Baby #26, 27, and 28

The girls were so excited when they returned from their trip to France that they couldn’t wait to show me all the ancient stuff they found. Zola wanted to sell the stuff they had brought back and invest the money in their future. Rosa, on the other hand, wanted to keep everything so they – as well as all my future children – could always remember that they were my first children to travel to another country.

In the end, I talked them into a compromise. They picked out their favorite pieces to keep and sold the remainder of the stuff. With the money, I was able to buy two large display cases for the girls to put their treasures on.

1744fc1a.png picture by Ashley505

Ever since their trip together, Rosa and Zola seem to be inseparable. They sit next to each other on the bus every morning, they do their homework together every night, and they even watch television together. All things that they use to do separately.



The girls missed out on a lot while they were gone. All of their younger siblings were aging up before my eyes. I couldn’t believe how much time had seemed to pass. Lydia grew up to be such a cute little toddler. She got my skin tone, but her father’s hair color and eye color.


Callen also grew up to be very cute. He got his father’s skin tone and hair color, but with my light blue eyes.


James aged into a child and his hair remained just as wild and untamable as always. The older he gets, the more he reminds me of his father.


Although Tyler looks a great deal like his father in his facial features, his other genetics are strongly from my family. My mother’s brown hair and my father’s – as well as my own – light blue eyes.


As I am sure you are all aware, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As I am sure many of you are all aware, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The family has been donating money every Sunday and Wednesday morning to this great cause. However, because I am unemployed we haven’t been able to donate as much as I would like to be able to so I have decided to do other things to bring awareness. One of those being the entire family wearing pink. Here is our family photo…


My three boys didn’t mind doing this as much as you would think. All three of them love pink, in fact, it’s their favorite color. Lydia is still far to young to really care what color she is dressed in, but my two older girls were not fans of me randomly asking them to dress in pink. After explaining to the girls how many young women – and men – die every year from this disease, they didn’t put up a fuss about doing their part to bring more understanding to everyone in Sunset Valley.


When the girls got settled back in, I decided to take the whole family to the library for the day. A family outing was just what we needed. I discovered that Callen loves to read – or at least he enjoys looking at all the bright colorful pictures and making up his own stories for them.


The three boys are very close. While Callen was looking at his picture book, James and Tyler enjoyed playing with the blocks table together.


This gave Lydia and I time together. I started trying to teach her to talk, but she was really reluctant at first. After awhile, I decided to take a break and work with trying to teach Callen. He picked up on talking very fast, mimicking my words with no problems.



Tyler took the chance to give Lydia her evening bottle while I worked with Callen.


After taking all the kids home, I decided to try something different with Lydia. She was more of an active baby, so why not try teaching her to walk first? Before long she was walking and running all around the house. I would leave her in her crib at night, but when I would go in to check on her, she would have climbed out of the crib and made her way into the girls room.



Recently, I’ve taken to going out on nightly jogs. It keeps me fit and gives me time away from the kids to think. Every good mom is entitled a little away time sometimes. At first, I could barely run down the street and back before getting tired. Now, I can run all around town.


The following morning, I received a phone call from a mysterious stranger. It was a man’s voice and he told me that he was friends with my mother. He was interested in participating in my challenge, however, he wanted to do things the right way. He wanted to take me on an actual date. That was nice, no one had ever done that for me before. So I hired a nanny for the twins and headed to the bistro.

It was crowded with people, but none of them seemed to be interested in me so I just waited.


After waiting for a little while, I was approached by a man. He had light blue skin and bright blue hair that matched his eyes. He was in one word: gorgeous!! He introduced himself as Ice Azzuri



I quickly found out that Ice was a flirty schmoozer – just like me, but he also had a sweeter side to him. A romantic side that was irresistible.



As Ice and I continued to get to know one another better, we were interrupted by another couple getting in a fight behind us. We tried our best to ignore them, but their voices continued to get louder as the fight progressed. I also noticed out of the corner of my eye that my mom was also standing there. Was she checking up on me?



“Oh man, my daughter is here on a date. Talk about an awkward situation.”


Ice was very sweet and charming…he had always wanted to be a father and more importantly he wanted to be in his child’s life. When my mother told him about this challenge, he knew he wanted to participate. I had really grown to like Ice a lot in the short amount of time we had spent together.



The couple was still fighting when we went into the restaurant for our dinner date. I told Ice that it wasn’t necessary – I mean none of the other dad’s had done it before – but he insisted. He said it was his way of thanking me for allowing him to participate in my challenge.

ef134be5.png picture by Ashley505

After our dinner, I invited Ice back to the house. We stood in the doorway holding hands for what felt like hours. I enjoyed Ice’s company so much that I didn’t want our time together to end. But all good things much come to an end…

The kids would be home soon so we made our way upstairs and my next baby was soon on it’s way.




After we woohoo’d, Ice and I just laid in bed looking at one another. No…I can’t do this to myself. I can’t fall for this guy. I can’t get emotionally involved with any of the father’s of my challenge. My commitment issues would only cause our relationship heartache in the end. Falling in love wasn’t possible.

I jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed. Ice took the hint and said he needed to head out.


