





Suri has continued her interest in writing. She has written over four books now. Three of her books have even made it on the best seller list. The publishers really want her to try out a new genre “Humor”, but Suri’s specialty has always been writing science fiction.

Heimdal’s interest has changed a bit since becoming a teenager. He no longer shows as much interest in cooking, but he is very interested in inventing. He begged me to allow him to try out the inventing table, but it’s very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. So I had him agree that if he finished reading the first inventing book that I had bought and learned all the safety procedures that I would allow him to give it a try.

I’m afraid that Yasmina might have inherited more from her father then I had originally anticipated. Thankfully she isn’t mean-spirited or anything to horrible, but she insists on wearing her swimsuit everywhere she goes, including school.

Overall, all four of the kids are good kids though. They always come straight home and do their homework together at the kitchen table even if Suri can be a bit dramatic about having to do it. That’s another similarity that she got from her father. They both have such a flair for the dramatics.

With the four kids all in school, I found myself with a lot of free time. To fill the time, I went to city hall and registered as a self-employed Gardner.  There isn’t much of a difference from what I had been doing before. I was spending most mornings in the garden anyway, and selling what I had grown to the local supermarket. Now however, my produce can be sold at either the bistro or the diner as well so I’m making a little more money.

It was while out in the garden one day that I received a visitor. I noticed right away that it was the same man that had come to see me when the Grinch twins were born. After all, this gentleman’s unique features are very hard not to remember.

He introduced himself as Snow Miser. Apparently, everywhere he goes, snowy weather is bound to follow him. I found this very intriguing because I had lived in Sunset Valley for many years now and never once has it snowed. When he told me that snow follows him, I got excited that this winter, my children might actually be able to see snow.

“So you have come to Sunset Valley to give us the gift of snow? My children will be so excited.”

Mr. Miser let out an embarrassed chuckle. “I would love to bring snow to Sunset Valley, Ms. Quinn, but it’s the strangest thing. I have been trying for many years now to get snow to fall in this region, but it has never fallen. I have tried all my special secrets that have gotten even the most difficult places to snow, but still nothing.”

Mr. Miser went on to tell me that this was incredibly rare, but there was an ancient legend that might be able to help. The legend stated that if someone like him was unable to produce snow, then he needed to find a special woman to have a child with. Unfortunately, the legend didn’t give a clear description of what the woman would look like, but it did state that the woman’s personality would be very nurturing and would have a very accepting nature. The Snow Miser believed that I was this woman.

“I’ve seen your children. They are all so genetically different. Your children come in all shapes, sizes, and colors yet you love them all equally. I would like to participate in your challenge.”

We went upstairs and got straight to work…

After Mr. Miser had left, I made my way downstairs to the basement. I wasn’t feeling all that tired, so I figured I would spend some time trying to work on my inventing. I still hope to one day make something big, but it’s going to take a lot of practice so for now, I’m making various doodads for around the house.

Over the next few days, I found my thoughts were full of snow. I wondered what Sunset Valley would be like if the Snow Miser’s plan worked. Instantly, a vivid idea for a painting popped into my mind. It was so beautiful that I had to start painting on it right away.

I spent a small part of every day working on this painting. I wanted it to be perfect. It was while painting that I felt my newest addition kick for the very first time. My snow angel was on his/her way.

With the extra money that I had been earning by gardening, I was able to buy my children a special surprise: a trampoline. They were all excited to give it a try, but Suri seemed to want to use it the most. She was having trouble with her latest book ‘The Clumsy Giant’ and she said that jumping on this trampoline helped with her writer’s block.

Speaking of gardening, I am getting almost to big to do that now. The kids have all offered to help, but none of them really like gardening and they have so many other, more fun things that they could be focusing their free time on. I tell them I’m alright, but all the reaching and bending is killing my back.

As much pain as I was in, I had to start going to get a weekly massage. We could afford it now that my garden was flourishing and my produce was selling so well.

I just had put the finishing touches on my Winter Wonderland painting when I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. My little snow angel must have wanted to see the finished product for himself/herself.

I excitedly made my way into the nursery as to not frighten my other children and to prepare for the long labor that I was sure would be ahead of me.

Welcome Baby #45 Abriella Quinn…


The Snow Miser was made by scottelliottaz of the Sims 3 community, and you can download him here. Name credit goes to Lola


6 thoughts on “Baby #45

  1. Christy, this was a brilliant post. Suri is so pretty and I can’t wait to see how you new one grows up. I loved that you had the snow miser in this.. that was awesome…

  2. It was awesome hearing from you again, Ashley! This was a great post! I liked the “no snow idea.” It reminded me, I hope they make The Sims 3 Seasons…. Snow Miser was such a cool looking guy. Maybe I’ll have him as a father for my 100 baby challenge mother.

  3. Why does Abriella have a WHITE blanket? I mean I’ve heard of those rare occasions where it is white but I thought they were calling bluff!

    • I’m pretty sure that her blanket is pink like the other girls have been. It most likely looks more white because I brighten my pictures on Photoshop and since the blanket is already a light pink, it became overly white looking.

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