Mini-Update: A Lover’s Confession

Note from Ashley: Hey guys, sorry about the delay. I had some issues with the latest patch update. Originally things seemed fine, but after playing for a couple of sim hours time would just suddenly freeze for long periods. The overall save just became really glitchy and unbearable to play. Luckily I always save a copy of the family onto my desktop before doing any updates so the family was safe, but the house was not. I only saved the “household” version and not the “household with house” version by mistake so I had to redo the house – which you will notice in this update that a lot of the rooms look different in some pictures and the same in others. This is because I took a portion of the pictures prior to installing the update and then I took others after.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the update. There are a couple of guest appearances in this one from other challenges – see if you can pick them out.


I was surprised at how much easier it was taking care of Chucky and Tiffany then it had been with the triplets. I’ll admit that I was expecting the worst. With two teens, two children, three toddlers, and two babies in the house can you really blame me?

With the twins being so great, I was actually able to spend a lot of quality time with the triplets – something I had missed out on in their baby years. I wasn’t so stressed out anymore, and I was actually enjoying being a mom again.

I was enjoying it so much in fact that it was hard to put them to bed each night.

“Mommy no leave me…”

Nancy would cling to my hand, not wanting me to leave her so I wouldn’t. How can anyone resist such an adorable little face? I would stand there holding onto Nancy’s hand until she was fast asleep before heading into my own bed for the night.

Of course, there were still little problems here and there. Like when Freddy tried coming down the stairs on his own. That nearly made me have a heart attack, but he just really wanted to show me how far he could stick his finger up his nose. It was cute, but at the same time, a little gross. I told him that a gentlemen never picks his nose in front of a lady which caused him to giggle uncontrollable.

Did I happen to mention that Elliot has also started dating in the past few months?

He didn’t want to at first because he knew how much difficulty that I had with the triplets when his he was a child and now with two new babies as well, he thought I would need his help even more. Once I assured him however that Eleanor and I could handle it, he brought this young woman home the following day from school. Her name is Tahlia…

They were both very good, passionate sims who wanted to make the world a better place for everyone. The two seemed to get along really great at times…

…while other times, they didn’t seem to get along at all. Tahlia could be a bit grumpy. My daughter Ashlynn had been the same way so I knew you would always have to tread carefully with how you say things to them or they would snap. Elliot wasn’t aware of this, however, and they would often get into heated debates about whose idea was better on how to improve the world.

Tahlia was also a very tidy person while Elliot – although not a slob, he was a teenage boy. Sometimes they forget to clean up after themselves and aren’t always as clean as a teenage girl might be. Forgetting to wash his dishes after eating would infuriate Tahlia at times.

Three months after they started dating, Tahlia told Elliot that she couldn’t take their differences anymore and they broke up. Elliot was heartbroken. Even though they fought all the time, she was still his first girlfriend and that made her special to him. I hated seeing my little boy so sad…

Elliot tried dating a few other girls from his class. There was Angela…but she was always so focused on her athletics that she never had any spare time for Elliot.

Then there was Trinity – the most popular girl in their class. As you can probably guess, she was always jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend. My poor Elliot never stood a chance…

The last girl he tried dating was Wendy. She was actually the only girlfriend besides Tahlia that I got to meet. Wendy came over to the house after school one afternoon and boy did that girl have problems. Before we knew what happened, she had stolen the video game system, the family’s guitar, and the portable stereo.

To try to take the kids mind off all the missing stuff until I could replace it – and to take Elliot’s mind off his romance problems – I began searching online for a family activity we could all do together. After Heidi had told me about her winning the beauty pageant, I was able to locate another pageant specifically for twins. Perfect!!

I read over the rules and found out that the contest was being hosted by Dawn Turner, and that the only requirement was that the twins be no older then their teenage years. I started taking pictures with Ruby and Joanna first…

As you can see, Ruby preferred making me laugh behind the camera instead actually standing still long enough for me to take a picture. She is a very animated little girl…

“No, Ruby, you have to stand like this” Joanna instructed her sister as we were taking the formal pictures.

Ruby was beginning to get bored in the house so I decided to call my mother as well as a baby sitter to take care of the younger kids while Ruby, Joanna, Eleanor, Elliot and I headed to the park.

The girls headed straight for the swing set to unwind while I started taking pictures of their older brother and sister.

A beauty pageant really wasn’t Elliot’s idea of fun, but he knew that if he didn’t enter then his sister wouldn’t be able to enter either. After all this was a twin pageant!

“Consider this an early graduation gift” Elliot playfully said to his sister.

I think the final results turned out to be great! I sent the pictures into the address provided in the contest details and all that’s left now is to wait for the results.

The months passed and thanks to the contest, Elliot was able to temporarily forget about his romance problems…until he met a young woman by the name of Rosie Newbie.

She was beautiful, but what Elliot liked most about her was that she was the only girl in the entire school that was on the same intellectual level as him. They were both at the top of their class and even tested in the “genius” level. He loved that she could keep up with his deep conversations and he never once had to dumb things down for her.

