Baby #12 and 13

Sadly Adonis didn’t get his father’s hair color. I was a bit disappointed when his red hair started to grow out instead of it being blonde, but I still think that he is an adorable little boy. A very nice mixture of his father and myself with my hair and his father’s green eyes.

I got right to work on teaching Adonis the necessary skills in life. Although all the skills are very important, I tend to teach my children how to speak first. This way, I won’t have to guess what my children are trying to tell me and it provides special bonding time with their older siblings.

Speaking of my older children, Chris has recently developed a passion in painting. He is still learning and most of his art resembles that of a stick figure, but he is improving with each painting he completes.

Things happened very quickly. I wish I could tell you that I searched far and wide for the next father of my challenge, but that wouldn’t be the truth. Ricky Storm showed up on my front step the same afternoon that Adonis grew into toddler. I was amazed by his incredibly blue skin color, but he quickly told me he wasn’t born this way.

Ricky told me that he was a scientist who was involved in an experiement gone horribly wrong. Sadly the experiment blew up his lab and turned his skin color into the “bizarre” shade of blue that I saw before me.

Ricky knew that he would never be accepted by the more “normal” sims in town…not if the explosion had altered his DNA. He worried that he may never find true love because the woman would be fearful that their children would end up being blue like him.

This is where I came in, he explained that he had heard of a woman in town who was working on a 100 Baby Challenge and looking for fathers. He wanted to do another experiment…he wanted to see if his children were at risk of becoming blue. Basically that’s all there was to it…no flirting, no romance. We just made our way upstairs and got to work on his experiment.

It was rather late into the night by the time we finished, so I allowed Ricky to stay the night. He was the first man that I had ever allowed to spend the entire night. To say that I didn’t feel sorry for him would be a lie. He didn’t ask for his experiment to go wrong, and he didn’t ask to be turned blue with the chance that he may never find love. I felt compelled to help him in any way that I could.

Typically, I am a very patient woman, but I believe that Adonis has finally broken me. I actually got frustrated with him after Ricky left the following morning. Adonis just refused to sit on his potty chair. He refused to learn to use it and would try his best to wiggle out of my grasp. He absolutely hated that potty chair.

Days passed and I received a bit of good news when I felt a small kick in my stomach. I was expecting another child…my 12th child.

Unlike Ricky, I didn’t want to think of his blue skin as a curse. I welcomed diversaty. Knowing that there was a possibility that my child may or may not inherit the blue skin that Ricky had, I wore blue maternity clothes as a way to celebrate the possible uniqueness of my future child.

Carter has continued his passion in writing. With all the free time that being home-schooled gives him, he has more time to write and has already published another three books…that’s five books in total. I don’t know where he gets all of his creativity from.

Chris was determined to improve his paintings. Slowly his paintings started to transform from the stick figures that he had drawn when he first started to beautiful paintings of the ocean and lighthouses.

The creative bug has kind of rubbed off on me too. I didn’t even know I could paint something as beautiful as this. It must be the pregnancy hormones making me so creative…or maybe I really am improving.

“The greatest power is often simple patience” – a quote from E. Joseph Cossman

After what seemed like forever, I finally managed to get Adonis to sit on his potty chair. That alone was a huge step as he refused to do it before. You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance…

I stayed calm and before I realized it, Adonis was potty trained.

Adonis loves sitting in his high chair, playing in his food. He actually sat there without making a mess the entire time while I was able to clean up the remainder of the kitchen. I was shocked at how patient he was being.

On the other hand, putting him to bed was a little more difficult. He refused to be left alone, so when I would place him in the crib and begin walking out, he would cry his little heart out. After a few hours of rocking him to sleep in my arms, I was able to place him in the crib without him waking up.

By the end of the night, my muscles were killing me. You’d think that with so many pregnancies behind me, I would be use to the aching muscles, but does anyone every get use to them? All the extra household chores had put a lot of strain on my body. I decided that a nice relaxing bubble bath would hit the spot.

Unfortunately, the baby decided that right at that moment was the perfect time for him/her to make his/her official arrival into the world.

As I calmly made my way to the hospital, I couldn’t help but notice this young woman. She continued screaming and panicking as I entered the hospital. It’s strange how someone who doesn’t even know you can be so concerned for your safety and the safety of an unborn child.

After hours of labor, I was able to exit the hospital carrying the newest addition to the Quinn family. Introducing baby #12, Wolfgang Quinn…a perfectly happy and normal baby boy.

It’s TWINS!! Welcome to the world baby #13, Ismael Quinn. I was very excited to have my first set of twin boys and could not wait to watch them grow. Ricky shared my excitement, but at the same time, he felt a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders. Neither of his sons ended up having his blue skin which meant that the explosion hadn’t altered his DNA, and he might actual stand a chance at a normal life.

The entire ride home from the hospital, I tried to explain to Ricky that his skin tone wasn’t as big of a deal as he was making it out to be. No matter how hard I tried to explain to Ricky that if someone loves you, they don’t care about something as small as what the color of your skin is, but he just didn’t get it. He still considered the accident to be a curse.

As I tucked my new bundles of joy into their cribs, I couldn’t help but smile. I was so truly blessed to have so many wonderful children in my life, and I knew that I would always be loved.


I would like to extend a special thanks to Elinha for suggesting the name Ismael, and I would also like to thank Jess for suggesting the name Wolfgang. Ricky was created by me for this challenge. To bad that the children didn’t get his skin tone, but I hope everyone still enjoyed the story behind his character. Feedback is always appreciated

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6 thoughts on “Baby #12 and 13

  1. Girls: Jacqueline, Ginny, Kellie, Hayley, Lisa, Lissie, Celestia, and Diamond.
    Boys: Felipe, Marshall, Ken, Wilhelm, Jackson, Cory, Kody, and Tyler.
    Names for the wonderful children your ‘founder’ will have.

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