Halloween Special: Part 1; Baby 33, 34, and 35

Note from Ashley: Welcome to part 1 of the Halloween Special. I feel a little silly about posting the Halloween special so late, but I really wanted to use these three father’s as well as all the neat Halloween stuff that I spent all of October collecting. Sit back, enjoy, and remember feedback is always appreciated.

88b03741.png picture by Ashley505


All Hollow’s Eve is quickly approaching here at the Quinn house and the family is more excited then ever to celebrate. All of the children have picked out their Halloween Costumes, and I have decorated the house accordingly.

The nursery was repainted to fit with the Fall theme.

One of my favorite room renovations has got to be what we did to the older children’s bedroom. Yes, I did say bedroom – singular. Originally, my children would have two bedrooms – one for the boys and one for the girls. However, after having so many girls in a row, I talked it over with my kids and they agreed that it would better for a building crew to come and knock down the wall that separated the girls’ bedroom from the play room to make one very large bedroom.

We then painted the entire bedroom in a Halloween theme. The kids loved it.

I have lived in Sunset Valley for a number of years now, but never once have I done anything major to my own bedroom. I always put my money towards my children and things they  might need to better their future, but when I was redecorating the other bedrooms, I decided to spoil myself a little bit.

The colors were always simple yet a bit dull. Not really the most romantic bedroom. I decided to change that by going with a very vibrant purple color.

Now on to the costumes…

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to dress up as for Halloween to be honest. At first, I considered going as a maid – because I am always cleaning up messes around the house. Then I found another costume in the store that fit me perfectly. I would go as a Warrior Princess to show my children that a mother can be both beautiful and strong.

Ruby went as my scary little Skelton…

Joanna went as my cuddly little Panda Bear…

Eleanor decided to go dressed as an Arabian Princess…

She said it was based on one of her favorite movies.

Elliot was very reluctant to dress up for Halloween at first. Having no older males in the house, he thought it was something that only girls were suppose to do.

“Dress up is for girls, Mom” he told me when we went shopping.

After I showed him a few pictures of his older male siblings in costumes, and after the girls told him how great he looked, Elliot really got into the spirit. He decided to go as Eleanor’s counterpart: an Arabian Prince or Thief. It was one of the two…

Then it was the triplet’s turn to show off their costume selection. They all were dressed in different school girl uniforms, but for some reason they had smeared a bunch of make-up around their eyes to look like blood. I didn’t get it.

“Mom, it’s so simple…” Selena went to explain. “In every horror movie known to sim-kind, who is the most likely to always get attacked?”

“TEENAGERS!!” Demi and Heidi answered for me.

“Right, usually female teenagers so we decided to go as three zombie teenagers back from the grave seeking our revenge. Don‘t we look great?” Selena asked.

“You three look very scary dear.”

The girls really did look scary in their costumes – especially when they were playing video games against one other, and one of them would get angry after losing. I think it might be the contacts they were wearing that made them look truly scary looking.

The house wasn’t always scary. When Ruby wasn’t wearing her skeleton costume, she could be rather adorable.

The same can be said for Joanna. She was like a mini-me with her beautiful red hair and my light blue eyes. I didn’t really see any of her father’s genetics in her at this age.

While I was teaching Jo how to walk, Heidi decided to give me a hand by teaching Ruby how to talk. Ruby was a bit stubborn at first until Heidi brought up the subject of fighting. “Standing up to the man” Heidi called it. Ruby really responded to all Heidi’s talk about protesting. I doubt Ruby really understood the meanings of some of what Heidi was teaching her, but she could feel just how passionate Heidi was about it and that got her excited enough to learn.

Selena has continued her passion for painting. Sometimes, she disappears into the study for hours at a time, refusing to come out until she finishes her latest masterpiece. The art gallery has been buying up many of her pieces for hundreds of simoleans.

With all the family bonding going on, I was really beginning to miss a large part of my family…my mother. We hadn’t talked in a really long time – since I found out that she bribed Seth to participate in my challenge. She had come to the triplet’s birthday, but I avoided her. At the time I was still much to upset to talk to her, but now I was beginning to miss her more then anything.

