Mini-Update: Mother to Mother

The school was true to their word. Despite Alex being one of the brightest students in the school with an “A” average, he was still suspended for the fight he had gotten involved in a few days ago.

f78906ea.png picture by Ashley505

Not wanting him to fall behind on his school work and be forced to repeat the grade over again, I took him out of the school completely and enrolled him in home school.


Alex adjusted to not going to school fairly well. He no longer had to worry about constantly defending his family to guys like Jake. Without the stress of bullies, his behavior also improved. He helped me a great deal with his younger sisters.

66da152e.png picture by Ashley505

I guess I shouldn’t take all the credit for his recent change in attitude. There is another young lady that had made quite the impact on Alex.


Her name is Eliza Porter, and she is such a sweet young girl. From what Alex has told me about her past, she recently moved to town and is also being home schooled. Her family has always been very strict on her so she is a little shy around new people, but she and Alex seemed to really be drawn to one another.


Alex isn’t the only member of the family that has gotten a love life recently. Esme and Andre have both started dating as well. I haven’t gotten to meet Andre’s girlfriend yet, but Esme’s boyfriend has been over to the house a couple of times. He shares her love for music and is a wild one. Just like Esme, Max is a real party animal.


It has been nearly a week since I made the phone call, hoping to get some sort of advice. Today was finally the day when I’d be getting my answers.

I was scheduled to meet the person at the bistro just as the sun was setting. I tucked my children into bed and headed there. I waited and waited…


Finally after what felt like hours, she arrived.


She looked exactly as I remembered her – only a little older and little greyer. My mother, Patricia, was just as beautiful as she had always been.

I stood to greet her with a hug. We both commented on how great the other looked, and my mother couldn’t stop obsessing over how short my hair was.



We took a seat at the same table that I had previously been sitting at and started catching up. My mother told me that she had retired as a model and was currently working as a manager.

“I was getting ready to head to Shang Sim La in China when you called, but I changed my travel plans and booked a photo shoot with a couple of young men that I am currently working with for here in Sunset Valley.”


“You have no idea how much I appreciate you doing that for me mom. I really hated to bother you because I know how busy you are, but I just didn‘t know else who I could talk to.”

“What’s the matter dear?” My mother asked and my mind flashed back to sitting in Mrs. Ramsey’s classroom.

I told her the whole story. About Alex’s behavior leading up to the fight. About my sudden burst of guilt for Alex’s misbehavior. I even told her about my fears if I were to continue this challenge, and the teasing that my children would be put through if I were to continue.

“Mom, I love each and every one of my children with all my heart, but was it wrong of me to enter into this kind of challenge? Shouldn’t I have realized how difficult it would make my children’s lives?”


My mother replied with a smile on her face, “Sweetheart, if you hadn’t entered into this challenge, you never would have had Alex or many of his other siblings. You are raising so many amazing children that are destined to do great things…don’t let yourself become discouraged because of a couple of immature children who don’t know any better…who weren’t taught any better by their own parents.”


My mother was right…I was doing my absolute best to raise my children properly. They knew the difference between right and wrong, I shouldn’t allow myself to feel like a bad mother because of the way another parent chooses to raise their own children. I hated to think how my life would be if I hadn’t started the 100 baby challenge. All the wonderful children that I had brought into this world so far wouldn’t exist.

I couldn’t bring myself to even imagine a life without my children in it. My mother began speaking once again, “Some of the guys I brought to town with me have offered to be in your challenge if you still plan on continuing. We are going to be in town for awhile so I can send one of the guys over in two days if you’d like.”
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“That sounds like a great idea!!” I exclaimed.

I couldn’t help smiling at my mother before giving her a huge hug. She hadn’t always been an active part in my life growing up, but she was doing her best to make up for it now. It was getting late however, my mother & I said our goodbyes and I headed home.
The following afternoon, both Thomas and Ashlynn aged into teenagers.


I’ve been working on trying to post this update for the past hour or so, but I was having a lot of issues with wordpress. Which is odd because it never gives me problems, but for some reason there were large, random spacing gaps towards the bottom of the update when I would go to preview. No matter how much I would try to backspace and erase them, I couldn’t seem to get rid of them. So I hope the update is alright, I was getting slightly annoyed towards the end.


6 thoughts on “Mini-Update: Mother to Mother

  1. hi ive just recently started reading and so far i love it!!! the way you write is incredible. how are u able to home school your kids? i would love to try it out on my own sims!

    • First off, thank you for your kind comments. I’m really glad that you enjoy my challenge.

      Homeschooling actually comes with a mod created by NRAAS which can be found here. That one requires the latest patch update, however there are older versions of the same mod listed in the “Obsolete Mods” section if you don’t wish to update your game. It’s actually really neat because you just have your kids enroll in homeschooling and they download their homework off the computer every morning. They can download as many as you want them to in order to raise their grade.

  2. I’ve recently started reading, and I love it! I can’t wait to see if she completes the challenge. 100 babies, that is some mean feat.. as is thinking of 100 names! I hope to catch up with where you are now by next week.

  3. WOW!!…. I just started reading this today at around 7, then i took 2 hours off to go to a festival in my town. It’s really good and I love the names for the kids 🙂 keep it up!!

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