Baby #31 and 32

The more Eleanor and Elliot grew, the more they reminded me of their father especially Elliot. I didn’t see any of myself in him which saddened me. I know it shouldn’t, but with the awful things that their father said to me, I couldn’t help letting it get to me.

Eleanor grew up with her father’s beautiful blonde hair – the very first of my children to ever have blonde hair. She also had my light blue eyes and as far as I can tell, many of my facial features.

407c1d2d.png picture by Ashley505

As I said before, Elliot looks just like his father. He got his dad’s blonde hair, teal colored eyes, and his dad’s mouth shape. He was stunning just like his father.

0eea55ff.png picture by Ashley505

As I tuck Elliot into bed each night, I can’t help thinking – no hoping and praying – that my sweet little boy doesn’t turn out to be like his father.  Seth’s hateful words still stung me greatly, and I don’t know if I can handle Elliot growing up thinking the same about his own mother.

753cd43b.png picture by Ashley505

A huge part of me isn’t nearly as worried about Eleanor growing up to be like her father…at least not as worried as I am about Elliot. Elliot prefers his alone time while Eleanor is a colossal mommy’s girl. She is attached to my hip nearly 70% of the time, and if she’s not, she is somewhere close by. Eleanor just doesn’t seem happy unless she is with me.

c4d45117.png picture by Ashley505

When I’m not spending time with the twins, I try to get out of the house as much as I possibly can. If I don’t, I go a bit stir crazy. On this particular day, I headed to the local pool. As I headed into the bathroom to change into my swimsuit, I heard a man call out from behind me.

“Excuse me…” I turned and saw a man approaching me who had pink hair and light pink skin. As he got closer, I noticed that he had the most beautiful lilac colored eyes. They were enchanting.

4ea44a1a.png picture by Ashley505

562aaced.png picture by Ashley505

“Are you Christy Quinn?” the man asked. I nodded not really sure what he could be approaching me about. Did he want to be apart of my challenge? How had he even heard about it? “I’m so sorry to ambush you like this, but my name is Gordan Williams and I’m from the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  The organization sent me to town to personally thank you and your family for all the money that you have donated over the past month.”

879f6348.png picture by Ashley505

“Really, it was no problem at all. My family and I were happy to do as much as we possibly could for the organization. If you don’t mind me asking, what got you into helping the NBCF? Do you know someone who has cancer or are you just a good soul?”

Gordan looked down at his feet for a few moments before replying. “My wife actually died a year ago from breast cancer”

“Oh dear, I am so sorry…” I felt absolutely horrible. Why did I have to ask him questions?

Before I could really beat myself up anymore, he replied. “It’s okay, she had been suffering for quite some time and was in stage 4 upon her death. Once the cancer reached her brain and lungs…at least now she isn’t suffering anymore, but I do miss her a lot.”

e42459a3.png picture by Ashley505

We continued talking for a few hours more and somehow the subject of children came up. He was completely shocked when he found out that I was the mother of 30 children. His surprise made me laugh, and I couldn’t help pulling out a few family pictures in order to prove my story.

1ad02390.png picture by Ashley505

1df49047.png picture by Ashley505

As we continued to talk, I noticed a light blue figure out of the corner of my eye. It was Ice lounging on by the pool. Was he spying on me? Surely not…

a8f224e0.png picture by Ashley505

It was beginning to get late and we were still discussing all my children at the time. He asked me why I wasn’t married when I had so many children so I explained what my mother had been like when I was a child. How hard it was for me to truly trust anyone…then I brought up my goal of having 100 children. Before we said goodnight, he had agreed to stop by the following day and participate in my challenge.

4ce654f2.png picture by Ashley505

e02d34b6.png picture by Ashley505

That night was the triplets birthday as well as my older set of twins. I made it back home just as the girls were stepping up to their birthday cakes. Selena was very excited while Demi and Heidi were apprehensive about becoming teenagers.

