Baby #22 and 23

The following morning, Esme grew up into a beautiful young woman.

830d2632.png picture by Ashley505

She immediately invited her boyfriend Max Miller over to the house. He had grown up the previous night and she had something special that she wanted to ask him.


Esme got down on one knee and proposed to Max. Leave it to my bold little party animal to not do things the traditional way. Max was speechless at first but he accepted. Thomas was the first to congratulation the happy couple followed by the rest of the family.

Esme moved in with Max only moments later after her proposal.

Since it was the weekend, I had the four older teens take their younger sisters to the park for a day of enjoyment. My mother had told me she would be sending the first of her male models over today, and I was as nervous as could be. I found myself just staring at the front door, waiting for the door bell to ring.

About thirty minutes to an hour later, he finally arrived. His name was Murphy and he had dark brown hair with lighter gold highlights. Although his hair was unique, I found his eyes to be even more mesmerizing.

I thanked him for agreeing to participate in my challenge and made absolutely sure that he understood the rules of the challenge. One night together…no commitment…and he was welcome to see his baby anytime that he wished.

“Your mother never told me how beautiful her daughter was!”

I felt my cheeks go hot. He was quite the charmer.

We made our way upstairs and you can guess what happened up there…

I also found out that night why Andre hadn’t introduced me to his girlfriend yet. Turns out, she has lived a pretty tough life and Andre thought I would judge her based on her tough exterior. Her parents abandoned her a few years ago when they moved out of the country without her, and her only living relative was her grandmother who lived here in Sunset Valley.

Her name is Destiny Strong and after what happened with her parents, her trust had been shattered. She couldn’t trust anyone until she met Andre. My kind hearted Andre was there for her whenever she needed a shoulder to cry on.

As for Ashlyn and Thomas, they have each discovered their own unique talents. As I suspected when she was still a toddler, Ashlyn was a natural with the guitar. Her twin, Thomas was her biggest supporter and would listen to her play for hours.

Thomas also discovered that he had a real interest and talent in writing science fiction novels. He has already had two of his books published.

The following morning, it was time for my youngest set of twins to age into beautiful young girls.

Rosa with her father’s brown hair and my blue eyes.

Zola was just the opposite of her twin. She had my red hair and her father’s green eyes.

That night, it was already time for another small family birthday party. I let the boys invite their girlfriends over. Destiny greeted Andre with a hug before both boys grabbed their girls and kissed them passionately.

I was outside setting up the birthday cakes when the girls arrived. The boys stepped up to their birthday cakes and blew out their candles at the same time.



The girls chose to celebrate their birthdays with us as well, once all the birthday celebrations were over with, the four made their way into the living room. I had a feeling my boys were up to something when I saw Alex give Andre a smile and nod.

Sure enough, both boys got down on one knee at the same time and popped the question to their girlfriends. The girls were both so surprised and excited by the double proposal, but once they recovered enough to speak, they both said yes.

With that, the boys both gave me a hug goodbye and I wished them the best in their lives. They moved into a medium sized house across town and were married to the girls the following night in a private ceremony.

Monday…a day both Rosa and Zola had been dreading. As they got onto the school bus the following morning with their older siblings, neither one of them was excited to be starting school.

It had been awhile since I had the whole day to spend by myself. I had heard a rumor that if you explore the catacombs, you might be able to find expensive stones and unique seeds. It was said to be a very dangerous mission and several had been injured when they tried, but I was determined to give it a try.

What a rush it was once I got inside…the eerie sounds weren’t enough to scare me away. I got sucked into some underground rapids, but I was able to reach a titanium gem and swim to shore. After walking for a little bit, I found a lit torch that made my exploration a little easier. I swatted away several aggressive moths that were attracted to the light before reaching a wide gap.

I couldn’t turn back now, I grabbed a conveniently placed rope and swung across the abyss to grab an Unknown Uncommon Seed that had been perched on the other side. I found myself in front of two paths, one was leading out and another was leading farther into the catacombs. I didn’t want to push my luck so I exited the catacombs and made my way back home.

What an adventure that had been? I suddenly felt inspired to write about my adventures in my latest book. I had been hired to write a Science Fiction novel by one of the neighbors, and this would make a great chapter, but when I started to sit down, I felt something in my stomach begin to move around. It was my baby…

I felt bad that I had just put my unborn child such a crazy ride inside the catacombs so I headed to the spa to treat the baby to a little pampering.

When my massage had finished, I walked outside seeing a very pregnant young woman standing there. No, it can’t be who I first thought it was.

I made my way closer realizing that it was in fact Esme. I gave her a huge hug as her husband Max made his way up beside us.

“Mom, it’s so great to see you!! It’s so weird that we are both pregnant at the same time isn’t it?”

I rubbed her stomach gently with a proud smile on my face.

“When’s the baby due, Esme?” I asked her.

“Anytime now…Max and I are so excited. The doctor told us that it was going to be a little girl”

Secretly, I had been wishing that I would have a little girl this time as well. Of course, I would be just as happy with a little boy.

Esme’s back started hurting so Max took her home. I was in such a great mood after talking to her that I headed to the park. I found myself catching some beautiful butterflies to pass the time.

Before long though, I noticed another pregnant sim across the park. It was Delilah – my first born Brian’s on and off again girlfriend. Neither of them really wanted to settle down, but they were living together and now they had a baby on the way.


I received phone calls later that night from both girls. Brian and Delilah had a baby girl they named Leilani. Esme and Max also had a baby girl that they named Anna.

Turns out the girls fears about going to school were all for nothing. Rosa was invited over to a little boys house after school to do homework, while Zola invited her new friend back home to do homework with. It was a funny sight for anyone who walked by because Zola was sitting so far away from the little boy that it looked like she didn’t like him.

The rest of my pregnancy was pretty uneventful. I spent most of the time working on my novel and painting. Can you believe that this painting alone was worth about §800? Not to bad for a days work.

When I wasn’t writing or painting, I was spending time in my garden. It has grown a little bit. I’ve planted a few unique rare seeds that I’ve found around town and I can’t wait to find out what they grow into.

Before I knew it, I was in labor. The children were all in bed, but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about how excited the girls would be to have a new brother or sister.

The homebirth was long and painful, but completely worth it. I gave birth to two beautiful little boys.

James looked exactly like his dad. His dad’s hair, eyes, and lips.

bf76857e.png picture by Ashley505
Tyler, on the other hand, had gotten my light blue eyes, his father’s lips, and my mother’s brownish red hair.


Hope you enjoyed the latest update. Originally it was suppose to be posted yesterday, however I kind of spaced and forgot that I had a doctor’s appointment. So the time I was going to take to play through the game, I had to spend at the doctor’s office waiting to be seen. Anyway, I think the boys turned out to be very cute.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Joeneil for the creation of Murply (I changed his name to Murphy in the update). I would also like to thank reader/commenter Nova Strike for suggesting both Tyler and James as names.


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