Baby #14

Soon after the twins were born, Carter insisted that I leave the house for a couple of hours. He told me that he had everything at home under control and would make sure that Chris and Connie did their school work while I was gone. I agreed only after making him promise to call if he needed me to return home to help. Before I realized it, I found myself walking along the beach.

I spotted the most beautiful house in the distance and couldn’t resist checking it out.

I knocked on the door, wanting to compliment the home owner on their spectacular taste. An older man answered the door. He had dark black hair with a touch of grey at the tips. The man introduced himself as Thornton Wolff.

After being invited inside, Thornton and I got to talking. I found out that he too had commitment issues. For some reason, we both thought this was incredibly funny. I guess it was because not many people in Sunset Valley were commitment phobic.

As we continued to get to know one another, a little harmless flirting began. I hadn’t even been thinking about my baby challenge at the time. I mean, I had just had the twins, and wanted to spend some quality time with the two of them before continuing the challenge.

One thing led to another and I found myself upstairs in his bedroom. Baby #14 was on it’s way and would be the very first of my children that hadn’t been conceived at home.

My first set of boy twins were growing up so fast. Wolfgang inherited his father’s eyes and his hair coloring. He was so cute that I could just eat him up.

Ismael grew up without a single hair on his head. He was the first baby in the entire family to grow up bald. Could this be a side effect of the experiment that his father had taken part in?

The first signs of my pregnancy showed up not long after the boys aged into toddlers.

Connie has developed quite the love of baking. She has learned to fix not only muffins but little pies as well. The entire family enjoys the little snacks she prepares for us while at the library.

Ismael was very eager to begin learning how to speak. He was quite the chatter box on any ordinary day, but none of the older children were able to understand his baby jibberish.

The older Carter got, the harder his homework became. He loved literature and writing, but math on the other hand was a problem for him. He couldn’t help getting frustrated.

The garden has continued to grow since Jillian left the house.  I wake up every morning to water and tend the garden. Occasionally there will be a few plants that I need to harvest. It was while working in my garden one morning that I felt baby #14 moving inside me. It wouldn’t be long from now.

Things have been happening so quickly.  It was already time for Chris and Connie to become teenagers. Neither had wanted a party, but I managed to convince them to come outside for a couple of minutes just to blow out their birthday cakes.

Connie grew up into a beautiful young woman. I think that she is probably the most unique looking of all of my children. Connie has already decided that she wants to be a Star News Anchor when she grows up.

Chris decided that he wanted a more artistic look as he aged into a teenager. He was a painter after all and he wanted his appearance to reflect that.

Growing up proved to be to much for poor Chris…he passed out only moments after aging into a teenager. After waking him and making sure he was alright, I sent him upstairs to his bed which was bound to be more comfortable then the hard pavement.

Then it was Adonis’ turn to grow up. He was so excited to be growing into a child and getting to go to school to interact with other children outside of his own family.

Chris has continued his interest in painting, and he is progressing on a daily basis. His twin sister, Connie recently finished a Sci-Fi novel entitled “I am an Alien” and the publishers allowed Chris to use one of his paintings for the cover of her book.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with Ismael and Wolfgang once the new baby arrived so I spent my entire pregnancy teaching the boys what they would need to know and bonding with them. Ismael required a great deal of my time. He is such a people person.

Unlike Ismael, Wolfgang required very little of my attention. He was such an easy little boy to manage. Wolfgang never made a fuss and was perfectly content to play by himself. He never threw a fit when I would put him to bed each night.

For the second pregnancy in a row, I went into labor while bathing. A freaky coincidence right? This time, I had just finished tending the garden and went to take a soothing shower when the pain kicked in.

I made sure that my teenagers would make sure Adonis was awake in time to go to school on his first day. I felt bad that I wouldn’t be able to see him off. They also promised to look after Ismael and Wolfgang until I returned home.

Delilah – Brian’s girlfriend – had heard that I had gone into labor and wanted to stop by the hospital to make sure that I was alright. Unfortunately, the hospital staff wouldn’t allow her to come in to see me and made her wait outside of the hospital until time for me to leave.

Welcome to the world Elinha Quinn!!

Secretly, I had been hoping that this time around I would get a little girl and here she was.

Thornton stopped me just outside the hospital doors and told me that he didn’t want to have anything to do with Elinha. He hated children with a passion and if he had known that I had been doing a 100 baby challenge, he never would have allowed me into his house.

After arriving home, I fed Elinha and tucked her into her crib for a nap. Wolfgang was already awake and ready for his afternoon feeding. As I tickled my sweet and unique little boy, Thornton’s words rang in my ears. “I want nothing to do with her!!” he had said. How could anyone hate a child? Especially their own child…


I would like to extend a special thanks to Elinha for suggesting the name Elinha. Feedback is appreciated as always.


22 thoughts on “Baby #14

  1. I have some names

    name gender

    Sokka boy

    Katara girl

    Aang boy

    Suri girl

    Zuko boy

    Suki girl

    Irho boy

    Taylor any

    Edward boy

    Miley girl

    Justin boy

    Selena girl

    Jasper boy

    Demi girl

    your welcome!!!

  2. I have some suggestions for names if you want.
    For girls there is Ashlyn and Chantelle
    For Boys there is Alex(Alexander) or Andre.

    • I post updates whenever I can. The next update is really long with a lot of pictures, and I have only been able to work on it a little bit at a time because my week has been so hectic. I’m about a third of the way complete with the upcoming update and should be able to work on it for a little bit right now.

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