Baby #38 and 39

Before I start this update off, I would just like to thank Nikki/purnikki for gifting me the “Whine-mo E-mo” hairstyle. It’s the first gift that I have received on the sims 3 website and I look forward to using it on the boys of my challenge.

It took most of the night to calm Eleanor down enough so that she could go to sleep. I had never seen her so upset before. We talked about what had happened for hours. I hated seeing my daughter so sad and scared, but eventually her tears dried up and she was to exhausted to talk anymore.

…but when you are a mom, there is no rest. As soon as I was able to get Eleanor to sleep for the night, Chucky decided that it was time for him to wake up. I spent the next several hours teaching him how to walk, hoping that he too would get tired and we both could get a little sleep.

To my surprise, Ruby was also up bright and early that morning wearing her finest formal wear to do a few of the household chores before school. When I asked her why she was wearing her best clothes to do some of the dirtiest jobs around the house, she simply replied with “You have to always looks your best mom even if no one else is around to see it.”

After the kids had all headed off to school, I called up my mother as well as Ice to watch the toddlers while I ran a few errands. With five toddlers, I knew it would take both of them to watch the kids without having to worry about them being driven insane by the time I got home. My first stop was to the Newbie household to talk to Ms. Newbie about what had happened the night before. It felt strange going to a woman I had never met personally and asking something so personal about her daughter, but I had made a promise to Eleanor.

I waited at the door for several minutes beginning to think that maybe no one was home, but finally a young woman about the same age as myself answered the door. She immediately apologized for taking so long, but her son Link needed her attention.

“I completely understand where you are coming from, and I didn’t mind waiting. My name is Christy Quinn…”

“Oh Elliot and Eleanor’s mother, correct?” I nodded as she extended her hand and I accepted it. “Violet Newbie, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

I was in complete awe when Violet invited me inside her home. It was so beautifully decorated that I couldn’t help commenting on it, and asking her who had done the interior designs. I was even more astonished when she told me that she had done all the interior designing herself.

“I’m so sorry for barging into your home like this, but Eleanor came home very upset last night, and I was wondering if Robbin might have said anything to you?”

I wasn’t sure how close of a relationship Violet had with her daughters. If she wasn’t close to them, she might not even know what happened between Eleanor and Robbin.

“When I saw Eleanor running away from the house last night, I asked Robbin if something happened. She told me the whole story…I wish I could be more help to you Christy, but right now, Robbin is just really confused about the whole thing.”

“Eleanor is the same way…she was up all night beating herself up. On one hand, she really likes Robbin, but she is also really worried that this kiss is going to make things awkward between the two of them and she really doesn’t want to lose her as a friend.”

I let out a sigh, wishing there was something more that I could do to help my daughter. I knew that Robbin would need time to figure out how she felt about Eleanor, and Eleanor would need time to figure things out as well. I just wished there was something I could do to ease the pain and confusion she was feeling at the moment.

Violet and I continued to talk for the next few hours. She was actually a very interesting person, and we got along great. We talked about how cute Elliot and Rosie were together, and what it was like to be a single mother.

When the subject of the kids father’s came up, I was speechless when Violet told me that the triplets and Link didn’t share the same father, but not for the reason you think. I wasn’t judging her for having children with two different men – I mean honestly, who was I to judge? – it was what she said afterwards that made me speechless.

“It might sound a little strange,” Violet started, “but I’m doing something called a 100 baby challenge and…”

I couldn’t help cutting her off, “Oh you don’t need to explain anymore. I know all about the 100 baby challenge because well, I’m kind of doing it too.”

As we continued to talk, I couldn’t help thinking ‘Wow, so this is why Heidi had encouraged me to talk to Violet all those years ago. She knew we would get along because we were both doing the same thing with our lives.’

I had never met another woman who could understand where I was coming from. Maybe that’s why I never had any real friends here in Sunset Valley, but I had a feeling that would all soon change.

