Baby #24 and 25

The morning after the twins were born, I called my mother and told her to send the next guy over to my house. I had time to see the older kids off to school, give the toddlers their morning bottles, harvest and weed the garden, before taking a quick shower…still no man in sight.

Emery Lovegood arrived at the house about three hours after I had called my mother.

7c507fe4.png picture by Ashley505

The two of us hit it off instantly when we realized how much we had in common – one of which being our flirty nature.


I invited him inside, only to have to rush upstairs to change James and Tyler’s diapers. I told Emery to make himself at home while I was gone.

“There are fresh pancakes on the kitchen counter if you would like some, or you are more then welcome to a cup of coffee,” I told him as I made a dash for the stairs.

I returned moments later to find Emery sitting in front of the television. He stood to greet me before pulling me into a tight embrace.

“Let’s not waste anymore time…I know you are a very busy woman and your children should be returning home any moment if I’m not mistaken, so where’s your bedroom?”



We made our way upstairs and soon enough, baby #24 was on his/her way…



The following morning, Thomas and I carried the boys to the library so I could get some of their life skills taught while the older children were at school. First we worked on the talking…

Should I be worried that James’ first words involved a criminal?



Ashlyn returned home that afternoon and started working on a painting. I was surprised at how artistic she could be. She had always been a natural with music, who would have guessed that she was equally as talented with a paint brush?


When I returned home from the library, I could feel my tiny baby moving around inside me. I couldn’t wait to meet him or her.


James actually took to learning his life skills fairly quickly. He was potty trained and talking within no time. The only thing he had a problem with was the walking, but I’m sure if I stay patient long enough, James will learn how to walk in no time.

20f2e709.png picture by Ashley505

46a7f4d0.png picture by Ashley505

I believe the reason James is so against learning to walk is because he always wants to stay my little baby. I can tickle that little boy for hours on end and he would never stop laughing.

528583c0.png picture by Ashley505


I try to hide my exhaustion from the kids most of the time, but obviously I couldn’t hide it from little Tyler. When I was teaching him how to talk, I couldn’t suppress a yawn and he replied with “Mommy tired?”

It was the most adorable thing

e164b75a.png picture by Ashley505

Once Tyler learned how to speak, there was no getting him to stop. During our daily one on one time together, he would talk my ears off about various little stories he would come up with. Most of the time they didn’t make any sense, but it was his enthusiasm that made my heart melt.

ce2e3152.png picture by Ashley505

588a91f7.png picture by Ashley505

Tyler is also very particular about what kinds of foods he eats. He will test the food out by dipping his finger into the bowl and giving it a little taste. If he likes it, he will dig in with both hands. If he doesn’t…well let’s just say that I have a bit of a mess to clean up off the floor.

664d4457.png picture by Ashley505

ca7cd6d7.png picture by Ashley505

The following morning, it was time for four of my children to enter the next stages of their lives. Ashlyn and Thomas would be entering young adulthood, while Rosa and Zola would be becoming teenagers.

8c8fe4de.png picture by Ashley505

All four of my children where very excited to be growing up.



Oh no, not another fire…Thomas had gone to blow out his birthday candles, and some flames had flown onto the wooden table. All four of my children were at risk, I had to do something.

e2dfd668.png picture by Ashley505

Before I realized what I was doing, I hastily began trying to put the flames out before they began to spread. With Thomas’ help, we were able to get the flames put out within moments. Ashlyn never stopped her birthday celebration. She wasn’t about to let a little fire ruin her big day.

c6cec953.png picture by Ashley505

I realized the older Ashlyn got, the more expensive her taste had become. She had her eyes on the most expensive clothes and houses available, and she had developed my commitment issues. I truly hope that her charismatic attitude and her natural talent with music somehow overshadows her other grumpy traits.

d974f856.png picture by Ashley505

Even though he was a young adult, Thomas kept his good heart and his brave attitude. He could be childish at times, but weren’t we all a little childish sometimes?


Rosa has a very adventurous spirit to her. She has been begging me to take the family on a vacation to China or France, but I have small toddlers at home as well as another baby on the way. Traveling just isn’t a realistic possibility right now.


Zola had to get glasses when she became a teenager because of all the television she watched as a child. I suggested that she should get some contact lenses or some glasses with smaller frames, but she was in love with her new glasses. She thought they showed off how brilliant she was. Did you know that she recently tested at a genius level?


I sat both Ashlyn and Thomas down before they moved out to see what they had planned for themselves. No real surprise that Thomas planned on entering the police force. He has always wanted to help people.

Ashlyn, on the other hand, had a more unique lifetime wish. She wanted to be a gold digger. I couldn’t believe my ears…I hadn’t raised my daughter to be like that. I taught her that it was important for her to be able to make her own money, not sponge off a rich man for the rest of his life, but there was no changing her decision.


Oh dear, how on earth did that picture get in here? I can’t believe how huge I look in this picture. No wonder my back was hurting so much.


Painting always seems to calm my nerves, and I think that I’m getting really good at it now. I was probably just imagining it, but I could have sworn that little sparks of creativity were shooting out of my hand as I painted.


As I was making my way upstairs to clean, I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. The baby was on it’s way…



Baby #24 Lydia Quinn…

But I could still feel contractions after Lydia had made her way into the world, so I rushed Lydia to her crib and continued to push.


Baby #25 Callen Quinn…



Another set of twins…that makes 5 sets of twins in a row. I wonder how many sets I can get in a row before getting a single birth or triplets. Callen was suggested by Candii and Lydia was suggested by Jess.

An additional thank you goes to swimfinz for the creation of Emery Lovegood.


8 thoughts on “Baby #24 and 25

    • I try to involve the readers as much as I possibly can, so if you make a father for the challenge, I would be more then happy to use him sometime during the challenge. I have the rest of the fathers for October planned out, but after that I’d be more then happy to use him.

  1. Just read through your baby challenge and it’s great! I’ve got some fathers for you if you want them, and names too 🙂

    Andres Guido;

    Jerome Hollister;

    Drew Hart;

    For name suggestions, I’ve got some I didn’t get round to using this generation;

    Renesmee (Girl)
    Emmett (Boy)
    Jasper (Boy)
    Jacob (Boy)
    Yasmina (Girl)
    Toni (Girl)

    • I get a majority of my maternity outfits off The Sims Resource from a designer named TomisLaw. The dress used in this update was one of their creations.

      All outfits that are maternity enabled are specified by either a pregnancy morph in the picture or a little baby symbol.

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