Family Tree

I remember one of the readers requesting to see what the family tree looked like with so many kids so before I had to start a new save in the middle of the last update, I put this together:

As you can see, the image is huge and I had to resize it to get it to fit on the page, but if you click on it, you can bring up an enlarged version of the tree. Included in the tree is Patricia (Christy’s mother), all of the children up until this point, as well as her five grandchildren.


11 thoughts on “Family Tree

  1. Are Christy and her mum available for download on the sims 3? Especially her mum, I really like her! 🙂
    Also, did you get the names I posted a while back?

    • I actually download very few hairs from the Sims Resource because there are a couple of better sites out there for hairs that I use (such as Anubis, Rose, and some others). But to answer your question, yes the Sims Resource is mostly a free site. It’s free to create an account, it’s free to download a majority of the stuff, however there are some items that say “Subscription Required” those are the items you would have to pay for.

      • Actually you can get ahold of a site called “paysites must be destroyed,” it gives you EVERYTHING that you’d normally have to pay for free. Some other sites do a little of that, but “paysites must be destroyed,” does the most.

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