Baby #16 and 17

Esme grew up to be such an adorable little girl. She was so much like a little princess and demanded that everyone in the household give her the attention she required.

Early this morning, I was on the computer and received a very strange IM from a woman named Charlotte.

(click to enlarge)

We talked for a few hours before I agreed to meet Charlotte at the park so we could talk about things more in person.

After this woman poured her heart out to me about how lucky I was to have so many children and even grandchildren in my life, my heart ached for her and I felt obligated to do anything in my power to help her get at least one grandchild.

She told me that she had left her son, Brandon across the street at City Hall. He had joined in on a protest a few hours earlier and refused to leave until something was done.

So I made my way over to City Hall so I could introduce myself to him. I was shocked to see that he had such lovely blue skin. My mind instantly went back to the only other man I had ever met with such a skin tone, Ricky Storm – father of Baby #12, Wolfgang and Baby #13, Ismael. I wonder if perhaps he too was involved in some sort of science experiment.

As I tried to introduce myself, he refused to even acknowledge my presence. I wasn’t use to this kind of treatment. Most guys fall head over heels for me within a matter of seconds, but this guy refused to even talk to me.

After many failed attempts with no success to even get his attention, I headed over to the library where all the kids were studying. Esme was very pleased to see me walk into the library. She squealed with excitement and demanded that I spend all my time with her.

This was as good a time as any to get started on teaching her how to talk. We worked for many hours together. I could tell that she really loved the attention.

We were not at the library alone. Glen (Baby #5) was also there playing with the dollhouse. It didn’t seem like his job as a business man had made him anymore serious about life. He was just as childish as ever.

Wolfgang and Ismael have become very interested in all outdoor activities recently. The two boys love playing tag outside or going down to the beach to fish.

Ismael has actually gotten very good at it lately. He’s caught several different salt water fish.

Esme is very cute to watch. I find myself spending most of my time just watching her play by herself. She loves to play with her feet or nibble on her fingers. Isn’t she just adorable?

Adonis painted a very strange painting recently. The painting was of the local beach where the boys had been going to fish every afternoon, but it was black. He told me that someone had requested that style of painting from him and gave him a small cash reward in return.

That night after everyone got settled into bed, I went downstairs and got on my laptop. The fact that Brandon had refused to even acknowledge my presence was still fresh in my mind. Luckily, Charlotte was also online.

(click to enlarge)

So I wasn’t his type?

I was willing to do anything in order to help Charlotte get the grandchild of her dreams and if that meant temporarily changing my look in order to please her son, I was willing to do that. I changed into the clothes that Charlotte had suggested, but there was still something I needed to do.

I knew that I still wouldn’t be able to get any attention from Brandon by simply changing my clothes. I had to do something drastic…That’s when I grabbed the scissors and started chopping away at my hair.

I wasn’t very fond of the “new me” and apparently neither was Esme. When I went to wake her up for her morning feeding, she looked as if she didn’t have a clue who I was and tried to struggle out of my grasp.

Charlotte suggested that I head to the theater first thing in the morning. Brandon spent most of his time hanging around there hoping to see someone he liked or spending his money on going to the movies. Sure enough, he was standing there…

I headed over and introduced myself. The make-over had actually worked, he couldn’t quit staring at me and before long, he was flirting with me.

I tried to hide the fact that he sort of freaked me out, but I had to keep in mind that I was doing this for Charlotte. Soon I suggested that we make our way into the theater to catch a movie together, but really I just wanted to woohoo him and get out of there.

After I left Brandon at the theater, I jogged back home. Basically all I could do now was wait and see if a little one make an appearance within the next couple of days.

The boys arrived home soon after I did and got straight to work on their homework. They are such good boys.

Elinha asked if I would help her with her homework so we took a seat on the kitchen floor and got to work. She actually told me that she liked my new hair cut. To be honest, I had completely forgotten that I had cut it until she mentioned it to me. Maybe this new hair style wouldn’t be so bad after all.

I even received a few phone calls from some of my other kids. Meg called to tell me that Edward had started school recently.  Brian and Delilah were on the rocks again. I’m not sure if those two are ever going to get married. Finally, Carter called to tell me that the twins had gotten older and I should come back for a visit.

The garden is still very small and I hate to admit, but I’ve been neglecting it recently. It was while tending the garden that I got the familiar first signs of pregnancy and had to rush to the bathroom.

Have I introduced you to Cathy yet? Elinha caught her a few nights ago and insisted that we make her the family pet. I was hesitant at first, but after she promised that she would take care of the fish all on her own, I allowed her to keep Cathy in the house.

Adonis and Esme were very close to one another. She loved having her big brother tickle her and nothing relaxed him more after a long day at school then coming home to play with her…nothing else except for painting. He has already started another very special painting that he hopes to finish before he leaves the household.

After my baby bump made it’s first appearance, I decided that it was time to confess the devious skim that Charlotte and I had come up with to Brandon. He deserved to know that he was going to be a daddy.