Turns out that Eleanor was really good friends with all three of the Newbie girls as well. You see, Rosie was born as a set of triplets and her sisters were Raelynn and Robbin. It was Eleanor that introduced her brother to Rosie in the first place.

Although Eleanor got along with all of the girls, her best friend was Robbin. Both of the girls were bookworms so they could talk about the books they had just finished reading for hours on end without getting bored.

Robbin could also be very childish which meshed really well with Eleanor’s excitable and easily impressed nature.

All three of the girls have come over to the house at some point or another, and I have only had the nicest of experiences with them. After the whole Wendy incident, I was weary to let any of my kids teenage friends into the house, but these girls were always on their best behavior and were even willing to help me with the younger kids.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to find out that Rosie and Elliot had decided to take their friendship to the next level by officially becoming boyfriend/girlfriend.

After that first kiss, the two became inseparable. It was hard to find one without the other somewhere close behind.

Even late at night when they should have been getting ready for bed, I would find Elliot on the phone talking to Rosie. I probably should have been mad that he was staying up so late, but his grades never suffered and he was happy…who was I to be mad at that?

It wasn’t long before it was time for the twins to grow up into toddlers. Tiffany grew up with her father’s dark blue eyes and skin tone, but with my mother’s brownish hair.

Chucky grew up with bright red hair and my light blue eyes – oh and of course his father’s skin tone.

Once Tiffany and Chucky became toddlers, the day became a little more chaotic for me while the kids were at school. Juggling five toddlers was no easy task. If an outsider happen to look in, the scene might look a little something like this.

I was surprised to hear the doorbell ring. I hadn’t been expecting any visitors. It was far to early for the kids to be coming home from school so it wasn’t them either – although they had keys to the house so they wouldn’t need to ring the doorbell. I made my way downstairs and was even more surprised to see Ice standing on the other side.

I felt my heart begin beating faster in my chest as I quickly invited him inside. At first, we said nothing to one another and just gazed into each others eyes. I had forgotten just how alluring he was.  No matter how much I tried to turn away, I couldn’t quit starring at him. It had been nearly three years since I had last seen him. He had tried calling numerous times after the triplets were born, but with all the chaos I was never able to talk to him. I regretted it horribly, but if he was here now then surely he understood the stress I had been under right?

“Christy, where have you been?”

“I’m really sorry, Ice…you know with the birth of the triplets and then the twins as well, my plate has been really full. I haven’t had a lot of time to socialize lately.”

“Look, I have been trying to talk to you about this for some time now and I just can’t take the waiting any longer. I really think that you should quit this challenge of yours. It’s no good for you. You said yourself how strained you’ve been lately…”

I looked at him a bit confused. “So let me get this straight…you want me to quit my challenge? Ice you know that I can’t do that…I love my children with all my heart, I can’t just up and quit.”

I didn’t understand why he was saying this. I didn’t understand where this was coming from. I thought he understood why I had to do this challenge. Had I been wrong about Ice all this time? Did he not truly understand me like I had once thought?

Ice took a step closer to me, closing the small gap between us. He took my hand into his own.

“I want you to quit your challenge, Christy so that you and I can be together. I love you! I have always loved you!” I went to say something but he interrupted me. “Before you decide, there’s something else…”

Ice clumsily took a step backwards and fell down onto one knee. I became concerned that maybe he had hurt his ankle when he didn’t return to his feet, but instead he started to pull something out from his pocket.

My jaw dropped to the floor as I began to realize what he was doing.

“Christy Quinn…will you marry me?”

I was completely shocked, speechless even but there he was waiting for my answer. My mind was racing and so was my heart – both were shouting different answers to me. My heart wanted me to say yes, but my mind wanted me to think about my children. If I said yes now, I would have to quit the 100 baby challenge. If I got married I might get to have another three children at most with Ice before he would want to stop. Was I ready to give up the constant nausea, the aching back pain, and the miracle that is child birth? No more smiling faces looking up at me for the first time. No more teaching my children their first steps, their first words, watching them leave for their first day of school.

Eventually my mind had convinced my heart of the right answer. I closed the box that Ice was holding before taking his hands in mine.

“Ice, I love you too! You are the sweetest, most caring man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You are the only guy I have met during my time in Sunset Valley who I really think I might be able to spend the rest of my life with, but you are asking me to choose between you and my children…my future children. As much as I care about you, there is no one on this planet that I care about more then my children.”

His face was devastated at my rejected, which made my heart ache even more. “So that’s your nice way of telling me no…”

“More like, that’s my way of asking you to wait for me.”

It hadn’t been the answer that Ice had wanted, but he did promise that he would try to wait for me. He didn’t understand why I wanted to continue this challenge. I’m not really sure if anyone would be able to understand unless they were actually taking part in the challenge themselves – which as far as I knew only one other woman had ever tried to complete this task, but I gave up trying to find her years ago.

As I went upstairs to put each of the toddlers down for a nap, Freddy snuggled close to me and I knew that I had made the right decision. I was a mother first and foremost. The little miracles that I was able to experience on a daily basis were something I don’t think I would ever want to willingly give up.