After Ice left that night, it was time for my youngest set of toddlers to grow into healthy, active children. Lydia continues to be just as adorable as the day she was born.



Callen grew up with hair just as wild as crazy as his older brother’s hair. No matter how much I try to comb it down straight, it would be standing up everywhere ten minutes later.


Callen and Lydia enjoyed spending time together in the backyard fishing, but at the same time, Lydia seemed to enjoy her alone time in front of the easel.



All of the children eating at the same table at the exact same time is a very rare sight in my house. I couldn’t help taking a picture of it when it happened.


My painting has really improved since I first started. Can you guess what this one is suppose to be? It’s a Zebra, and I know it’s going to be worth a lot of money when it’s complete.


Rosa is very helpful with helping me get dinner on the table at nights after the kids have gotten home from school. It looks like tonight is going to be Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.


While waiting for their sandwiches, Lydia and James decide to make silly faces at one another.



I’ve noticed something interesting with my three sets of twins. They all have a close relationship with their twin of course, but the oldest of each set of twins: Rosa, James, and Lydia are all really good friends and prefer to spend time together just the three of them.


The same goes for the  younger of the three sets of twins. Zola, Tyler, and Callen can normally be found watching television together and in a deep discussion about whatever they happen to be watching at the time.




Before I knew it, it was already time to celebrate my children’s birthday’s once again. I wanted to get in a little painting before the party, and that’s when I felt the first movement of Baby #26.










Life passed by slowly after Zola and Rosa moved out of the house. I spent a majority of my time in the garden or painting. Lydia approached me one evening and told me that she was hoping that I had a little girl. She had been feeling a little sad since her older sisters had left and really wanted more girls in the house for her to play with. I let her in on a little secret, I had a feeling that I was pregnant with another set of twins. After all, my last 5 pregnancies had been with twins.



My due date was approaching slowly. It felt like my next baby was more then comfortable staying inside my massive stomach forever. With all the kids in school, I decided to head down to the beach for the day. Fishing seemed to be relaxing.


I was ecstatic when I caught my first blowfish. The same can not be said for when I caught my first jellyfish.



Just as I was about to head home for the day, I felt a surge of pain in my stomach. I knew I was having an early labor. I was a long way from home and I need to get to the hospital to ensure that the baby made it here safely.



Ice arrived shortly after I did, thinking about all the neat stuff he was going to buy the kid and be able to teach him/her.


Triplets!! I was in shock when the doctor told me that I had just given birth to triplets. They were so uncommon – even for me. I had only ever had one set of triplets before and that seemed like such a long time ago.

I had to stay a couple of extra days for observation, but once the doctors were sure the babies and I were healthy, I was released. As I walked out of the hospital, I saw my daughter-in-law standing there in the most unusual outfit. She was wearing her army hat with her swimsuit?!



I had given birth to triplet girls…first was the biggest and friendliest of the girls, Selena. She inherited her father’s blue skin tone.


Secondly, there was Heidi who had inherited my skin tone.


Finally, there was Demi…she was the smallest of the triplets weighing only 4 lbs, but she was definately the most excitable of the bunch.


After putting the girls into their cribs, I gave Ice a hug thanking him for giving me three beautiful baby girls, and for staying with me at the hospital when he didn’t have to. He was such a nice guy that I could really see myself falling for him in the future if only I could get over my commitment issues.



Sorry about the delay, I posted a message a few days ago explaining the reasons why this update was taking awhile, but basically the kids were giving me problems aging up. That’s one of the reasons why there isn’t any birthday party pictures in this update. The problem seems to have sorted itself out however because the night after I posted the message, the kids seemed to age up just fine when I loaded the game up.

I would like to send a special thanks to BrightFashion for allowing me to use Ice Azzuri. I was pleasantly surprised when not one, but two of the girls came out with his skin tone.

Additional credit goes to PeacePupp for suggesting the names Demi and Selena. I’m not really a fan of the new Disney stuff but I got a small chuckle when Christy was taking the girls out of the basket and Selena and Demi had the same skin tone. I would also like to thank Lola who suggested the name Heidi.


6 thoughts on “Baby #26, 27, and 28

  1. Welcome back! I’m glad the issue sorted itself out finally! So will you be back regularly now that it’s fixed? Hope so! =)

    • My general idea is to try to get 2 or 3 updates out a week. I have two more planned for this week, so as long as the sims works properly with me and nothing crazy happens around the house, I should be able to get some more updates out. Thanks for reading

  2. I just discovered your blog after reading the 100 Baby Challenge by Harmonysims and I love yours! It’s so fun to read and I’ve been thinking about starting my own challenge (Also, I really enjoy the diary format you put your blog in, it makes it a lot more interesting to read). My favorite part about this post is the Breast Cancer Awareness photo. Ice is also my favorite father so far.

  3. sorry for not commenting, don’t know why i decided to comment on this post. Thank you for usin those names, oh and yeah i was going over a slight disney and nickolodeon obessesion that month.

  4. Hey im new to reading your blog, im gonna read all your past posts so ya. Ice is CUTE. I hope you and ice will get married or atleast date AFTER your challenge. I wanna see lots more babys.

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