Mini-Update: Letter from China

Note from the Author: Hey guys, I know this update isn’t much, but I originally wasn’t going to include it at all because it didn’t really go with the next real update. I then decided at the last minute to go with this idea and work on the next update after posting this one. I’m hoping to have it up by tonight. I’ve about four updates behind on what I planned on posting for October. All four of those updates will be posted, they will just be posted later then originally planned. Okay, enough from me…enjoy the update!!


Dear Mom,

I know how much you worry about us when we travel, but Callen and I arrived in China safely.

Callen has been doing amazing in the Martial Arts tournament. He’s been challenging three or four people each day, and except for the occasional lose, he’s been destroying the competition. Can you believe he has already moved up the rankings?

3101cda8.png picture by Ashley505
Not much longer and he’ll be a Martial Arts Master. He’s incredible to watch though Mom…

I’ve been trying to help him as much as I can to prepare him for his next challenger, but I’m not as good as Callen in martial arts. He beats me every time.

I wanted to thank you for giving me the money to buy a camera while we were in China. I have been snapping pictures of everything and I can’t wait to show you them in person.

0e03d3ca.png picture by Ashley505
I know I told you I wouldn’t, but I couldn’t help going on an adventure or two…or five while I was here. Most of the people just wanted me to search around town for some rare metals or rare bugs, but the last one sent me to explore a tomb for some ancient writings.

c7c2b6c0.png picture by Ashley505
I promise Momma, it wasn’t anything to dangerous.

It took awhile to find what I was sent for, but I wasn’t about to give up.

We should be home by the time you get this letter.

Love you always,
(Oh and Callen too!)


2 thoughts on “Mini-Update: Letter from China

  1. I really enjoy this story. You have a lot of really creative stories and create such vivid personalities for all of the fathers and children. And it’s so easy to read since it’s pretty much error free grammar wise. Great blog! Keep it up! (:

  2. Can’t wait for your other updates when you get them sorted out! =) I liked this one. The “Don’t worry momma, it wasn’t dangerous” line cracked me up. =)

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