Halloween Special: Part 2; Baby 36 and 37

Life has been completely chaotic since the triplets were born. With everything that has been going on lately, it’s a miracle that I’ve actually found a moment to sit down and write about my experiences, but I am going to try to squeeze as much writing in as the children will allow me to.

For the first few weeks after the triplets were born, I thought maybe something might be wrong with them. They were always crying – more so then any of my previous children. Maybe all the insane cravings during my pregnancy had a bad effect on them, but after several hospital visits, the doctor’s continued to tell me that nothing was wrong with them.

Okay, so maybe it’s a Reaper thing. I have never had a Reaper baby before so maybe genetically they were more needy in nature. Maybe Chubby had neglected to tell me something that his children would need to grow up healthy and happy. I tried to call him, but he never responded to my calls.

Typically the day would start off with Freddy screaming at the top of his lungs. Sometimes because he was hungry or needed changed…but more often then not, there would be nothing wrong with him. It was as if he only wanted to see others suffering. I hate to think like that, but a piece of me really believes that he cries just to wake up his sisters from a sound sleep.

Once I calmed Freddy down, I would move on to take care of his sisters. Generally, the girls were easier to care for. A bottle mixed with a little snuggle time each, and they seemed to be more then happy to go back to sleep.

By the time that I got the girls settled down, however, Freddy would decided to cry once again and start the process all over. As you can imagine, it was rather exhausting.

So exhausting in fact that my life outside of baby care pretty much got put on hold. The garden became to difficult to deal with. As soon as I would get downstairs to tend the garden, I would hear a cry from the baby monitor and would have to rush upstairs to tend to them. The same can be said for painting. I would get downstairs and just as I would pick up a paint brush, there would be a cry.

I was tempted to move the easel upstairs and into the nursery, but it was already to cramped to fit anything else.

Even eating became a luxury…

My meals consisted of anything I could quickly grab from the refrigerator and take upstairs with me. Sometimes, Elliot would cook me a muffin or a pie from his mini-oven and bring it to me.

As difficult as things might have been for me, they were even more difficult for my other children – especially Eleanor and Elliot. With the triplets always crying, they had difficulty getting to sleep at night.

No  sleep meant that they couldn’t concentrate as well at school, and their grades began to slip.

Eventually it got so bad that they just stopped coming home after school. They went to the library to do their homework before spending the rest of the evening at the park.

Even when they got home each night, they would lock themselves away in the garage and play chess against one another before heading up to bed.
I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like the worst mom on the planet.

At least Ruby and Joanna didn’t seem to notice a difference. Besides letting them out of their cribs in the morning, feeding them and putting them to bed at night, the girls were pretty content playing with their toys or reading their books.

As weeks turned into months, I began to develop a routine that made life a little more manageable. I would get about two hours (three if I was lucky) of sleep each night before waking up and feeding the triplets their bottles. After I got the triplets settled, I would move on to Ruby and Joanna before finally going to wake Eleanor and Elliot up for school. Once the two were off to school, I would get about an hour to take care of myself before it was time to change all the dirty diapers. Fresh diapers and a few snuggles later, I would get them back to sleep long enough to head down to the garden for a few minutes and do what I could to save my remaining plants.

Little did I know that on this particular day, I would get an unexpected visitor.

When I heard the doorbell ring, I rushed around the house praying that my guest hadn’t awoken any of the children upstairs. Luckily, I heard no cries from the baby monitor. I was very surprised to see a Reaper standing on my front porch. Was that Chubby? No, it couldn’t be…he was far to skinny to be Chubby. It must be one of his brothers: Grim or Johnny, but which?

I hadn’t noticed any difference between the other two brothers at the Halloween party so I guess I just had to take a stab at which brother I thought it might be.

“It’s good to see you again…” I went to say a name, but stopped myself. No need to make myself look foolish. Maybe if I stopped talking long enough, he would give me a clue as to which one he was.

“Oh, good so you remember me?” he said as he leaned in closer to me. I couldn’t see his face, but I could feel his eyes trying to seduce me from under his hood. I knew which one he was now.

“Of course! It’s not everyday that a Reaper shows up at your doorstep. Johnny correct?” I gave him a smile as he nodded. “How may I help you this afternoon?”

“Well Ms. Quinn, you made a promise to my brother that you would allow all three of us Reaper’s to participate in your challenge. I would like to participate now…”

The smile faded from my face. “Johnny, I would love to have you in my challenge, but your brother was able to give me three beautiful babies, and things are a bit chaotic around here at the moment. If you would like you can always come back in a year or so when his children are a little older and participate then.”

He shook his head. “That really doesn’t work for me Christy. I have places to go and souls to collect. I have to take part in your challenge now.”

