Baby #18 and 19

Andre grew up with his father’s black hair and blue tips. You can get lost in those gorgeous blue eyes of his. I can already tell that he’s going to be quiet the little heartbreaker when he gets older.

His brother, Alex grew up with the same gorgeous eyes, but he also had a very mysterious brown hair color. Neither my mother nor my father had that color of brown so I can only assume that Alex got it from either Charlotte or Brandon’s father. Either way, he’s a handsome little guy with a lot of the Quinn family facial features.

Speaking of Charlotte, she stops by often to see how the boys and I are doing.


She seems to particularly be fond of sweet little Andre. Charlotte says that it takes her back to the days when Brandon was just a little toddler.  According to her, Andre is like a mini-clone of Brandon aside from the skin tone of course.

As much as Charlotte loves her two grandsons, she has become a grandmother to all of my children. They all love when Charlotte pays the family a visit because she likes to spoil them and tell them stories.

I haven’t been sleeping very well though…the past few nights, I’ve been having nightmares about getting married or being forced to settle down with one man. In one of the dreams, some evil monster threatened to take my children away if I didn’t get married. Talk about scary…


Luckily, with the older kids around to help care for their younger siblings, I am able to sleep in a few extra minutes before the older kids head off to school.


Before I knew it though, I was visiting the porcelain god once again with morning sickness. Maybe that’s why I had been having such horrible nightmares about commitment recently…


…oh sorry, I got a bit ahead of myself there. Let me go back a few months to when I met the next father for my challenge.


Elinha has taken to daily jogs to help her prepare for her future career goals. She’s decided against the military and instead wants to be a Professional Sports Athlete so these daily jogs will really prepare her for that.


On this particular day, I was going a bit stir crazy and took the twins and Esme to the library. Esme is actually very fond of her little brothers because they are so close in age.



Ismael and Wolfgang had went down to the beach to fish. It still amazes me how different the two of them look from one another. I don’t think anyone can tell that the two of them are twins.



Alex and Andre were getting a bit tired so I took the kids home for the evening. It was as I was putting the children to bed, I received a phone call from a man asking me to come over so we could talk. I got Elinha to watch the twins and headed to the address he provided me with.


When I knocked on the door, I was greeted by an elderly balding man who introduced himself as Iqbal Alvi. He told me how he had two sons: VJ and Miraj.


Miraj had recently gotten married and had a son who I found oddly enough on the kitchen floor as I stepped into the house. I was worried about the infant’s safety, but Iqbal assured me that was the only way he seemed to be able to sleep. The baby refused to sleep in his own crib.


Anyway, Iqbal told me that it was his older son that he was worried about. VJ had never showed any interest in settling down or having children. Iqbal’s life was nearly at it’s end, and he wanted to make sure that both of his sons had children of their own. VJ was inappropriate and childish which caused Iqbal to fear that he would never settle down and end up missing his chance.

After talking for about an hour or so, I agreed to help Iqbal on one condition. He had to make sure that VJ knew exactly why he was coming to my house the next day. I didn’t want a repeat of what happened with Brandon. I didn’t want Iqbal to lose his son like Charlotte had lost Brandon because of the deception.


I made it home that night just in time for Wolfgang and Ismael’s birthday party. Wolfgang was excited to be growing up and moving out, while Ismael was uncertain. He was worried about how the family would do without his help. I assured him that we would be fine, and so he got a little more excited about his birthday.


This is how Wolfgang turned out…


…and this is how Ismael grew up.


The morning after I watched my boys drive away to start their own lives, I had to give myself a little pep talk in the mirror. I was so nervous how this meeting with VJ was going to go and I hoped that Iqbal kept his part of the deal.


VJ arrived just as the sun was beginning to set. I was surprised to see that he was smiling as he walked up to the door. I hoped that was a good thing. Maybe he was happy to be participating in my challenge. Maybe he was excited to be a father. One can only hope!!


As we made our way upstairs to cuddle on the bed, he told me that he was only doing this to please his father. His father had been begging him for years to settle down, but that wasn’t his dream. He told me that my challenge was actually perfect for him. It would get his father off his back, but he would never have to be in the child’s life.




And that brings us back to…


The morning sickness was horrible, but I wasn’t about to let ruin Alex and Andre’s birthday party. They were going to be starting school soon, and I couldn’t believe so much time had passed already. Charlotte was there cheering her grandsons on.







Esme has become very interested in the arts as of late. She credits her interest to her older brother, Adonis who once painted her portrait when she was only a toddler. The picture still hangs in her bedroom as a reminder and as an inspiration for her.


I’ve also been improving my paintings during this pregnancy since all the kids were in school. My favorite piece had to have been this one. I saw the flowers growing in the park and thought it would make a wonderful addition to the kitchen.


That night, it was time to limber up…


…for another painful birth.


I must have been in more pain then I had realized because the boys heard me screaming from upstairs in their beds. They rushed down to make sure that I was okay, and immediately began to freak out when they realized what was going on.


After several hours of labor, I welcomed my eighteenth baby into the world. Welcome little Ashlynn…


….and her twin brother, Thomas was my nineteenth baby.



VJ Alvi wasn’t the father that I originally planned to use in this update, however, the father I did plan to use was at work or busy each time I called him so I had to find someone else. Thanks to chazybazzy – formally the author of Meg’s 100 Baby Challenge – for the name Ashlynn – which is a combination of Ashley and Lynn. Also thanks to Nova Strike for the name Thomas – which happens to mean “twin”.


4 thoughts on “Baby #18 and 19

  1. Loved it. I can’t wait for the next one. So I see that chazybazzy isn’t writing Meg’s 100 baby challenge. Can I ask what happened?

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