Baby #29 and 30

The triplet’s baby years passed by very quickly – almost to quickly – and like a blink of an eye, they were already toddlers. Selena grew up to be a very unique mixture of her father and I. She had my eye color as well as some of my facial features, but her skin tone and her hair color were strictly her dad’s.

3e1c6547.png picture by Ashley505
Heidi was the easiest of the girls to tell apart. She had my skin tone, but her dad’s darker blue eyes and blue hair.

Then there was Demi…almost an exact replica of Selena. She too had my light blue eyes, her father’s skin and dark blue hair. It took me awhile to be able to tell the two girls apart they looked and acted so much alike.

Heidi is one smart cookie…As I watched her interact with each of the toddler toys, I was amazed at how quickly she was able to figure them out all on her own.



I had forgotten just how hectic life with three little toddlers running around the house could be. All of them depending on you for food and attention. Each of them needing you to teach them their basic life skills before they grow up.

257e97fd.png picture by Ashley505
9740b91b.png picture by Ashley505

It was while teaching Heidi how to talk that her sisters got into a fight over one of the children’s picture books I had placed on the floor. Selena and Demi could be so much alike it was surreal. I lectured the girls on the importance of sharing despite the fact that they were still to young to really understand the meaning. Eventually though, Demi let her sister have the book and went to look at one of the others.


As I said, life could be very hectic with these three little girls running around. Thankfully though, James offered to help with teaching the girls how to walk. I don’t like asking the older kids normally because they are just kids and should enjoy their childhood while it lasts, but it was good to have the help.

90f188f9.png picture by Ashley505

Speaking of…it was time for another birthday that night. Lydia and Callen stepped up to the cake first.

0aa66e8a.png picture by Ashley505





With James and Tyler moving out of the house and the triplets in bed, I decided to head down to the beach again to fish for a few hours. It was while I was there that I received a phone call.

“I’m sorry to be calling you so late…” said the voice on the other end.

“Mom, no problem, is everything alright?”

“Just fine dear, listen I have one more young man that would like to participate in your challenge. Would tomorrow morning be alright for you?”


I bit my lower lip, thinking for a moment. I was already having such a difficult time raising the girls. Could I really handle another baby right now?

“Christy? Christy are you there?” my mother’s voice sounded worried.

“Sorry, mom…tomorrow morning sounds great.”

“Alright, I’ll send him over but Christy, I should warn you, he’s a bit…shy.”

Just as my mother had said the previous night on the phone, Seth Morris arrived right around 10 in the morning. I couldn’t help noticing something about Seth – aside from the fact that he was gorgeous. He didn’t seem as nicely dressed as the past father’s have been in my challenge. I’m not a vain person, but it looked and smelled like he had spent the whole morning at the gym or something and came as is. No shower or anything…it was a bit odd, but I pushed it from my mind.

“You must be Seth…” I greeted him with a smile trying to put this shy guy at ease.

I told him about my challenge rules and made sure to let him know that he was welcome to be as active in the babies life as he wanted. As I went to question him about why he wanted to participate in my challenge, he could never look me directly in the eyes. Again, it was strange, but my mother had told me he was shy.

“Let’s just get on with this…” Seth interrupted me and headed into the house.


I showed him to my bedroom. Something about this guy wasn’t sitting well with me. Something was off, but I tried to remind myself that he was just shy. If he didn’t want to participate in my challenge, he never would have told my mother that he had wanted to.

Baby #29 was soon on his/her way…


Hoping that his nerves would be calmed now that the hard part was over with, I tried to continue my conversation with him from earlier. I was interested in knowing if he wanted to be in his child’s life. Even if he was shy, his child/children deserved to know him and have him in their lives.

“Look sweetheart,” he said interrupting me once again. His voice was insincere when he said the word “sweetheart“. It was even disrespectful in the way he said it. “I don’t care about having children. I don’t care about seeing the one you are carrying. I think the “challenge” as you call is completely horrid and any woman who considers doing such a “challenge” should be locked away from the rest of sim-kind. The only reason why I agreed to participate is because your mother promised me a big fat bonus if I got you knocked up.”