The problem was I couldn’t really find the right words to explain what had happened to him. I had wanted him to know that I had good intentions for doing what I did and hoped that he would understand. Instead, I just ended up blurting everything out I one long breath.

Of course, Brandon didn’t take this very well. In fact, he was furious that his mother and I had deceived him. He told me that he wanted nothing to do with “the thing” growing inside of me. I was so hurt after Brandon left.

As upset as I was, I had to put a strong face on for my children. Tonight was four of my children’s birthdays. Elinha felt a bit left out that she was the only one that wasn’t having a birthday tonight. The twins were up first…

Ismael had gotten so use to not having any hair that when he aged into a teenager, he shaved the little bit that had grown over the years off until he only had a few inches on top of his head.

Wolfgang grew up to be such a handsome little boy. I absolutely loved his purple hair and eye color. It makes him so unique and adorable.

Adonis was the next to step up to the birthday cake. Tonight he would aging into a young adult and leaving the household forever. He was a little sad to be leaving his family, but excited for what his future might bring.

Last but not least, I brought Esme up to the birthday cake. She grew up to be just a cute as a child as she was as a toddler. But that’s just a mother’s opinion…

The following morning, I got up earlier then usual and headed to the bookstore first thing. I wanted to pick up a few more educational books for around the house. My pregnancy was moving along very nicely, I was already getting bigger.

With all the kids at school, I was able to stay out all day without worrying about leaving a little one at home. I invited Charlotte to meet me at the library and she gladly accepted. This was how reaction when I told her that I was pregnant.

She insisted on rubbing and talking to her unborn grandchild. It warmed my heart to see how much joy I was giving to this woman who thought she’d never be able to have a grandchild.

After Charlotte left the library, I settled in to read my book. I was so surprised when both Stewie and Jillian showed up at the library after work. I hadn’t realized this, but Stewie is actually Jillian’s boss.

Within a few days, Elinha celebrated her birthday and grew into a very beautiful teenager. I swear out of all my little girls, she is the one that looks the most like her mother.

Elinha wanted to enroll in military school. I didn’t understand why, but she was very set on making sure it happened so we enrolled her. Right now we are awaiting for her acceptance letter to arrive in the mail.

With so much free time on my hands, I barely knew what to do with myself during this pregnancy. It had been a very long time – if ever – that all of my children were of school age and I had been left at home alone. I decided that I would go and visit my grandchildren. This was Jennifer who looked exactly like her parents.

I was quite surprised to see that little Kimberly looked so much like her grandmother. I was thrilled to see that despite her parents having the dominate genes, she still managed to get my red hair.

After leaving Carter’s house, I made my way to the park where I decided to cook up some hotdogs for the locals. Elinha was there exercising – we still haven’t heard anything from the military school and I’m getting a bit worried that Elinha’s grades will slip if we don’t hear from them soon. These hot dogs should take both of our minds off things.

As soon as I set the hot dogs down on the picnic table, I went into labor. Glen was there to freak out. I called over to Elinha and told her that it was time before calmly heading out of the park.

I was prepared to walk the rest of the way to the hospital, but Elinha insisted that I get into the cab as it was much quicker. I was so excited to see what my new son or daughter was going to look like.

After hours of labor, I exited the hospital carrying little Alexander Quinn – Alex for short – in my arms. A happy and healthy baby boy…

Make that two little boys!! Elinha carried my second bundle of joy out of the hospital. This was Andre Quinn

We made our way back to the house and the only thing that I could think of was how excited Charlotte was going to be when I told her the good news.


Sorry for the delay everyone. I’ve been working on this update for several days and kept having to stop because of storms. Which brings me to my question: Am I doing something completely wrong here? This makes the second set of twins that I have had by a blue father and neither time have any of the children inherieted their father’s skin color. Dang Christy’s dominate genes lol

Anyway, I started this update when Jess was having a really rough week as a way to cheer her up. I would like to send a special thank you to Jess for allowing me to use Brandon as well as his mother Charlotte. Hope you enjoy the way I used them in the story. Also I would like to extend thanks to Chazybazzy – of Meg’s 100 Baby Challenge – for suggesting both of the boys names.


11 thoughts on “Baby #16 and 17

    • I’m glad that you like the challenge.

      I haven’t really thought about what I was going to do if Christy wasn’t able to make it to 100 or if something bad happened to her before she could complete the challenge. I suppose if something did happen, I could pick one of the girls to continue the challenge on with.

  1. Hi Ashley, love the update! Charlotte and Brandon look heaps better now you’ve made them over. I feel sorry for Charlotte though, long suffering mum. XD

    If you need any more dads, let me know. I’ll try and make a guy with REALLY unusual genetics for you. =-)

    • Actually I had been working on the update for a majority of the week prior to actually being able to post it – seeing as I had to hand-make the messenger pictures in photoshop and I had been promising Jess to use him as a dad since about June 12th when she original uploaded him to media fire, but at the time, I still needed to catch up on the updates I had before Brandon.

      So it’s actually just a very bizarre coincidence that we both used him at the same time.

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