Baby #20 and 21

As Ashlyn and Thomas continued to grow, the resemblance that they had to their father became more apparent. Specifically the most noticeable feature they shared with VJ was his lips. I don’t know much about genetics, but I think they might have developed his nose as well.

Ashlyn had deep blue eyes and long brown hair which I can only assume she had gotten from her grandparents.

Thomas also had deep blue eyes, and he had gotten VJ’s hair color – solid black with little blue streaks here and there.

The twins personalities were also incredibly opposite from one another. Thomas was a good baby and never gave me any problems. He was also a very heavy sleeper, while his twin Ashlyn was grumpy nearly all the time. Only two things could calm her down: attention and the xylophone. She was a very virtuoso little girl.

Esme also grew into a beautiful teenager. Despite her being a party animal, she knew how tired I was from taking care of all her younger siblings so she was alright with just a small party at home with her family.

Still I wanted to give her something special for her birthday. The smile on her face when I brought out Bonnie’s old guitar was enough to make my heart melt. Out of all the children that I have had since Bonnie, none of them had even showed an interest in playing the guitar so it was nice to hear the sweet sound of music playing through the house after all these years.

I also ordered a pizza for the older kids that night to help celebrate Esme’s birthday and the sacrifice that she made by not having a big birthday celebration. The pizza boy was rather cute and spoke with a very cute Italian accent.

I invited him inside and asked him for stick around for the party. He accepted and introduced himself as Luigi. As we continued to talk, I decided to tell him about my challenge. It would be interesting to have a baby who might inherit his appreciation for pizza. To my surprise, he had heard a little about the challenge from a couple of the previous father’s that had participated when he was delivering their pizzas.

Word was spreading about my challenge and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I had wanted my kids to be safe from the disapproving public which would require my challenge to remain a bit of a secret.

My thoughts were interrupted as Luigi spoke up, asking if he could participate in my challenge. I was a bit surprised, but his accent was so cute, I couldn’t resist leaning in and stealing a kiss.

He responded by lifting me off of my feet and carrying me to my bedroom. I was thankful that the kids were to busy enjoying their pizza to notice my disappearance. Soon enough, baby #20 was on his/her way.

Esme turned out to be really helpful around the house. I have to admit that at first, I was a bit worried that her party animal ways might make her want to throw parties every night and make more messes around the house then I could handle. To my relief this wasn’t the case…

She wasn’t like that at all…in fact, she was always helping out with her younger siblings by either feeding them or cleaning up around the house without my requesting her to do so. I was so grateful to have someone so neat and tidy around the house to help me out.

Ah, my old friend we meet again…

Within a matter of weeks, I was already experiencing the all to familiar first signs of pregnancy.

I spent a majority of my pregnancy doing what I have always done in the past during a pregnancy…I focus all my attention on teaching the younger children their life skills, helping the older ones with their homework, and only slowing down when I absolutely have to.

Mid-way through my pregnancy it was time to help my boys celebrate their birthday. They were becoming teenagers today so you can imagine what a big day it was for them.

Charlotte was at the party with them to help them celebrate – she has been at all their previous birthdays. You could tell by the smile on her face that she was such a proud Grandma. The boys father has still yet to make an appearance in their lives. I’m worried about the effect it has had on them.



It only takes a spark…

A small spark of an idea is what started my mission to have 100 children, and a small spark is all it took to nearly end my challenge, my life, and worst of all, my children’s lives.

As Elinha stepped up to her birthday cake to become a young adult, I began to smell smoke. I looked down in horror to see that the candles had lit both of the tables on fire.

Within moments, the fire spread and was raging high into the air. I rushed my children inside, away from the dangerous flames before calling the fire department. The fire was already much to big for me to handle on my own. I feared that if I tried to deal with it on my own, I would put myself and my unborn child at risk – and that was something that I just couldn’t do.

The flames continued to spread as various neighbors came to panic and freak out within inches of the flames. I had tried to get Charlotte to come inside as well, but she seemed mesmerized by the flames as they continued to climb higher and higher into the sky.

After several minutes, the fire department still hadn’t arrived and I saw more of my neighbors rush into my backyard to watch or freak out about the flames.

It took about an hour and two firefighters to put out the huge flames, but thankfully no one was hurt. I lost both of the birthday tables, but it could have been much worse. I wanted to curse the entire department for taking so long to get to my house. My children could have been hurt. One of them could have been killed. My house could have burned down by the time they got there, but I restrained myself.

Elinha grew up to be a gorgeous young woman. Her looks reminded me so much of myself that it was almost scary. She could have been my twin instead of my daughter.

See the similarities between the two of us?

After getting a good night’s sleep, I took all the kids to the library the following morning. I wasn’t aware that Alex had been stealing candy from his younger siblings. In fact, I didn’t even know where Ashlynn could have possibly have gotten such a huge lollipop.

Ashlynn’s sudden screams were what got my attention. I set the book that I had been reading down and made my way over to where Ashlynn and Alex were ready to confront Alex for his evil behavior.

I was furious until I saw Alex pick Ashlynn up and begin to comfort her. I could tell that he felt bad for making his baby sister cry. Nothing I could have possibly said or done could have made him feel worse then he did in that moment.

Over the next several months, my pregnacy continued to process normally. I was getting bigger and bigger each day.

The twins grew up towards the end of my pregnancy.



I don’t know why I did it…

I guess because I got so lonely at the house with all the kids at school. Being a bit stir crazy, I had the urge to go fishing, and for some unknown reason I made my way onto this large rock formation to do so.

The fish were really biting, but I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen and I knew that I was going into labor. Great…I’m out in the middle of nowhere and my baby decides that now is the best time for them to come into the world. I carefully began to make my way towards the road, hoping that I could catch a cab that could get me either home or to the hospital before I had my baby.

I didn’t exactly make it all the way home – I only made it to the unused garage by the time I went into full blown labor. My baby – or should I say babies – had waited long enough to make their entrance into the world.

Welcome Rosa

and Zola


Once again, not the father that I originally wanted to use for this update, but the other guy was still giving me problems and refusing to stop by so he’s going to get moved to later in the list. The next 5 dad’s are already planned out and as long as they don’t get a job, I should be able to use them.

Both Rosa and Zola are Italian names – although Rosa is also considered a Spanish name. I wanted to name the girl’s after Italian decent because of their father being a pizza delivery man, and Pizza is of course an Italian dish. Both girls do have the hidden trait: Pizza Appreciator. As a side note, Christy actually did have the twins in the garage which is the reason why I didn’t use their baby pictures and used their toddler pictures instead.


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