When the kids got home from school, I made sure they were doing their homework before heading out to the place my mother was renting while she was in town and I waited for her to arrive home.

Things were a bit awkward at first. We could only stare at the ground for the first few moments. I needed to do something to break the ice between us.

“Those are some nice shoes you have on…are they new?” Not the best way to ease the tension, but it was worth a try.

“Yes, I bought them a week ago. That’s a very nice…” my mother looked up at me and her eyes studied my costume for a few moments. “What on earth are you wearing Christy?”

I couldn’t help laughing. “It’s my Halloween costume, mom.”

She smiled at me, “Oh that’s right, it’s Halloween…I had completely forgotten.”

We stood there, the past events having almost been completely erased from our minds. We were smiling and laughing again like old times until she brought the past back up.

“Christy, there is something that you really need to know…”

“Mom, no…it’s in the past. There is no reason for us to bring it up anymore.”

“I really need to tell you what happened, Christy. It has been bugging me for awhile and you deserve to know the truth.”

I nodded, “Alright, go on…”

“You have to believe me when I say that it was never my intention to bribe any of the guys to participate in your challenge. All the guys told me before we came here that they legitimately wanted to participate. However, after I called you the night before Seth came over, he completely changed his mind. It was almost like the kid was bi-polar. We had worked together before and he had always been so reserved – only doing the job required of him and going back to his own secretive life, but that night, he acted so different. I didn’t want to disappoint you so I gave him what he wanted, a pay raise. You were never suppose to find out about it…”

Once she said everything that she needed to get off her chest, I gave her a hug. I wanted her to know that I had no hard feelings for what she did. It was in the past and I knew that she would never put me in jeopardy on purpose.

“Mom, I want you to come to our party tonight. It would really mean a lot to me as well as the kids if you were there”

I returned home that night with enough time to set up the buffet table, the decorations, and turned on the stereo. The party was about to begin.

I quickly ran upstairs before the party to get the girls dressed and fed. They wouldn’t be able to attend the party, but they would get to have their own party upstairs with their dad.

Just as I made it back to the refreshment table, I heard a loud enthusiastic scream coming from the back door. My mother was there, ready to party.

As the guests continued to arrive, I started to loosen up by dancing next to the refreshment table. I couldn’t help noticing that not many of the guests where wearing costumes. That’s probably my fault though…next time, I should specify that it’s a costume party on the invites.

I was thrilled when three gentlemen showed up to the party in costumes. It was a bit strange because they all had the same idea to come dressed as the Grim Reaper, and none of my other guests knew who they were, but they seemed friendly enough. The heavy set one even waved to me as he entered the back yard.

Demi decided to play the guitar for the party guests. They really seemed to enjoy it.

It didn’t take long after Ice arrived that he was asking me to dance. I have come to have little self-control when it comes to Ice so I was unable to resist his charms. We danced just the two of us for quite awhile.

Soon, however, we were interrupted when Selena and Heidi spotted their father at the party. The girls love spending time with their dad so I left them to talk while I mingled with the other guests.

Here I am dancing with Murphy as well as one of the mysterious men dressed as the Grim Reaper. At first I thought maybe they were one of the previous fathers from my challenge, but their voices didn’t seem at all familiar.

You are probably wondering what the twins are doing with all the partying going on downstairs. Well…

After I exhausted myself from all the dancing, I decided to try to find out more about these mysterious men who had come to my party. I approached the larger one as he was the only one that was alone.

“That’s a great costume!! I hope you don‘t mind me asking, but I‘ve been racking my brain all night trying to figure out something. Do I know you and your friends?”

“My name is Chubby, and those guys are my brothers.”

Chubby and I continued talking for most of the night. He told me that he – as well as his brothers – had heard about my baby challenge through the grape vine and wished to participate. Their genetics were a bit unique and would love to have children to pass them onto. So Chubby and I headed upstairs.