734e4353.png picture by Ashley505

6e0e649f.png picture by Ashley505


8a2663ae.png picture by Ashley505


7c002190.png picture by Ashley505

I was surprised at just how frightened Heidi was of the dark. She had always had this small fear, but I was hoping the older she got the less scared she would be of it. That doesn’t appear to be the case, she is just as scared now as she was when she was a child. Heidi couldn’t even hide her fear long enough to celebrate the rest of her siblings’ birthdays before she ran inside the house.

e18433cf.png picture by Ashley505


be483cb2.png picture by Ashley505


d084e0ff.png picture by Ashley505


8461ea33.png picture by Ashley505

After the kids had all finished their birthday cake, I sat down in the living room with both Lydia and Callen to talk about what their plans for the future were. I knew that neither one of them was very focused on any particular career, and I knew they would prefer to travel the world. Nevertheless, traveling required money and they would need to get some kind of job in order to afford to travel.

“Lydia and I have talked about this and we would like to eventually move to China.” Callen continued, “We both loved it there so much that we wanted to make it a permanent residence.”

“That’s great sweetheart, but you know that I can’t afford to buy you a home there. The family only has a limited amount of money and sending you on those two trips to China have already taken a large chunk of the money I had saved up.”

Lydia spoke up next. “We would never dream of asking you to pay for it mom. Callen and I planned on staying in town for a little bit longer. We already talked to Rosa and Zola, and they have agreed to let us stay with them for a couple of months until we save up enough to move to China.”

e687f583.png picture by Ashley505

I had never realized how much planning Lydia and Callen had put into their future, but I was a very proud mother at that moment.


Gordan came over the following day like we had agreed upon. He still wasn’t over the death of his late wife, and therefore was uncomfortable with flirting so we just made small talk for a little while. I wanted to make this as comfortable for him as I could.

791a288a.png picture by Ashley505

9e455c30.png picture by Ashley505

After a few minutes of talking, we were able to head upstairs and get down to business. He asked me for a single favor afterwards.

“No matter the gender of the baby, could you name the baby after my late wife?”

I was more then happy to agree. He had helped me father my next child, the least I could do was name the child after his wife.

ee95c3c0.png picture by Ashley505

Gordan offered to stick around for a little while afterwards to help me with the twins until the older triplets could get home from school. I assured him that it wasn’t necessary, but he insisted. He loved kids, but he didn’t get to interact with a lot of them.

Eleanor took right to him. She was giggling within seconds of meeting him.

297ebc68.png picture by Ashley505

f86f95db.png picture by Ashley505

d46a89a4.png picture by Ashley505

When the bus dropped the girls off that afternoon, I noticed that Demi wasn’t on it. I began to get worried, but Selena said that the school had asked Demi to work at the business office for a few hours in order for her to receive extra credit.

3309ff7b.png picture by Ashley505

A few weeks after meeting Gordan, I discovered that I was indeed pregnant with my next baby. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for another little girl. Not because the house didn’t have enough girls in it already, but because I really wanted to keep my promise to Gordan.

I spent the early – and even later – stages of my pregnancy painting cute pictures for the nursery and spending as much time with my children as possible. My garden definitely got neglected this pregnancy.

2e4025bd.png picture by Ashley505

cecb6baf.png picture by Ashley505

Over the next several weeks, I noticed how different the triplets were from one another. They were all best friends and could usually be found playing video games together.

“You can’t catch me now…One more lap and I’ve got you beat”

“No fair, my car won’t stop running into the stupid wall…” Demi responded back to her sister.

84a2b353.png picture by Ashley505

Of course, they had their own interests as well. Selena and Demi enjoyed playing the guitar. It wasn’t really that big of a shock, they always loved music growing up. However, they were also very different: Selena enjoyed painting while Demi liked to write short stories.

2c8264d6.png picture by Ashley505
Likewise, Heidi enjoyed writing as well, but she used her writing to stand up for animal rights and to write how-to books on conquering your fears. Her books were much more direct and less “creative” then Demi’s were.

