Mini Update: A Mother’s Guilt

My hair has finally gotten long enough for me to go to a stylist and get a new look. Seeing as this one was done by a professional, I like it much better then the one that I gave myself.

Do you like it Diary?

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The girls continue to grow bigger and bigger every day. They are just so adorable, it’s hard to be in a bad mood when I’m around them.

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…and believe me, I have a few reasons to be in a bit of a lousy mood. For one, I’ve caught Alex copying his siblings homework on more then one occasion. I’ve tried to punish him – no tv for a week, no video games, no dessert after dinner, but he ends up doing something sweet like helping out with the twins that makes me forgive him.

09a135e0.png picture by Ashley505

I’ve also heard from a few people in town that he has been acting very strange when he’s out of my sight. They have told me that he will just randomly start laughing manically in the middle of the park. I find the “manically” part a bit ridiculous, but laughing is a good thing right?


Of course, I try to push these rumors about my son to the back of my mind. Gossip was a nasty thing and these people were complete strangers to me. They were people I’ve only seen in the grocery store once or twice in the entire time I‘ve been in Sunset Valley. I would never believe them over my own son.


With all of his behavior however, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I got a phone call from the high school asking me to come in for a parent/teacher conference. They wouldn’t tell me much over the phone, but I just knew it had to be about Alex. He was the only one of my children that caused any kinds of problems at school. He was the only one that had been asked to stay for detention after school.

ab253a62.png picture by Ashley505

I was so incredibly nervous as I walked into that classroom. The only way I can describe how I was feeling was like a young child would feel when they were being called into the principal’s office after doing something wrong. Although I knew that this was about my children, it felt more like I was the one that was in trouble.

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4e7ee4cb.png picture by Ashley505

Mrs. Ramsey was a nice enough woman. We had met a few times previously – she had taught all of my older children at some point or another – but we had never met under such bad circumstances.

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“Ms. Quinn, I regret to be the one to have to inform you of this, but your son was caught fighting on school property earlier this afternoon. This behavior is completely unacceptable and as I am sure that you are aware, fighting on school grounds is punishable by immediate suspension.”

I shook my head, this wasn’t right. Alex would never get into a fight…none of my children would.

“Mrs. Ramsey, how are you certain that my son was involved? It just doesn’t seem like Alex…”

afba11fa.png picture by Ashley505

“I witnessed the event myself, Ms. Quinn. I was here grading papers after school when I heard a commotion outside. I glanced out the window to see your son attack another student.”

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“By the time I was able to get the principal and make my way outside, both boys were gone however.”

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 As I listened to her, I just couldn’t believe it…Sure Alex could be a little difficult at times. He was a teenager after all. They were all a little rebellious in their own unique ways, but he would never do something like this. My son would never attack another boy for no reason.

I thanked Mrs. Ramsey for letting me know and assured her that I would have a talk with him.

8c156be5.png picture by Ashley505

I made my way home to find Alex copying his sister’s homework in the study. I wanted to ground him…I wanted to yell at him, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it when he looked at me with those sweet eyes. He was my baby, I could never bring myself to be mad at him for long so instead, I asked him about what had happened at school.

“Alex, sweetheart, why did you get in a fight with that boy? It just isn’t like you…”


“I had to do it mom…”

He then went on to tell me what all had happened earlier that day.


Alex Point of View:

I was heading home from school like usually, but Jake stopped me outside by the playground. He just started yelling at me for no reason, saying the most horrible things about our family. He called us a bunch of freaks…he said that my dad never loved me. Worst of all, momma, he started calling you all these horrible names. I just couldn’t take it anymore…

e7871842.png picture by Ashley505

I went off on him, telling him that he knew nothing about my life or my family. I was lucky to have a family that loved me so much and that he was nothing more then a loser…a pathetic bully who only felt good about themselves when they could make someone else feel bad.

2a7fe4c4.png picture by Ashley505

d51b17e5.png picture by Ashley505

He went to say something else, Momma, but I didn’t let him get the chance…

I lunged at him and we fought.

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He was tough, but I was tougher…after I beat him, he ran from the school yard crying about how he was going to tell on me and how I hadn’t seen the last of him.

cf0f6925.png picture by Ashley505


“I had to do it, Momma, I didn’t want to…but I had to!”

I could only close my eyes and let out a heavy sigh. Where had I gone wrong? Fighting was never the answer…

c82bed91.png picture by Ashley505

I told Alex that we would talk about it more the following day, but it was past his bedtime and he needed to get some sleep. A large part of me knew that his misbehavior was my fault. It was my fault that the kids at school were picking on him. I had taken on the 100 baby challenge because I wanted a lot of children to love and care for, but I had never thought how it might end up effecting them. I never considered that they would be teased in school for having such a “loose” mother who was unwilling to commit to one man for the rest of her life.

When I was certain that Alex was upstairs and alseep, I picked up my cell phone and dialed a number. I needed advice and there was only one person that came to mind that would know how to help me.


Here are a few quick credits of different things that I used in this update:

Mrs. Ramsey was originally used in “The Ramsey Collaborative Legacy” as a spouse for one of the spares for Generation 5. Since I still had her in the neighborhood, I figured I would just use her for the kids teacher.

Next credit goes to Amber (rocknamber) from the Sims 3 community for the creation of Jake Smith. I knew that I was going to need a bully for this update but the neighborhood is running a little low on teenagers so I searched the exchange.

Finally, the interactive school was made by michieldebie and can be downloaded here


One thought on “Mini Update: A Mother’s Guilt

  1. Woah, haven’t been on your site for a while and what a pleasant surprise when I saw I had THREE updates to read! 😀

    You are very talented and write and describe things wonderfully!

    Good thing you found some time for Sims! 🙂 Looking forward to next update!


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