Afterwards, I was so tired from all the events that day that I just wanted to close my eyes and get some sleep, but I couldn’t sleep just yet. There was still a party going on downstairs. There was still a strange man in my bed. Sleeping would have to wait.

When I opened my eyes, I was shocked at what I saw.  Chubby was dark – no dark wasn’t the word. It was as if he were merely a shadow. I was speechless at first.

“So you are really the Grim Reaper, aren’t you?” I looked at him still a bit confused.

“No, my name is Chubby. Chubby Reaper. My younger brother’s name is Grim, and then the flirty, self-centered one you were dancing with is my brother Johnny, but yes, our family is in the business of collecting the departed souls from this place and taking them to the afterlife. What you normal sims refer to as the “Grim Reaper” except there are many of us and not all of us are named Grim. That would get a bit confusing you see…”

“I always pictured the Reaper as a skeletal figure in a long black robe carrying a scythe, but you’re not a skeleton at all. You are solid, but yet like smoke at the same time.”

“A common misconception…I wouldn’t think about it to much, you will only confuse yourself.”

With that, Chubby got out of bed and I noticed just how “chubby” he was. I had thought his name was strange because the robe had hidden much of his weight but now I could see his round, expanded stomach.

The following morning, I invited Ice and my mother back over to help celebrate the triplet’s birthday. They would be growing into young adults today and leaving the house.




The girls let me take one last group picture of them together while we talked about their future. They all planned on following a path in the arts. Whether that be as a professional musician or a professional journalist or a stay at home artist. I wasn’t worried about my girls as they would be moving in with Ice until they were able to get enough of an income to move out on their own.

“Bye, mom, we love you!!”

It was a bit lonely in the house the weeks following my girl’s moving out. The sweet music we had all grown accustom to hearing wasn’t there.

739fe1da.png picture by Ashley505

The television and video game system went untouched. Eleanor and Elliot were more interested in playing chess together then video games.

9616505a.png picture by Ashley505

Ruby and Joanna tried to keep me busy, but I couldn’t help missing the triplets. The house just wasn‘t the same without them.

d2a81ab0.png picture by Ashley505

7bc0e7d4.png picture by Ashley505

I soon had another distraction from the emptiness of the house when I felt my next child kick for the very first time.

831ae728.png picture by Ashley505

As my pregnancy progressed, the morning sickness got worse. I was constantly sick to my stomach, and barely able to keep food down. It was absolutely horrible. I have never experienced anything like this before.

7cfa0c24.png picture by Ashley505

694b43af.png picture by Ashley505

The only thing worse then the morning sickness was the cravings. I don’t typically eat a lot of sweets, but this pregnancy, I was constantly craving ice cream. I could eat three or four containers a night, and mixing that ice cream with some spaghetti…Oh boy, my taste buds were in heaven!!

5ad96e09.png picture by Ashley505

I knew that my late night cravings were not setting the best example for Eleanor and Elliot, but I just couldn’t stop myself.

“Mommy, why is the baby making  you eat so much?”

30a8c1e1.png picture by Ashley505

I had to distance myself from the kitchen. I needed to distract myself. Like most of my past pregnancies, painting came in handy with that.

a4c10633.png picture by Ashley505

I even picked up the guitar. I’m not as musically talented as my children have been, but it felt good to hear music playing through the house again…even if the notes were really bad.

8042e22b.png picture by Ashley505

You are probably asking yourself, what is a heavily pregnant mother of 32 children with two toddlers and two small children waiting at home doing out at three o’clock in the morning?

f5e21ce0.png picture by Ashley505

The answers all lie with this woman…

c0881941.png picture by Ashley505

Her name is Regina Williams. Apparently she recently had a near death experience. This sent her into a panic so she called me – why she picked me to call I still have no clue but she wanted me to bring her Death Flower to ward off death. An insurance policy she called it. I happened to have one from years ago when I first explored the catacombs that I wasn’t using so I gave it to her.

I didn’t have the energy to tell her that I was ironically pregnant with one of the Reaper’s children.