I could only sit there stunned. My mind was running in slow motion as he continued to bash myself, my children, and the 100 Baby Challenge all together. Had he just said something about my mother giving him a raise? I blinked a few times to assure myself this was really happening. My body remained frozen to my bed. By the time my mind had time to recover from this sudden change in Seth’s attitude and defend my children against his harsh words, Seth was slamming the door downstairs.


I didn’t want to believe the things he had said were true. He must have just gotten mad about…well I don’t know what he possibly could have gotten so angry about, but there had to have been something. I decided to call my mother for some answers.

“Mom, did you agree to give Seth a bonus if he agreed to participate in my challenge?” Her hesitation was all I needed to hear to know it was the truth. “That wasn’t right of you…Do you know he just flipped out in my bedroom only feet away from where my daughters – your grandchildren – were playing? Do you realize the danger you could have put them in?”

She went to say something, but I wasn’t about to let her. I was shaken and scared. How many others had she paid to participate in my challenge? Murphy? Emery? Ice? I couldn’t bring myself to think that Ice would do such a thing…

”I don’t need you to pay anyone to participate in my challenge Mother.” I hung up the phone with tears in my eyes.

I couldn’t talk to her right now. I was just to upset and I didn’t want to say anything I would regret later on. I needed to calm down and eventually I would be able to talk to her again. But right now, my children needed me.

cb7e5c6c.png picture by Ashley505

A few days had passed since I talked to my mother. I was still to hurt to talk to her. Lydia and Callen were doing so well in school that I been saving up some money to send them on a trip. The school had offered them a chance to visit another country and learn about their culture for extra credit. The trip would last roughly 7 months, and the parents were asked to pay for half the cost.

When choosing which country the two would get to go to, all I could think about was China. Callen has always been a very disciplined young man and his teachers suggested that he would do well in martial arts. Going to China would allow him to learn from those who know it best.

Lydia had a photographer’s eye. I thought she would enjoy the sights and getting a picture of the Great Wall of China wouldn’t be bad either. They promised to take lots of pictures and email me daily – which they did.


Upon arriving in China, Lydia headed to the market place. I had asked her to bring the family back some souvenirs. She bought the family some new books about martial arts and recipes that are unique to Chinese culture. Lydia also got to know the merchants.


Callen spent most of his time in China learning martial arts. At first, he was scared of the training dummy, but after a few weeks of training, he was able to work his way up to a white belt, and eventually he earned himself a green belt.



After exploring the market place, Lydia headed out to talk with some of the locals. She ran into a woman by the name of Sun Young Kim who was looking for an fearless adventurer who was willing to retrieve an ancient Relic for her. Lydia wasn’t much of an adventurer, but she had always adored the stories her big sister Rosa had told her of her adventures in France. Now it was her turn…


Just like her big sister before her, Lydia traveled into an ancient tomb and set off in search of adventure. It took a lot of hard work, but she was able to find the missing relic that Sun Young Kim desired. These are the pictures that she sent me of her adventures.




By the time the kids got back from China, I was already pretty far along in my pregnancy. Eight months along to be more specific. Don’t I look huge here? My newest baby was going to be here very soon, I could feel it.

4fd64291.png picture by Ashley505
Callen has been even more disciplined and focused since returning from China. He is always in the backyard working with the training dummy or meditating around the house. I even saw him levitating the other day, it was incredible.

ae9d9609.png picture by Ashley505
Only a few short days after the Lydia and Callen came home, it was time to celebrate the triplet’s birthday. It had been awhile since I had seen some of my older kids so I decided this was a good opportunity to throw a party.