After leaving the Newbie house, I realized that the kids would be coming home any minute so the rest of my errands would have to wait. I made it home to find out that Elliot was helping his sister with her homework. She said she was much to distracted to fully focus on it by herself.

Elliot also played a major role in taking care of his two younger brothers – especially Freddy who adored his big brother. Elliot had grown up in a household full of females, and was rather ecstatic to finally have some other males in the house to teach the basics to.

Chucky enjoyed his older brother’s company as well, but he also like to try to scare Elliot. Chucky would often let out his biggest roar and when Elliot would pretend to be scared, Chucky would go into a fit of laughter.

“What are you doing?” Joanna asked Ruby early one morning before school.

“Working out…”

“In your formal wear?” Joanna had always been puzzled by her sister’s strange behavior and couldn’t understand why her sister insisted on wearing her nicest dress and high heels to do everything.

“Of course not, silly…” Ruby quickly changed into her everyday clothing and started her workout.

Joanna shook her head still not understanding Ruby’s methods, but in the end, Ruby was her one and only twin and Jo loved her. So to make her sister feel better, she quickly changed into her workout gear and began working out as well.

Although the family didn’t see much of Robbin in the weeks following, Rosie and Raelynn were both a very common sight around the house. It wasn’t uncommon for one or both of the girls to come over after school and work on their homework with Eleanor and Elliot.

I was even surprised to see how well the girls got along with the younger twins – despite the odd topics Ruby decided to bring up to the Newbie girls.

Eleanor fell into a bit of a funk when the days after the kiss soon turned to weeks. She still hadn’t heard anything from Robbin and it was breaking her heart. If Robbin didn’t like her that was fine, but to completely cut off their friendship? Eleanor couldn’t deal with that. She would lock herself away in my study for hours, hacking into all the school’s personal files trying to find out anything she could.

Had Robbin been to see the school counselor recently? If so, maybe she had mentioned Eleanor in one of their sessions and the counselor might have made a note of it.

Eleanor even enlisted the help of her younger sister Ruby when she noticed Robbin had stopped riding the bus home after school.

“Yeah, she just left the school. Want me to follow her?” Ruby paused and a frown formed on her face. “Oh come on, El, you have me in super spy mode and you DON’T want me to follow her?”

When I finally found out about all the girls little adventures to find out about how Robbin was feeling, I put an immediate stop to it.

“Just give her time to figure things out, ” I told Eleanor.

“I just can’t take the silence anymore mom. I know what I was doing was wrong, but she was my best friend and now that she’s distancing herself from me, I feel like there’s this hole in my heart that I just can’t ignore.”

As an earlier graduation gift and as a way to help Eleanor forget about her troubles, I decided that the kids deserved some time away. I made some arrangements and purchased four tickets to send them on a trip.

Joanna’s Point of View

Upon arriving in Champs Les Sims, we really didn’t know where we should go or what we should do. Honestly, mom had sprung this on us at the last possible minute so I had no time to research the town for fun activities.

Elliot suggested that we check out the local notice board however and see if it had any suggestion.

…and with that, off we all went in our own directions.

Eleanor headed to the local market to do some shopping, and try to learn about some of the French customs. Although she tried to forget her troubles, I guess she felt more at ease to spill her guts to a complete stranger who could barely comprehend what she was saying.

Elliot also spoke with a few of the locals, but his goal wasn’t to unload his problems onto someone else. No, instead he was in search of treasure. He heard from a few of the locals that this place was filled with wonderful treasure and he wanted to find one of the treasures to take back as a gift for his girlfriend Rosie.

He was so in love with this girl that he was willing to risk his life just to impress her with an ancient gem? I don’t get why my older siblings are so love-struck with these Newbie girls, but then again, I really don’t understand the whole “love” thing either…and I’m a genius for crying out loud.

As for me, well I just went down to the local fishing pond to be alone. I like being alone. The solitude is always so nice and peaceful. It’s the only time where I’m actually able to think about life and what I want to spend mine doing.