5f17ac8a.png picture by Ashley505

I returned home that night to find that the babysitter had fallen asleep on the job. Joanna and Ruby were hungry and tired.

“It’s okay Jo, mommy is here”

b6fe8ce5.png picture by Ashley505

I had just put Joanna in her crib and turned to take care of Ruby, when I felt the crushing wave of labor hit me. The pain was horrible, and I couldn’t move. I screamed as the next baby was making it’s way into the world.

10bc8b83.png picture by Ashley505

Eleanor heard my screams and led her baby sister into the bathroom to distract her.

1eb86c9a.png picture by Ashley505

07944b3d.png picture by Ashley505

94b70777.png picture by Ashley505

After many hours, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that I named Freddy…

834032aa.png picture by Ashley505

As I placed Freddy in the crib, I felt even more pain. Twins? Soon after I gave birth to a little girl named Nancy. She had her father’s dark shadowy skin tone.

e5fd640d.png picture by Ashley505

7c811ce6.png picture by Ashley505

I was shocked when the labor pains continued after I had placed Nancy in her crib. I was having another set of triplet’s, I couldn’t believe it!!

Another beautiful baby girl with her father’s skin tone. I named this one Kristen.

f37634fa.png picture by Ashley505

3e82b07d.png picture by Ashley505

As I looked at my three beautiful new babies, I was shocked. Triplets were very uncommon for me, but here I stood with three beautiful new babies. The household had just lost my second set of triplets and who could have guessed that it would be replaced by another set of triplets so soon?


Wow, I definitely was not expecting another set of triplets this round, but I’m pleased that the two girls got their father’s skin tone. Can anyone guess the what classic movie series these three babies were named after?

If you guessed Nightmare on Elm Street then you would be right. Freddy was named after the main character in the series, Freddy Krueger. Nancy was named after Freddy’s arch-nemesis, Nancy Thompson/Holbrook. Finally, Kristen was named after Kristen Parker who appeared in the third movie of the series.

I would like to thank Rialia for the creation and permission to use The Reaper Brothers in my story. I requested to use them in my challenge quite a while back and thought that they would be the perfect “Halloween” fathers. You can download Chubby Reaper here


16 thoughts on “Halloween Special: Part 1; Baby 33, 34, and 35

  1. Christy… loved this post. Ruby was so cute and the triplets were awesome with their makeup. A Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite… loved this post.. oh wait I said that..LOL.

    • lol Thanks Jen, it’s probably my favorite horror series out there as well. My husband went out and bought all the past movies on DVD so we could watch them for Halloween. I really glad you like the update. I’m surprised at all the great reviews I’ve been getting on this post especially since I had writer’s block for a majority of it lol

  2. Yeah, I changed my mind about the triplets. I think that the way you put Heidi together as a young adault looks absolutely great!!! Hopefully the triplets turn out trim and slim, is there a cheat for making sims slim, other than that one boby operater machine thing in the lifetime wishes?

    • I was really happy with the way that Heidi turned out as a young adult as well. Even Demi surprised me with how well she looked as a YA.

      As far as I know, the only way to slim down your sims is by the Body Sculptor or by working out. I think that the Fast Metabolism LTR might also help on that as well, but like I said those are the only real ways that I know how to slim down a sim.

  3. Okay, my message is unclear. The ‘yeah, I changed my mind about the triplets,’ I was talking about Selena, Heidi and Demi. The ‘hopefully the triplets will turn out slim’, was about the grim babies

  4. I love your challenge! 😀 I’ve been reading it for a while now.. I was wondering if you could link the website you got the DARE shirt Heidi is wearing? I’ve tried to find it, but no dice.

    • I believe that I downloaded the shirt off of KittyKlan.com but I could be mistaken. It’s been awhile so I’m not 100% positive on it. Thank you for commenting and I hope you continue to read

  5. Hey, I love your story! I’ve started a 100 baby challenge of my own, but it feels like it’s taking forever to get anywhere!lol I’ve only had 6 children so far. Where do you get your maternity outfits from? I love them!

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