It wasn’t long after Ice’s proposal – something that I decided not to tell my children about until the day I decided to actually marry him – that it was time for Ruby and Joanna to become teenagers.

Joanna grew up beautifully I think. There was finally someone else in the house that was a match for Elliot’s intelligence. Soon after her birthday, I had Jo tested and she ranked in the “genius” level as well. Unlike Elliot, she preferred to isolate herself from other people by either fishing or tinkering.

Ruby grew up equally as beautiful as her sister. There was never a day she didn’t come home from school with a new friend – not because she was social or friendly, but because of how unique she looked.

The other kids in school adored her unique skin tone and would question her about it for hours. Ruby answered their questions and would spend enough time with them to be considered polite, but she preferred spending time with her family or cleaning.

It was the night after the girls party that I heard crying coming from downstairs. I put the toddlers to bed as quickly as I could before heading downstairs to find Eleanor crying her eyes out. This wasn’t right, Eleanor was suppose to be spending the night at the newbie house tonight. Why was she home?

When she saw me, she tried to hide her tears but it was to late. I hugged her tightly asking her what happened.

Eleanor’s Point of View

“Mom, I did something really horrible. You know how I told you that Robbin and I would be going to the pool for a few hours after school? Well on our way back to her house, we stopped in the driveway…I don’t know what came over me. She just looked so beautiful with the sun setting behind her.”

“Before I could stop myself I just leaned in and kissed her. It just felt so right!! It was my first kiss but I wasn’t worried about my breath or even if I was kissing correctly like I thought I would have been. I was just really happy standing there, kissing her.”

“When I saw the look of complete shock on her face, I immediately began to regret what I had done. I kissed my best friend mom…why would I have done that? I don‘t understand…”

“Before she even had a chance to say anything to me, I just ran as fast as I could away. I know I was suppose to spend the night but after what I had done, Ms. Newbie would never welcome me into her home. I probably should have taken a taxi but I just kept running until I made it back here.”

“Mom, what if Robbin hates me? What if she can never forgive me for kissing her like that? I don‘t think I can live without her…she‘s my best friend.”



Were you able to spot the guest appearances? First off, I would like to thank Nicki Cranford for allowing me to use Tahlia in the story. Originally, I had planned on her being Elliot’s only girlfriend, however once they started fighting in my game, I decided to ask another challenge mom for use of her characters.

Thanks to Violet Newbie for the use of her and her three daughters in this update. Rosie and Elliot got along really well, and all I really had to do was take the pictures. I also felt bad that the other two girls weren’t featured as much in the update so I cooked up a little story for Robbin. Undecided on how far I will take it because I don’t want to offend Violet, but once I talk it over with her, I’ll tie up the loose ends between Robbin and Eleanor.

Also featured – in name only – was Dawn Turner who was kind enough to host the twin pageant which I enjoyed participating in. As you can see, other baby challenge moms are slowly beginning to be featured in my challenge, but Christy is still oblivious to there actually being other women out there taking on the challenge.


14 thoughts on “Mini-Update: A Lover’s Confession

  1. It’s really good, I loved it!!! I think it might have been one of the best mini-updates yet! I think it’s really good that you made one of the babies gay, none of the baby challenges have done that yet!

  2. I loved this update!!! I hope there is a furture between Robbin and Eleanor at least as friends if nothing else. I also hope there is a futrue for Ice and Christy.

  3. Awesome update as usual. I really like your writing style.

    Quick question, where did you get Jo’s hair? I think it looks really pretty on her.
    Sorry for not comenting on recent posts, RL’s been real hectic 🙂

    • Glad to see that you are still alive and following the challenge!! I understand how life can be

      I’m not sure which of Jo’s hairs you are referring to, but her child version was created by Newsea at the sims resource. I’m not positive about the teen hair. I downloaded it several months back, but I think it might have been XM sims

  4. Ugghh.. I really think to tell you honestly, that Eleanor looks more like a buissness lady, then someone with crazy adventures like THAT! I think Ruby would make the perfect gay though. Ruby’s unique look definately suits the one of the gay! Also I liked the affair between Elliot and the girlfriend catastrophe. The grim babes’ look sooo identical, all five of them!
    I’m not sure about the proposal and what to think of it.

    • I think that if u you’ve read Harmony’s blog before, the idea of a gay child has been brought up by Lufferkinz, so there kind of is an idea starter

      • Honestly, the idea of having one of the children turn out to possibly be gay wasn’t an idea that I took from anyone else. I’m sure it has been brought up before in other challenges, but I do know that it’s not very common. As I stated at the end of the update, it was just an idea that I had while I was finishing up taking pictures for the update. Originally the update was suppose to end with Ice’s proposal, but I felt bad that I downloaded all of Violet’s girls and only Rosie really got featured.

  5. @AMW, I don’t think that there is such thing as a gay ‘look’. Does she look like a buisness woman? and why can’t they be gay?
    @Ashley, Eleanor is so pretty! All of your kids are, I tried a baby challenge but failed catastrophicly. . . My mummy, Calypso, looked a bit like Christy! 🙂

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