Of course, Ruby showed up eventually when she got bored of exploring the market. I love my sister, but sometimes, I wonder where her head is at. She is always talking to herself or to others about the strangest things. Ruby will even talk to inanimate objects if she can’t find another person to talk to. Today, it seemed to be the rocks turn.

When Ruby started fighting with the rock, I knew it was time to leave. My solitude was over and it was time to rejoin society. We met up with Eleanor at the local Nectary where we ended up buying a bottle of their best wine to take home to mom.

Elliot had disappeared for a majority of the day. He was sent to explore the local Art Museum. Apparently, visitors and security guards had been hearing some strange noises and the owner was to terrified to check it out for himself.

Elliot explored all day until finally he found a hole in the wall that activated a switch. The switch lead to a hidden room. He spent most of his time solving puzzles and making his way through various rooms. He said he even got to see a real human skeleton down there – although, I’m not sure I believe him.

Finally he came across the treasure that he had been looking for. Inside was several different gems and ancient coins. He had a difficult time deciding which one he would give to Rosie, but he finally decided on a Heart-shaped Luminous Gem. Elliot even managed to solve the mystery of the noises in the museum, but the owner had asked him not to say anything to anyone so he wouldn’t tell us what had happened down there.

Christy’s Point of View

While the older children were away, the triplets celebrated their birthday.




The triplets first day of school didn’t go as well as I had hoped it would. The girls were ruthlessly teased for being daughters of a Reaper. No one in the school wanted to play with them, fearing that if they did they would be cursed or even killed. Freddy was able to get by a little better because he hadn’t inherited his father’s skin tone and looked much like any other child, but he was still teased as well for his size.

The girls would often come home and just act out their days at school with the doll house downstairs. It was sad watching as they teased themselves in doll form.

The girls decided that since they couldn’t do anything about there skin tone, they would try to work on their bodies instead. All three of the children had developed Chubby’s…well his chubbiness. Although Kristen was smaller then her brother and sister, she still hated her slightly bulging tummy and refused to give her classmates something else to pick on her about.

I tried to assure the girls that they were beautiful just the way they were, but they wouldn’t hear it and asked me to instead teach them workout properly.

I also had a cellar built in the backyard in anticipation of the kids arrival home. They had already told me in some of their emails that they had gotten me a nectar machine.

The first thing I did when I got the nectar machine set up inside the cellar was upgrade it to be improved pressing. I had read in my nectar making books that this was the most recommended upgrade you could give your machine as it would help give an extra bottle of wine and increase overall profit.

Only a few days after the kids got back, it was time for Eleanor and Elliot to age into young adults. We had a small birthday party that night with mostly just family. Rosie was there as well another one of the kids from their school.



The party ended up lasting well into the night, so I told the kids that they could crash in their old beds for one more night. They promised to start house hunting the following morning. What I didn’t expect to see when I woke up the following morning was Eleanor and Robbin outside talking.

I wasn’t able to hear much of the conversation, but they seemed pretty happy and Robbin even gave Eleanor a small peck on the lips. I couldn’t help smiling at how happy my little girl looked.

Eleanor, Elliot, Robbin, and Rosie all left the house that evening after finding a gorgeous five bedroom home on the other side of town. When I asked the kids about their future plans, Elliot and Rosie told me that they knew they wanted to get married in the near future, but Elliot wanted to get his career going first so that he could support the large family they both wanted.

Eleanor had already gotten a job at the police department earlier in the day and was determined to become an International Superspy. Apparently all that “spying” on Robbin she had done as a teen had inspired her to make a career of it – of course, we kept that little detail between just the two of us. As for her relationship with Robbin, the girls were going to just see where things took them.

Barely three hours had passed after Eleanor and Elliot had moved out of the house when Ruby received a phone call from her brother asking how things were going.

A few months passed with nothing eventful taking place. The kids had been working so hard in school that I decided a day in the park would be just the thing for them to unwind. I was hoping that it would also be a nice distraction for me as well. I had been putting my challenge off for awhile now and although my body was really beginning to miss the feeling of being pregnant, I wasn’t sure I was ready for another meeting with a Reaper. What if Grim acted the same way as Johnny had? What if he threatened my children as well?

