Quick Note about next update

First off, I would like to thank both Elinha and Jess for their very kind comments to my last post. It really meant a lot to me when I was able to sign on and see both of them.

My grandmother was able to leave the hospital several days ago. As I mentioned in the last post, we were told that she had Congestive Heart Failure. She’s still fairly weak from what my mother has told me and is having to rebuild her strength back up. With everything that has been going on with her lately as well as a few other things, I am just completely stressed out, but I’m going to attempt to play the sims right now and see how fair I can get into having the next child.

My next update will probably be a short one since I’m a little rusty, but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things quickly and pump out a couple of updates this week.

Also, I recently updated my game to the newest patch. Normally, I never patch my game because I’ve heard all the horror stories that people experience when they do. I dont’ think I have patched my game since 1.4.6 verison or something. Thankfully, my game still works after installing the patch, however it runs incredibly slow on my laptop. Did anyone else experience this after patching their game? Does anyone know a way to perhaps speed things back up without lowering my graphics settings or anything?

Anyway, I just wanted to thank all of you for your patience and sorry about the delay


6 thoughts on “Quick Note about next update

  1. First off, I love your story 😀
    But yes, I had patch problems too. :B I don’t have a high amount of custom content installed (mainly mods) and my game slowed down immensly.

  2. Aww, you’re welcome. Hopefully your nan will feel better soon. =-) And don’t worry, I’m sure the next update willbe bloody fantastic! Hopefully it’ll provide you with a good distraction fromyour troubles.

  3. Hello there Ashley!
    I just wanted to tell you that have been reading your story on and off for the whole day today, and I just finished. I totally love it! Christy is really pretty and so are her children. Im thinking about doing this challenge myself but I should really play on my dicelegacy family! 😛

    Will there be more updates in the future? Dont stress out, take the time you need and your real-life goes first (I hope your grandmother is feeling better!!) but I would love to see some updates! 🙂

    Regards Annelie

    • First off, thank you for reading and taking the time to comment on the story. I’m so glad that you enjoy it. As for updates, I’ve been hoping to get some out recently, but it’s just been one thing after another with my life lately. Basically, I’ve had very little time to even open up the Sims game, but I don’t plan on quitting the challenge. Hopefully I can get an update out soon.

      If you would like to link your dicelegacy here, I would love to read it – that is if you have a story on it. Once again, thank you for commenting

      • I write about my dicelegacy on the Swedish simsforum, but I have actually put that on ice for now and started a 100 baby challenge! And Im blogging about this, in English! 🙂 If you wanna read it you can find it here: http://motherof100.blogspot.com/

        I know how its like when you got no time to even open up the Sims game, but I hope you can find some time for it soon! 🙂

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