I tried to reason with him, telling him how crazy things had been. How I was barely getting to sleep let alone eat and enjoy my time with my children. Nothing seemed to change his decision however. He had to participate now!

At first he tried to flirt with me in order to get me to change my mind. I remained firm stating that I couldn’t handle more children right now. If I were to get pregnant again so soon, I was likely to loose my mind.

So he changed his tactics…

“I saw your daughter Eleanor by the community pool yesterday after school.” His tone changed darker and more sinister then before. “It would be a shame if she happened to fall in when no one was around. It would be an even bigger shame if she happened to not be able to come back up for air, don‘t you agree?”

I flew off the handle. How dare he threaten my children! Did he really think that intimidating me was going to improve his chances of being in my challenge?

At the same time, I feared for Eleanor’s safety. She was my baby, and I would do anything to keep her safe.

“Christy, I don’t want to hurt any of your children…but you made a promise and now you must keep it.”

I tried to correct him by stating that I never said he couldn’t be in my challenge. I just needed time for my others to grow up a little so things would be less crazy, but he silenced me by pressing his boney skeletal index finger against my lips. I realized that there was no more room for arguments. There would be no negotiations. It was either he participated in my challenge now or Eleanor – and possibly more of my children – would die.

I did the only thing I could to save them, I showed Johnny to my bedroom.

I couldn’t even bring myself to look at Johnny afterwards – at least not any longer then I absolutely had to. His smug grin was enough to make me want to vomit. I couldn’t imagine how one man could be so purely evil.

“What about my children?”

Johnny let out a soft chuckle. “You have given me what I wanted so you’re children will not be harmed. They will live the life that they were meant to live without any interference from me. I wish you well Ms. Quinn…”

With that, Johnny put his robe back on and headed down the stairs. I felt as if there was something that he had failed to tell me, but I didn’t question it. He was out of my house and hopefully my life forever.

A few months have passed since Johnny paid a visit. I have tried to spent as much time with Eleanor and Elliot as I can. I realized that in all the chaos, I had been neglecting them and even though they didn’t seem to mind, I was bothered by it. After Johnny’s “threat” the two weren’t allowed to go anywhere after school unless they would be near a responsible adult.

I am sure they were happy when their birthday finally rolled around and they would be teenagers.

Eleanor grew up to be a gorgeous young woman, but that could be just a mother’s opinion.

Elliot grew up to look a great deal like his father…

With Eleanor and Elliot older now, they were able to help me out a lot more with their younger siblings. Eleanor seemed to adore her four younger sisters while Elliot bonded mostly with Freddy. I guess it had to do with them being the only males in a house full of females.

I was also able to catch up on some much needed sleep with the extra pair of hands around.

It seemed as if things were really beginning to improve. I had two wonderful teenagers helping me around the house so I wasn’t nearly as stressed. I was granted little breaks from child care in the afternoons so I was even able to go out and tend to my garden again without worrying if the triplets would be alright or not.

Things could still be a little crazy sometimes, especially with the kids were at school. Freddy still cried constantly which would in turn wake his sisters up from their naps. I might get a phone call in the middle of feeding them or changing them.

Ice was someone who had been calling me constantly, saying that we really needed to talk about something, but I was always to busy taking care of the kids to go over to his house. I hated to hear the disappointment in his voice when I said no, but what else could I do?

I also received a phone call from Heidi recently where she mentioned that she had entered (and won) the Miss Sim 2010 Beauty Pageant. I was so proud of her!! She had beaten a lot of really gorgeous women – one of which she said lived nearby in Sunset Valley and I should really look her up.

“Her name is Violet, and I really think that you two would have a lot in common.”

Having friends sounded like a nice idea in theory, but when would I have the time to actually see them or speak with them? Maybe someday things will slow down a bit and I can actually go meet this Violet.

Soon, it was time for yet another birthday. This time, Ruby and Joanna would be growing into children and starting school.



With the girls older now, I was able to spend more quality time with them as well. Joanna was typically a loner, but she loved making an exception for me. I loved our goodnight hugs and bedtime stories. It was our bonding time!

I really have to thank their dad for them turning out to be such wonderful little girls. Gordon was a sweetheart and a very active father. He would pick the girls up daily from school and help them with their homework. After their homework was done, they would head to the park to play catch or to the bistro for a father/daughters dinner.

With so many kids in one house, there always seems to be a birthday around the corner. This time the birthday was for the triplets. I would finally be able to begin teaching them their life skills.

Freddy grew up with his father’s hair color, my eyes and skin tone, and from the looks of it a majority of my facial features as well.