Nancy liked trying to catch the butterflies, although she always let them go if she managed to catch them. She often commented on how she wished she was as beautiful as the butterfly was. I tried to tell her that she was, but she would always reply with. “Mom, you have to say that!!”

We had barely been in the park for an hour when I was approached by a very portly man with the most beautiful red skin. Red is my favorite color so of course, I took instant notice of him. To my surprise, he clasped his hands together and excitedly stated, “Oh my goodness, Christy Quinn!! I can‘t believe it‘s really you…”

I wasn’t use to being recognized by complete strangers. It was a little strange to be honest. The man introduced himself as Dr. Zoidberg, and stated that he had come to Sunset Valley looking specifically for me.

We spent the next several minutes getting to know one another. Dr. Zoidberg wasn’t really a doctor but instead a scientist. He had heard about my challenge from one of my older children. After I was sure that he wasn’t a complete lunatic – after all, he had just randomly approached me in the middle of the park – I explained to him the rules of my challenge.

He leaned into my ear, trying to be flirty, but honestly, it took all my might not to laugh at his goofy and completely cheesy pick up lines.

“What time do you have to be back in heaven?”

When I suggested that we just skip to the heart of the matter, he made a mad dash towards the street trying to hail down a cab. I didn’t even had time to tell the kids where I was going.

I showed him upstairs to my room and before long, baby #38 was on the way…

After getting dressed, I walked downstairs with the good doctor to show him to the door, but instead he grabbed my hands and started to gaze into my eyes. Was he still flirting with me?

“You know Christy, if I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.”

Yeah, he was definitely still flirting. This was going to be awkward. I really thought he had understood the rules of the challenge when I explained them to him. Apparently not though….oh boy!

Later that night, I began to experience the nausea that comes with every pregnancy. I thought it was a bit early in the pregnancy for nausea, but maybe that meant I wouldn’t have to deal with it so much later on.

The months passed by fairly quickly, and before long it was time for the twins to become children. I had forgotten how close they were in age to the triplets, and I was really going to miss having my babies around.



Joanna and Ruby had both spent the last several months working on a novel. Their teacher had announced a writing contest that would take place at the end of the year for any student who was willing to enter. The task was to write a novel in their spare time, and winner’s novel would be published. Joanna had decided to do a mystery, while Ruby had picked a drama.

Unfortunately as the months passed, my nausea did not go away. I was still getting sick quick frequently and found myself unable to work out with the girls as much because all the bouncing around from exercise only seem to make things worse.

Freddy – despite being an athletic child – seemed to have no interest in his sister’s workouts. Instead, I often heard him holding conversations with himself.

The children at school had long since found out that Freddy was also a child of a Reaper despite his normal looking skin tone, so they refused to play with him much like they had his sister’s. Freddy didn’t seem to mind, in fact, he liked to pick fights with the terrified children, mocking their gullibility for believing such stupid rumors.

When my pregnancy decided to show itself for sure, the nausea finally let up and I was grateful for the relief. I became obsessed with cooking for the kids. Some nights I would fix something as simple as mac and cheese while other nights I would fix the kids lobster or sushi. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop myself from cooking delicious meal after delicious meal and soon the refrigerator became overrun with leftovers.

Turns out that Chucky made a perfect playmate for Freddy. The two boys got along great, and although their wild antics kept me on my toes, I was happy to see them getting along so well. They would often talk about their father’s and taking over the “family business” when they got older.

With no toddlers or babies, I would often get lonely at the house all by myself while my older kids were at school. The garden was nice distraction from the loneliness. I could spend all morning picking weeds and watering without a care in the world, but once I got to a certain point in my pregnancy, Ruby and Joanna flat out refused to let me anywhere near the garden.

The constant breaking of appliances around the house also kept me rather busy. When it wasn’t the sink it would be one of the computers.