0fdffc21.png picture by Ashley505

Did I happen to mention that she’s a vegetarian? No more hamburgers, frog legs, and hot dogs in this house. Her sister’s weren’t exactly happy about being reduced to an all autumn salad diet.

0354f7bd.png picture by Ashley505

It wasn’t much later that my two babies were going to be growing up and starting school.


2fdc9c30.png picture by Ashley505


41a7775d.png picture by Ashley505

With the youngest set of twins grown up, I decided it was time that we get another family portrait taken. Here we all are…

8a3ba256.png picture by Ashley505From left to right: Selena, Me (Christy), Elliot, Demi, Eleanor, and finally Heidi


I still had several weeks left until my due date so I decided to go to the library with the kids to brush up on my cooking. With all the autumn salad dishes I had to prepare lately, I am a little rusty on all the other recipes that I had previously learned to cook.

d94b952a.png picture by Ashley505

Eleanor and Elliot immediately headed for the blocks table while their older sisters decided to either work on the computer or play the guitar.

ffbac489.png picture by Ashley505

Several hours later, I felt a pain in my stomach. I was going into labor earlier then I had expected. Was something wrong? I admit that this time I was panicking. It felt like only yesterday that I had gotten pregnant. I told the girls to watch their younger siblings, get them to bed on time, and for one of them to call Gordan.

I headed to the hospital, hoping that everything would be alright. Gordan arrived not long after I did.

d1acfc33.png picture by Ashley505

I ended up staying in the hospital an extra day so the doctor’s could observe myself and my newest additions to the family. They were concerned about the early delivery and the effects it might have on my children, but all in all, the discovered nothing wrong with myself or my babies.

When I carried little Ruby Quinn out of the hospital the following day, there was a crowd waiting for us. I saw several of my older kids as well as a few random people from town.

5aed1a6f.png picture by Ashley505

I gave Gordan the honor of carrying Joanna out of the hospital. Joanna was named after Gordan’s late wife so it was only natural that he be the one who carries her back to the house.

96cdb15e.png picture by Ashley505

After putting the girls into their cribs, I made certain that Gordan knew I wanted him in the girls lives. He was such a nice person who had been put through a lot. The best thing to happen to him had been taken away far to early, but that’s where he corrected me.

“I may have lost the love of my life, but I have gained a new love for those beautiful baby girls.”


Sorry about the delay guys. I had planned on posting this update Monday after the mini-update, but my husband sent me a text not long after I had posted that one saying that he had been laid off from work. I have been so distracted this week trying to help him find another job that I wasn’t able to focus on this update. I am hoping to get another update out by at least Saturday, however until he is able to find another job, I probably won’t be able to completely focus on the sims.

For credits this week: Gordan Williams was actually downloaded off the Sims 3 community. He was originally created as a woman specifically for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. His female version was created by jnsfurry2009 and can be downloaded here. The idea for this update came after reading Doylegirl or better known as Della Wriner’s post on the topic. Of course it was originally planned to post the second to last week in October but I got behind.

This update also started the “Halloween/Horror” Type naming theme. Ruby was named after the Supernatural character, Ruby. Joanna was also named after the Supernatural character, Jo.

This is one of the four belated October updates that I had planned. Tune in next time for the 3 part Halloween Special.


9 thoughts on “Baby #31 and 32

  1. I’m so sorry about your husband… It’s pretty stupid how half of America is jobless nowadays, and I hope you guys luck. But I agree, you should focus on that, and forget about the sims until the problem’s solved

  2. I am sory for what you and your husband are going through. My brother was laid off for a couple of months, but thank goodness he is back to work. I am sending good vibes your way. Loved your update.

  3. Wow.Now there’s an obvios difference between Demi and Selena. I was actually able to see Demi would turn out like this when she was a toddler.;)

    • I noticed a very small difference when they were toddlers, but unless I was close up or in the mirror, I couldn’t really tell them apart. As they got older though, the differences became much more apparent.

  4. I love Esme adault hairstyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Could you please give me the link to it? I also like your simself’s hair, and if you could possibly give me the link to that ,too?

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