Quick Note

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am currently working on the next update. It took awhile to play through because of the little amount of time that I’ve been able to spend on the sims since my husband lost his job, but I finally managed to play through. The pictures are cropped and uploaded to photobucket – there are nearly 80 pictures this round. All that there is left to do is write out the update so hopefully it will be posted sometime tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Also I wanted to mention that if you happen to have a facebook account, feel free to add the account that I made specifically for this challenge. I tend to post small updates on there about previews for upcoming chapters or when I post an update on here. You can also find a complete photo album of all the grown children who have moved out and their father’s.

Here is the account, feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or just any kind of feedback.


One thought on “Quick Note

  1. Looking forward to the update when you get it together — it sounds like it will be a great one! And obviously you can’t be blamed for the situation. Keeping my fingers crossed that your husband is able to find a job soon!

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