Baby #15

A few days passed and it was already time for little Elinha to celebrate her first birthday. She grew up to be such a cute little girl with her father’s green eyes and my long red hair. Out of all my girls, Elinha reminds me the most of myself – I was just so upset that her father refused to be around to watch her grow.

Carter’s birthday soon followed. He would be growing into a young adult today, and he wasn’t very happy about it. He loved being in the Quinn family household, helping me take care of his younger siblings. He wasn’t sure that he could survive on his own, but I know in my heart that he will do great.

I was shocked at how much Carter resembled his father – both in looks and personality. Carter told me that he would be joining his father in the military very soon and helping keep Sunset Valley safe from any potential harm.

Carter had purchased a house right down the road from my own. It was close to the military base as well as his family so that he could continue to check in on us. I was touched that he wanted to be so close to his dear old mom.

Life continued after Carter left the household as it does when all of my older children take their leave. Adonis would often bring a friend home from school and do homework with them. The friend that he brought home today was Troy.  They seemed to get along alright, and after finishing their homework, they went outside to play tag until it was time for Troy to go home.

I tried to focus on teaching Elinha how to speak, but teaching her wasn’t very easy. It wasn’t that Elinha was a slow learner or anything, but every time we would get started, I would have to stop and go take care of one of the other children.

I mentioned not to long ago that Meg was considering leaving town and starting a baby challenge of her own. I was sad to see her go when the time came, but Meg calls the family quite often to check in on us. We have spent hours trading mothering tips over the phone. Some nights we are both just to exhausted to talk on the phone and will send the other a quick email to let them know how everyone is doing.

I was very pleased when she sent me a picture of her first son – my very first grandchild – Edward by email. He is a darling little boy with such unique green hair.

I actually have five grandchildren already…I don’t look old enough to be a grandmother, much less a grandmother to five. After Edward, Meg had two set of twin girls: Alice, Bella, Bree, and Leah. She hasn’t sent me a picture of any of the girls yet, but I suspect that she is waiting for them to reach their toddler years.

Meg has been faced with a very difficult decision. She sent me an email earlier today stating that the father of her last set of twins has requested her hand in marriage. The caridinal rule of the 100 baby challenge is to never get to close to the participating fathers’, but Meg wasn’t like me. She didn’t have the commitment issues that I faced. She had fallen for this young man and when she asked for my advice on whether she should continue the challenge or accept his proposal, all I could manage to tell her was to follow her heart.

I know it’s not very helpful, but she is an adult and this isn’t a decision that I can make for her. I have no doubt that she will make the best decision and no matter what she chooses, I will stand by her regardless.

Speaking of potential wedding bells, Carter stopped by the house after work to tell me that he had met a girl. She worked at the military base with him and was actually one of his superiors. The conversation was short, but he just wanted me to know that he really liked the girl and hoped to one day marry her.

Adonis is such a good hearted little boy. He is always so concerned for the well-being of others. Adonis has been asking me constantly to help donate money to all the local charities. He is still far to young to understand that the family needs every penny I am able to save up for us to survive, but after staying up late a couple of nights, I managed to save up §1,000 for him to donate to the Underprivileged Llamas Organization. You should have seen the excitement on his face when he placed the envelop into the mail box himself.

The mail woman has become a regular face around the Quinn family household. We are always receiving some sort of package in the mail. Most of the time, it’s a present from one of the older children to let us know how they were doing or they would send us a complimentary copy of one of their recently published books.

Tonight was going to be a triple birthday so I also needed to stop by the grocery store to pick up some birthday cakes for the kids. After exiting the store, I saw a man across the street at the park. I had never seen him before, so I thought I would go over and introduce myself. I had a couple of hours before the party was suppose to begin, and maybe he would even agree to be a father for my challenge somewhere down the line.

His name was Harry Pistachio-Steel. We talked for awhile and surprisingly we got along really great. A conversation that was only meant to last a couple of minutes turned into an hour long conversation. I knew that I needed to get home, but Harry requested that I take a quick tour of the theater with him.

A quick tour of the theater shouldn’t take longer then a couple of minutes right? So I agreed to go on the tour of the theater. Harry, however, wasn’t really interested in touring the theater. About mid-way through the tour, he pulled me aside from the rest of the group into an empty room. One thing led to another and before I knew it, baby #15 had been conceived by public woo-hoo.

Carter was at the house when I returned home that night. He had stopped by to let me know that he had recently gotten married to the woman he had liked from work. Her name was Amy. I was even more shocked to find out that they were already expecting their first child together.

After the happily married couple headed home for the night, I set up the birthday cakes outside the house. It was going to be another triple birthday tonight. Adonis would be growing into a teenager, and the twins: Ismael and Wolfgang would be aging up to their childhood years. Look at how excited Adonis was to be growing up.