The girls looked identical to one another. So much in fact that I had to style their hair differently in order to tell them apart. Both girls had my light blue eyes, their father’s shadowy skin tone, and my mother’s brown hair.

This is Nancy…


With the triplets a bit older, I was able to get out of the house more. This really was a treat for myself as well as them because I hadn’t been out since the night they were born. Usually we would head to the library and Freddy would always hide from me. I guess because he didn’t want to learn.

When I took Freddy to the library, no one ever gave me a second look. He looked like a normal every day toddler, but when I would take one of the girls to the library everyone would just stare at us for an uncomfortably long time. It was like they were scared of my girls…

My older kids try to stop by as often as they can. When I brought Nancy home that night, Carter was standing outside the door waiting excitedly to tell me that he had been promoted to Fighter Pilot.  He also told me that his three adorable children were doing well and that they were considering having another soon.

It’s hard to believe just how much everything has changed in the past few months. The triplets are actually sleeping throughout the night just like the doctor told me they would. I was so happy to see that they had grown out of that stage.

With them sleeping at night, I was able to pick up painting again. I managed to complete two different pieces within the last few months of my pregnancy.

It was as I was fixing a late night dinner that I began to feel my labor pains kick in. Luckily it was only Autumn Salad so I didn’t have to worry about burning the house down.

After a few hours, I was able to give birth to a little girl that I named Tiffany…

…and her twin brother that I named Chucky

Hope you guys enjoyed this update!! I went out of town for the holidays early last week thinking that I would have a stable internet connection to post updates with, however when I got there, we had no internet connection to speak of so I was unable to do the updates. Had I known that prior, I would have posted a message before leaving to let you guys know. Either way, hope that everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and stuffed themselves silly with all the good food.

Okay a few other little things before credits…The Beauty Pageant that Heidi entered was done over on Facebook. The contest was held by a fellow baby challenge mother, Skye Newton and I am honored that Heidi was chosen as the winner over all the other contestants. I definitely wasn’t expecting to win when I entered. There are a couple of other pageants going on that I hope to enter some of the kids in (including a twin pageant) and will include them in my story if I am able to. I did make mention of a couple of things in this update that will end up being mentioned more in future updates (Ice needing to talk and Heidi wanting her mother to talk to Violet) so look forward to seeing more about that later on.

Credits: I would like to once again thank Rialia for the creation of the Reaper Brothers. You can download Johnny Reaper here.

Can anyone guess which horror movie these two babies were named after? If you guessed the 1988 film that terrified children and made them to scared to play with their dolls, better known as “Child’s Play” then you would have been correct. Chucky was named after Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray. Tiffany was named after Chucky’s ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Ray who wasn’t featured in the series until the 1998 film Bride of Chucky.


15 thoughts on “Halloween Special: Part 2; Baby 36 and 37

  1. I love the update!!!! 🙂
    I have some name suggestions girls: Tinka (my name), Gloriana, Hope, Susannah, Despair, Lousia, Arianna, Arabella
    Boys: Jasper, Mathew, Ben, Finbar, Isaac

  2. I just want to know, did you used a mod to get Christy pregnant? Because you already had eight sims in your house before the pregnancy, if I counted correctly. Anyway, I loved your post, it was cool how Christy’s daughter won the beauty pageant. Keep up the good work!

    • Yes, with the twins birth there are currently 10 sims in the active household. I actually use a couple of different mods in order to achieve this: Twallan’s MasterController, Woohooer, and PortraitPanel. The MasterController allows you to change the max amount of sims capable of living in a household. I have mine set at 12 currently, although I probably won’t try for a baby again until after the older set of twins has moved out. The Woohooer allows you to “Try for a Baby” even after the household has 8 sims in it, and the PortraitPanel makes all of the sims portraits visible instead of just 8.

      Thank you for commenting!

  3. Hola! I just found your baby challenge yesterday and have read the whole thing now. (: Your a great writer, and also I would like to let you know i’m doing a baby challenge of my own! (: Here are some names:
    Girls: Kaylynn, Kaynella, Kara, Lauryn and Lindsay (twins!)
    Boys: Jake
    Hope you enjoy these names! (:

    • Thank you for the names, I will most likely use them after the horror movie naming theme. Also best of luck in your challenge, feel free to use any of my children for fathers

  4. yet another awesome update… Eek I think Johnny is hiding something.. I hope tradgey doesn’t strike… oh I love the T-shirt that Freddy was wearing.. IT IS GREAT

  5. I feel so bad, I haven’t commented in such a long time. Thanks so much for using one of my names.
    For horror/halloween names-
    Harley for a girl? Harley Quinn would look like Harlequinn and I’m scared of clowns.

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