The girls eventually refused to let me fix anything electrical because they feared that I would hurt myself and the baby. Jo was pretty handy and said that she could take care of anything that broke. So I had to find something else to occupy my time. I still wasn’t that great at the guitar so I filled my mornings trying to learn how to play.

I really wasn’t that good…

I was, however, great at being a mom so when the children got home, I spoiled them as much as I could. Whether that was by helping them with their homework, fixing them their favorite foods for dinner, or just sitting and talking with them.

Tiffany was ecstatic to be welcoming a new little brother or sister into the world. She was for sure that it was going to be a little sister. I hadn’t told any of the children, but during my last doctor visit I found out I was going to have twins this time although I didn‘t want to know the genders.

The following morning, I was getting the kids ready for school when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I held onto my stomach, knowing that I had gone into labor. Ruby was the first to start freaking out while Chucky just stared at me unsure of what was going on.

I rushed the kids out the door to meet the bus so I could concentrate on getting the twins here safely.

After several hours, I delivered two beautiful baby boys. Both of which had gotten their father’s skin tone. On the left is the older twin, John and on the right is the younger twin, Jason.

Okay so this chapter was suppose to be the final Halloween edition but Grim was being a jerk and refused to come over so I just skipped over him and used Dr. Zoidberg instead. Dr. Zoidberg was created by Yenna and can be downloaded here.

I wasn’t aware at the time I downloaded him, but Dr. Zoidberg is based off a character from the television show Futurama. I just thought he was a really cool looking doctor who had very interesting genetics so thanks to my husband for pointing out that little fact.

John was named after the famous Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer from the Saw series while Jason was named after another famous killer, Jason Voorhees of the Friday the 13th series.


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  1. OMG Ashley yet another awesome update… I am so glad that Eleanor and Robbin are going to see where things takes them. They are cute together. Also glad to see you and Vi are becoming friends… that will help when the three of us start to hang out.

  2. Great post and I loved EVERYTHING about it. Thank you for including me in this post. I need to get Eleanor and Elliot in my game. 🙂 *standing ovation!

  3. Hi, I know this is kind of random, but for my challenge I upload my sims to the sims 3 exchange like many other simmers, but for some weird reason they keep getting lost and I get a message saying the file could not be found. I noticed that you don’t upload your sims to the exchange and that you use mediafire instead. Could you tell me how to upload my sims to mediafire? I might try that instead. Thanks, this will help me a lot.

    P.S. You can check up on my blog, my sim had Brian Quinn’s baby. He had twins. Thanks again and please comment!

  4. Hello! Great update!!! I’m glad Eleanor and Robbin are okay! 🙂
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  5. Love the update. Yours is my favorite baby challenge story, i will start posting regularly just hvae not really been on the internet in awhile.

  6. Are you still doing the baby challenge? It’s been a while since the last update! I hope you haven’t lost the file I love this blog!!! 🙂

    • I’m still doing the challenge, however January has just been a horrible month for me. It’s been a “everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong” type of month so I haven’t gotten around to actually playing or writing anything in awhile. I’m really hoping things slow down so I can play again. I’m starting to miss the family

      • Yay! Haha… Is it ok to use some of your characters and make a 100BabyChallenge for them? I can’t get on sims for a couple more days, but I’d love to do a challenge for Connie, Esme, Rosa, Zola, or Lydia! If you want a certain one of those 5 who you think would be a good contestant for the challenge, let me know!!!

      • I would be honored if you used one of my girls for your 100 baby challenge mother. Of the ones that you mentioned, Esme is the only one that currently has a husband and children mentioned in my blog, so the others would be fine. Connie probably has the most unique look of the girls you listed since she got most of her dad’s features, but Rosa, Zola, and Lydia would also make great mothers.

  7. “Yaaaay! People are paying ATTENTION to me!!” *excited clicking of claws*

    Also: “I saw a frilly cake in here you’d remember all your life. I know I will. Every night it haunts me with its frosted beauty. Order the cake, dammit!”

    Omg I love Zoidberg. Futurama is the best! Its funny you should name the child John, as that’s the actual name of the character in the show.

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