7396caac.png picture by Ashley505
Selena was up to the cake first…


You can see that Andre (Baby #17) is having a good time at the party. I was surprised that Ashlyn (Baby #18) was able to show up what with her new job at City Hall and all. She told me that working with a lot of famous politician’s was a great way for her to meet a “sugar daddy”…where did my daughter learn things like this from? I know that I didn’t teach them to her, but on with the party. Heidi was up next…


As Heidi went to blow out her candles, I smelled something burning. Before I even had time to process what was happening, the whole table had burst into flames. I rushed Heidi away from the growing fire. The guests began to panic, but not Ice…He jumped into action, trying desperately to put the flames out. With Ismael’s (Baby #13) help, they were able to get the fire put out before it spread to the house or hurt any of the guests.

I couldn’t stop myself, before I knew it, I was hugging Ice tightly.

“Ice, thank you so much. You saved the girls!! You saved me!!”

As I pulled away, our eyes locked and we stood frozen in time for a moment. Ice was such a great guy, I couldn’t stop myself from having genuine feelings for him. No, Christy, don’t do this to yourself. You can’t fall in love…you just CAN’T…



I brought Heidi back up to the birthday cake, and helped her grow into a child.

Last but not least was Demi…

97148a49.png picture by Ashley505
The girls are great friends…I was worried that Heidi might be left out because she is so different from her sisters in personality as well as in her skin tone, but as of right now, it doesn’t look like I have anything to worry about.

dcbaaeac.png picture by Ashley505
My garden has grown so much since I first started it. At first I was only growing a few apple trees, lettuce bushes, and even a couple of watermelons but now…I have onions, limes, flame fruit, potatoes, and so many more plants that I had never imagined I would be growing.. The kids all bring seeds they find around town or in various countries to help me expand and plant new kinds. The garden has gotten so big that I had to dig up all the living plants and move them beside the pond so they would have more room.

ec0d4f1b.png picture by Ashley505
It was while tending my garden that I went into labor. As I prepared to welcome my 29th child into the world, my phone started to ring. Not now…couldn’t they pick some other time to call me?


Ignoring my phone, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that I named Eleanor…


And her twin brother Elliot…

I would like to thank chobits of the Sims 3 Community for their creation of Seth Morris. I felt bad that I had to make Seth such a mean guy, but the guy I originally had planned for this update wouldn’t ever come to the house.

Also special credit goes to Elinha for the name Eleanor, and credit to Nova Strike for the name Elliot. With the birth of baby #30, I will be doing a different naming theme for the next few babies (most likely the next 10). The next naming theme will be a Halloween/Horror Film type naming theme, and most of the names will be coming from this list I found.

If you suggested a name, don’t fear, I will be doing another “Reader’s Choice” naming theme soon.


10 thoughts on “Baby #29 and 30

  1. Some name suggestions, first boys: Frankie,(short for Frankinstein,) Moss,
    Yeller. Now girls: Milady,(not really scary, but if anyone’s read the three musketeers, it’s an evil wman in that book.) Okay, I’ll go on, a weird one is Boo, or Boo-Boo. Some matching daddy suggestions can be a ghost named Mister Twister. The grim reaper would match perfectly. (sorry, you’d have to make both the Grim and Mister Twister.)

    • I actually have the dad (dads) for the Halloween Special planned out. It was suppose to be a three part Halloween special but my weekend has been insanely busy and I’ve had no play time so those post will be done later then I originally planned. Frankie was actually one of the names I had planned on using

  2. I
    im loving this!!! 😀 😀 😀
    (andihavelike6moreguysmade) o////o
    know you’ll never hurt for fathers ;D ;D

  3. I have an hightly recommended category for names, one is flowers and plants, it fits perfectly for both baby girls and boys. An even better one is spices!

  4. You should do a Harry Potter naming theme- you could do names like Harry, Ron, Ginny, Molly,etc.
    Or you should do a Glee name theme! Or you could make all the 10 kids born then named with the same letter- like All beginning with M or A

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