Mini-Update: Bonjour!

Note from the Author: Hey guys, just wanted to let you know this update will be written from Rosa’s point of view and not Christy’s. It will also be pretty picture heavy and most of the update probably won’t include very much writing because I couldn’t think of many captions. Hope you enjoy!!


My name is Rosa Quinn and I’m going to grow up to be a great explorer one day. I have been begging my mother to take the family on a vacation to some place exotic every since I became a teenager, but she says that she can’t take kids as young as some of my siblings so far from home at such a young age. So after much begging, she agreed that I could go on an adventure if I got my twin sister to come along with me.

That’s her in the picture with the glasses…as you can probably tell, convincing her to go anywhere but a library will not be an easy thing to do. We are just so different from one another.

75b7cf11.png picture by Ashley505
I’m a very neat type of person…no, scratch that, I’m actually pretty neurotic about cleanliness. I always wash my hands three times in a row. The same goes for my teeth, if I don’t brush them exactly three times in a row after each meal, they feel like they are dirty and I imagine them falling out at a rapid rate.

The same can be said for household chores, the garbage must be taken out every morning before school and again every afternoon after school, even if the bag is only half full. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane.

My sister, on the other hand, is a huge slob. She will walk in after school, pick up one of our dirty dishes from breakfast if Mom hasn’t had the chance to clean and she will proceed to lick the dish. Do you have any idea how many germs could have accumulated in that amount of time?

We have other differences as well…I have no trouble making friends at school where as Zola prefers to be alone. She’s not a loner per say, she just prefers books, television, and video games to actual human beings.

There is something that I both admire and envy about Zola. She is a genius and it takes her no time at all to finish her homework at night so she has hours of free time. It takes me hours to finish and usually I need the help of either mom or some of my school friends to understand the material. I’m not stupid if that’s what you’re thinking…I’m just not really book smart like Zola.

After talking with Zola for a few hours each day after school about how great it would be to go on a trip together, I finally got her to agree and Mom made all the arrangements for us. I called us a taxi to take us to the airport. I swear, I have the best Mom in the entire world!!



Day 1
As our plane flew over the quiet little town where we would be staying, I couldn’t help thinking just how beautiful Champs Les Sims was. I’m still in shock that my mother agreed to send us here.

Once we got settled in at the “base camp”, Zola decided that she would spend the remainder of the day exploring the town. She was really interested in checking out France’s library and art museum while we were in town.

That left me to fend for myself in this new country. No problem, I knew Zola wouldn’t be up for an adventure and that’s the only thing I had on my mind. I noticed this large board outside our house and decided to check it out. It was filled with different missions and help ads. I picked the first one I saw and it read:

“I am looking for a daring soul who is willing to provide some assistance for an ample reward. If you are willing please report to me, Gustave Delven”

Seems simple enough. I asked around for directions to Gustave’s house and when I finally managed to find him, I introduced myself and asked about his help ad. Apparently, Gustave had lost an object that meant a lot to him. He wouldn’t tell me what it was, but he gave me the instructions of where I was to find it. I was suppose to travel to a place called Celtic Ruins which was located behind the nectary.

When I made it to the location indicated on the map, I spotted something on the ground out of the corner of my eye. After brushing it off a little bit, I realized that it was pieces of broken red and brown pottery. It looked expensive so I kept it. Maybe I can reconstruct it later on.

After collecting all the broken pieces of pottery, I examined the rest of the area. I didn’t see very much at first but upon closer inspection, I noticed something out of the ordinary. There was a stone panel hidden behind some bushes with a pair of foot prints on it. I stood directly over the prints and after jumping up and down on them a few times, I heard a noise and some stairs appeared in the ground before me.

I descended down the stairs to find an army of statues in my path. As I walked closer, I noticed they were surrounding something…piles of ancient gold coins and a strange heart shaped piece of stone.

It took awhile to move all those statues, but I managed to get them out of the way and collect the gold. After moving everything out of my way, I saw a pickaxe leaned up next to a pile of rubble. Someone must have thought there was something under all that debris so I started to clear it. Turns out there was some ancient gold under there too.

With that area completely cleared, I made my way further into the underground tomb and noticed a door at the end of a long hallway. I tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. Great, my first adventure and I can’t even get past a stupid door. I was ready to give up and go back to base camp, but I noticed a heart shaped hole in the wall beside the door. It was the exact same size as the stone heart I had found before.

So I tried it out and to my amazement, it actually fit.

I found a sarcophagus in one of the next rooms. Luckily for me, there wasn’t a mummy waiting to grab me and pull me inside. I found hidden switches from holes in the ground and even found a old well.

I jumped into the well and began to swim towards the bottom. It was a lot deeper then I had originally thought it would be, and just as I was about to surface, my foot became caught on something at the bottom. I struggled to get free…I was running out of air now, but the water began to drag me down deeper and deeper until I found myself coming up to the surface in a totally different room.

I was soaking wet, cold, hungry, and tired. I hadn’t expected this mission to take so long. I hadn’t prepared like a good explorer should. I needed to get out and come back more prepared tomorrow.

Day 2
You are not going to believe this…I actually got Zola to come with me today!! Of course, this time we went to the general store prior to going back so that we would be prepared for an overnight stay, but I am still in shock that Zola agreed to help me in my adventure.



Zola was actually a lot of help. She was finding hidden doors that I wouldn’t have even imagined could be there. Maybe we will be able to find the treasure after all.

It was one of these hidden doors that I had missed the previous day in my adventures that lead us in the right direction.

The door lead to a set of stairs, and those stairs lead to an underground hidden maze. It was beautiful, but I couldn’t help freaking out. An underground maze? How would we ever get out of it?

There was a tent set up on the other side of the maze. A fellow adventurer had set it up before perishing from food deprivation. He wrote a letter about how the stairs had closed behind him and that he expected to be rescued soon, but help never arrived and he starved to death.

While Zola took a quick nap in the tent, I explored the maze. Much like the rest of the tomb, I found various obstacles in my path. A hole like I had found many times before to activate switches or had found a shiny prize inside was filled with nothing but gross bugs. I had to use a pickax to clear a path to a treasure chest.

I came to the final room in the tomb and saw a hole in the ground. I could sense that this one was the right one. It had whatever Mr. Delven had sent me for inside, but once again I was attacked by bugs. Why must it be bug? Bugs are so unclean….

I shook the bugs off my hand before willing myself to stick my hand back inside the  hole. I just knew this had to be the right one. My fingers searched and searched the hole until finally my hand bumped against something hard. I grasped it and pulled it out.

A baseball? Really? I guess the old saying is true: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I returned the baseball with a sense of satisfaction. I had successfully raided a tomb, found hidden treasure, bonded with my brilliant sister, and returned an item that was near and dear to a man’s heart.

Day 3
With only hours remaining before our plane would be leaving for Sunset Valley, Zola and I decided to spend the day at a local park. I had heard from a few of the locals that Frogs and Snails were very common in the fishing ponds. They were really gross and disgusting to me, but I knew that my mother would have enjoyed stocking our pond back at home with some.

Zola spent her time catching several beautiful butterflies that inhabited the area. She seemed so happy and free to be herself in that meadow. It was a great way to end our vacation.



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