Adonis grew up to be a very charismatic and ambitious individual. He was always looking to help anyone that he could to the best of his abilities. I know he will make a fine doctor one day.

Next, it was Ismael’s turn to grow up. As I helped him blow out the candles, I secretly made a wish for him to grow some hair. Even the smallest bit of hair would do.

Surprisingly, my wish was granted. He grew a small amount of curly red hair on top of his head. I wanted him to dress sharply, but he quickly ditched the vest and put on a sports jersey instead.

Next it was Wolfgang’s turn…

Still just as unique as he has always been with his father’s hair and eye color. I just wish he didn’t want to seclude himself from the other children so much. He was turning into quite the loner.

After the boys aged into children, they talked me into coming outside to play a little football with them. I’m not the most athletic person in Sunset Valley, but it made my boys happy and that was the important thing to me. We played for the rest of the night until it was finally time for the boys to head to bed.

Elinha’s birthday was only a couple of days away, and I still needed to teach her how to walk. While the twins and Adonis were at school, I took Chris, Connie, and Elinha to the library for the day. Within a couple of hours, Elinha had learned how to walk.

Later that night after taking Elinha and the older twins home, I decided to walk down the street to where Carter and his wife, Amy were living just to see how her pregnancy was progressing. Turns out that they had gone to the hospital earlier in the afternoon and had not one but two little girls.

Amy noticed me waiting on the porch reading my book and invited me inside to meet my grandchildren. They had named the twins Kimberly and Jennifer.

I spent a majority of my pregnancy watching the cooking channel. It had been several weeks since I had gotten to actually sit down and watch television, and I couldn’t believe how much I had missed. There were so many new recipes that I couldn’t wait to learn.

Connie and Elinha have formed a special bond since I brought her home from the hospital. They are the only two girls left in the house so Connie makes sure to take time to read to her baby sister every single night.

The school gave Adonis a very special assignment. They wanted him to travel to the Science Facility and give them a fish to improve his grades. Grades were very important to Adonis. He wanted to do his absolute best, and if there was anyway to improve his grades, he was going to do it. He went out to the pond after school and fished until he finally caught something before taking a taxi to the Science Lab.

It was already time for another triple birthday. Today was the day little Elinha would be growing into a child. Ismael, Wolfgang, and Elinha were so close in age that they could easily have been mistaken for a set of multi-gender triplets.

Just as we were setting up for the older twins birthday, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Having been through this so many times before, I knew that I was going into labor.

The entire cab ride to the hospital, the only thing I could think of was how much I had ruined the twins big day. I was filled with guilt for making their birthday all about me and their unborn sibling.

While I was at the hospital, Chris and Connie took care of their younger siblings. Connie was a great cook and fixed a family meal while Chris cleaned the house. Adonis, Wolfgang, and Ismael all got to work on their homework while Elinha watched some television before bed. It was so comforting to know that Chris and Connie had things so well taken care of back at home.

Welcome to the world, little Esme Quinn…

After feeding and putting Esme in her new crib, the older children made their way back outside to continue the birthday party. Chris was up first. He grew up very nicely in my opinion, but with age, he became a little over-emotional. I guess it fits his artistic personality though…

Who is that gorgeous young woman and future Star News Anchor? My little Connie grew up to be such a beautiful and unique young lady. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Connie won’t be able to succeed with her great computer skills and schmoozer personality.

Connie and Chris spent the rest of the night in their beds, and were scheduled to leave the household first thing in the morning. I had to take one last picture of my babies before they left.


First off, I apologize for the delay in this update. I originally didn’t mean to take so long in getting it out, but the end of June is a very busy time for me. My birthday is like 3 days away and it’s pretty much been one thing after another lately. As you can see, this is a pretty long update (over 40 images) and it was actually suppose to be longer, but I ended up cutting out a bunch of stuff.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Ebony for suggesting the name Esme. The father is a born in-game sim…he is the son of Chris Steel and Kate Pistachio – a maid I believe. In about three different saves I have on my computer, they always seem to end up together and have a son named Harry. It’s a little freaky, but yeah, for those who were wondering Harry was born in-game and I’m looking forward to seeing what Esme looks like as she grows.

Also if you have some time, head over to Meg’s 100 Baby Challenge Blog and help her decide if she should marry Matt or not.


7 thoughts on “Baby #15

  1. Elinha look a lot like friend who I have in RL, but she has red hair and my friend has brown. I’m glad, because I think her father was so ugly and she’s very pretty.

  2. Elinha is sooo cute!
    And did Carter have to leave!
    He was so unique and cute!
    I love this big family,its just so full of love and happiness!

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